cat is coming

name: Zappapple

fusion of: Rainbow Dash and Applejack

specie: pegasus


as the only pegasus in the apple family, it is Zapp’s duty to take care of the weather around her family’s farm, and she actually does a pretty good job at it; but that’s mostly cause she gets to be free while at it, doing the thing she loves most: Flying! 

but when it come to chores on the farm, she tends to slack off; but when she really puts her mind into it, she can be a very hard worker

with her childish personality, she loves fooling around, making pranks and hanging out with kids 

(yeah that sounds creepy, but let’s try and keep it pg guys)

she’s always up for challenges, and she’s very brave and loves adventures

although she can be brave around villans, monsters and other ponies, she’s actually a big scaredy cat when it comes to supernatural stories and activities

her most used word: 

“Zipp Zapp!” (when reffering to a short amount of time)

she mostly likes to add the letter “Z” to everything


So, my cat likes to sit in my windowsill when the window is open.

Problem is, my cat fucking hates me.

So I got home from the zoo and opened my window since it’s nice out. My bed is literally right next to the window, with the foot of the bed pressed up against it. The way I sit on my computer is I have my computer at the foot of my bed, and I lay on my stomach. So I’m between my door and the window.

The fucking cat keeps coming into my room, laying down a few feet away, and fucking growling at me for being here.

What a dick.]

anonymous asked:

Hey so, I've just finished AFTG (SO FRREAKING GOOD I LOVE IT) but yeah, no im just scrolling through all of the posts for it, as you do. and so SO many people are talking about Cats? Like where have they come into this?! is this canon? Also: Russian?Am i missing chapters or somehing?

N IC E!! and yes babe you are missing something, it’s the author’s extra content on her tumblr blog which you can find here!! look through it and all will become clear about the cats and the russian although fair warning for more pain but rly good pain

Kara answers the door one morning without thinking because the person knocking is just so insistent and she’s still half asleep and wearing boxers and a tank top and oh hey its a coworker from CatCo and why are they looking at her like she’s a ghost -

“Oh my god, Supergirl???”

- oh, it’s because she isn’t wearing her glasses. She tries to stutter out an excuse but they’re flapping their arms and backing away saying, “I’m so sorry to interrupt, Supergirl! I didn’t know you and Kara were-” and they stumble away all giddy and excited before Kara can even fully process what they mean.

And that’s how the rumor that Kara Danvers is totally banging Supergirl came out.

this is a secret santa gift for @megatraven <3333 I was told she enjoys some Alyanette, and thats actually my favourite ship from the show, so how could i not?

Anyways, I’m not gonna watermark this because it’s a gift. But please don’t be an asshole and post this to your instagram, or pinterest, or weheartit or any of those horrible places. Reblog and directly link people if you wanna share my art, please and thank you.

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year Miraculers!

Taako moves like a cat.

Which is to say that if you’ve only met him once or seen him at a distance you might be fooled into thinking he’s graceful and elegant, but if you live with him you get used to finding him sprawled in the most uncomfortable-looking positions and oozing off pieces of furniture because he got into a standoff with gravity and lost.