cat in your tree

every fucking day i think of that scene where lionblaze lifts a fucking tree. like. a cat. a cat the size of your own housecat. a cat. cats arent that big, right? like they’re bigger than mice but smaller than a lot of dogs, right? we know what a cat is? a cat. lifted up a fucking tree. a beech tree specifically. those arent twigs. they’re not the little trees you call babies. they’re huge. he lifted it. lionblaze of thunderclan lifted it. he put the tree on his back and pushed up and the tree lifted.

a fucking cat

lifted a tree

on his tiny cat back. and no one fuckijng cared. no other cat in thunderclan said anything. everyone just went “wow” and went back onto their lives. no one pulled him aside. no one asked him how. they just accepted that fucking lionblaze lifted a fucking beech tree.


The Daily Planet criticizing those who think they’re above the law is a little hypocritical, wouldn’t you say? Considering every time your hero saves a cat out of a tree, you write a puff piece editorial about an alien who, if he wanted to, could burn the whole place down. There wouldn’t be a damn thing we could to stop it.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, (2016) dir. Zack Snyder

I like my fancy heated bed,
That spot on your pillow above your head.
My cat tree is a great place to put up my feet.
I can’t resist your laundry folded nice and neat!
My soft fuzzy blanket is comfortable and warm.
Under your covers calms me during a storm.
When the mercury rises there’s no place like the bathroom sink;
But a box is my spot when I want to think. 📦​

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm considering getting an oriental shorthair in the next few years. It will be my first indoor cat (I was raised with outdoor cats because that's my parents' preference) and I was wondering if there's anything about the oriental temperament that makes them potentially challenging for first time indoor cat owners?

I’ll be honest, any Oriental breeder you buy from will prob make you sign a contract saying the cat will be indoors only.

allow me this small vent: Orientals are terrible outdoor cats. they are curious and playful to the point of gross stupidity, and their goofy appearance puts them at risk of being stolen.

now to answer your actual question: Oriental cats need enrichment & companionship. if you’re gonna be gone a lot, they’ll need a buddy. hell, even if you’re there 24/7 they’d still do best w a buddy. if you check out photos breeders post, their cats will often stack on top eachother like firewood.

enrichment can be taken a lot of ways - just make sure to play w them for 15 mins a day & set up your house so that its cat-friendly (catnip toys, cat trees, scratching posts, boxes to play in, etc) & you’ll be good.

Orientals have lived happily inside since the inception of the breed 👍

The Rise of Justice - Requested

Requested by anon:  Could you do a Bruce Wayne x reader but the reader is Clark Kents little sister? She’s not kryptonion, just a normal human that Ma and Pa Kent had after Clark showed up. And Clark is super protective of her, and Bruce is head over overly priced shoes for her! And can this take place in BVS and the boys are still, all like, you need to be stopped, No YOU need to be stopped! Reader knows about their secret identities and is trying to hint that maybe they’re over reacting. Plus a little smut…Thx!

Pairing: Bruce x reader

Word count: 3,492

Warnings: Language, smut - unprotected - and I changed the whoooooole story line.

A/N: Wow, BvS was so much time ago…


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Sunday morning after spending time at home felt both sad and lazy. (Y/N) would visit her parents and brother at Metropolis every weekend, arriving there during Saturday mornings and leaving at Sunday’s afternoon.

She loved visiting her family, and she surely missed home, but her job at Gotham was better than anything her older brother Clark could get her on Metropolis. Therefore, she moved out and agreed to visit every weekend.

“I have a friend that is looking for a…”

“Clark.” (Y/N) interrupted his brother. “Enough, we’ve talked about this.”

“I don’t like you to live in a place where a psycho killer can’t be controlled.” Clark hissed.

“Don’t worry about Joker; I’m sure I don’t fit in the victim-profile.” She joked.

“You are dating Joker’s favourite millionaire. I’m sure you’re on top of the list.” Clark fumed, “Also, I was talking about Batman.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

If her older brother only knew what kind of relationship she held with Batman…

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Remus Lupin Meeting Your Muggle Parents For The First Time

Requested by @amandasinedahl
In which Remus Lupin meets your parents for the first time. Sorry for the wait hun!

The small town of Rotherham, England, sat a rather dainty house; it’s garden perfectly trimmed, flowers healthy, fence coated with a fresh colour and it laid in the middle of a rather quite neighbourhood. Your parents had lived quite ordinary lives, your mother a primary school teacher and your father a local doctor, together they raised a bright and bubbly child, who had a seemingly normal childhood. Until she had magically levitated the house cat out of the tree. Since then, your patents had learned you were in fact a witch who now currently attends Hogwarts, a magnificent school for witchcraft and wizardry.

Your parents never really understood magic, no matter how much you tried to explain the them- they couldn’t really comprehend it. They weren’t used to the oddity and lifestyle of it, it just defied all their beliefs and they rarely spoke about your lie at Hogwarts.

That was something Remus Lupin knew well for a fact.

Yet, he asked if he could meet your parents after a full year and a half of dating. You however were simply worried for your parents reaction. Of course you weren’t ashamed, Remus was a complete gentleman and you were sure your parents would adore him as much as you did, but you weren’t ready for all the questions. You hadn’t told your parents that Remus was a werewolf, they probably didn’t think they were real in all honesty. You also hadn’t told your parents of what you wanted to do when you were older, you hadn’t told them about the war brewing up either.

It was safe to say; you went entirely truthful with your parents.

Alas, it was too late to cancel it now, you were all dressed up and ready for Remus’ arrival, wearing a simple yet graceful red dress and a necklace Remus had bought you for your 1 year anniversary.

You were preparing your dining table when the sharp crack sound of magical apparation startled your parents and a gentle knock echoed through the front room. Your mother squeeled in delight as she opened the door, welcoming and ushering Remus into the warm of your home.

“Good evening, I’m Remus,” He smiled warmly to you your mum, “Very pleased to finally meet you.”

You couldn’t help but smile broadly at your boyfriend, he looked like such a gentleman dressed in a patched tweed blazer, shirt and slacks. You could recognise his own stitches in the jacket, adding a unique personal touch. Snapping out if it, you greeted Remus with a hug and a peck to his cheek and lead him into the living room where he met your dad. Remus greeted your father with a firm handshake, extending his hand, the watch you bought him for your anniversary delicately placed upon his wrist.

Sitting down on the sofas, the conversations quickly started up. You watched as Remus conversed with your family, not once did he mention magic nor did he look out of place or uncomfortable, politely answering any questions as you sat next to him, pitching in whenever you could.

You were all sat around the dinner table, enjoying your mother’s magnificent cooking, light conversation still present. “This cooking is absolutely wonderful.” Remus praised you mum, who was currently blushing a deep red from the younger male’s approval. “Oh stop dear, this is just a normal family meal.” She replied modestly, her face beaming with pride.

“So Remus, what do you want to do when you’re older?” Your father curiously asked after a chatter about your parents’ professions.
You nearly spat out your steak as you knew that Remus was planning to join the Order and become an Auror- a dangerous profession in a seemingly “peaceful” world (as far as your parents knew).

Remus wasn’t prepared for the sudden question but he kept a calm front as he swallowed his bite and honeslty replied; “I want to become a Professor.”

Cautiously you looked up from your plate and glanced up at your dad to see what his next words were. “As in a teaching Professor? At Hogwarts?” Your dad carefully asks, not sounding too sure about his own question. 

Remus nodded in agreement, “I always enjoyed learning magic, I loved learning new things in general. I remember when I first met your daughter,” he paused, looking up at you with a nostalgic smile, “she didn’t know a thing about magic, and the look on her face every lesson when she learn something new was something I’d never forget. It reminds me that to some people, magic wasn’t an everyday normal thing.” Remus explained, the room going silent, “I think that passing on such knowledge to someone whose probably never known about magic before is such a blessing. I’d feel incredibly proud to teach someone something they’d may never have comprehended before.” He finished off, staring lovingly into your gaze.

Your mother let a soft coo and the quiet atmosphere broke into light chuckles. Soon enough everyone was laughing and joking about old times. Your parents told stories about when you were a child and the cookie jar on the top shelf would suddenly appear on the coffee tables. Even Remus performed a little magic for your parents and levitated all he empty plates and cutlery into the kitchen sink, startling your mother as her eyes bugged out of her sockets. All of their minds were off of any negativity until it was late, and time for Remus and you to leave.

You all crowded around the door, kissing and hugging goodbyes. You were almsot successfully out of the door when your mother grabbed onto both of your sleeves.

“You listen to me,” she sternly spoke to you, “Remus is an absolutely grand young man and don’t you even think about letting him go, you’ve found the one.” She coyly smiled at you.

“Don’t you worry mum, I wouldn’t dream of ever letting him go.” You fondly relied, intertwining your hand wit Remus’.

“And you,” she turned to look at Remus with an expression so like her daughters; Remus couldn’t help but stand straighter. “No matter where you are, who you’re with, promise me you’ll protect my daughter no matter what. She may not tell me the whole truth but I know that no all is as peaceful as she makes it out to be.“ At this she turned to look at you, your cheeks ablaze with embarrassment. Her stern eyes turned o Remus’ once more."Tell me you’ll protect her.”

“I would die for her.” Remus promised.

All traces of firmness gone, replaced with loving, “Good man.” Your mother cupped his cheek affectionately before letting you both go.

Halway down the street, Remus grinned crookedly down at you, “Good man eh?” He chuckled.

“That Remus Lupin, you are.”

Prompt: “I was sent to kill you but I got hurt and now you’re naively nursing me back to health and calling me cute pet names I cannot do this”

“Bullshit.” he scoffed, handing you a beer “I see a beautiful girl that’s hurt, taking care of you and the wound is the first thing that comes to my mind.” he smirked at you and you chuckled, taking a sip of your beer as you tried to push that weird feeling in your chest down.

“And flirt in the meantime.” you pointed out with a smirk and he chuckled, looking at you through his eyelashes for a moment.

“As I said: beautiful.” once more you tried to ignore that idiotic skip of your heart at the word but it was impossible considering nobody had ever said it in the way he did, so honestly “Doesn’t hurt if I try my luck a little, right?”

“No, if you have no problem with me breaking your hands while you do so.” you shrugged and he threw his head back, laughing. Why the hell did it sound like the most beautiful sound all of a sudden? You shook your head, cursing at yourself in your mind.

“Alright then, I’ll stop it here.” he laughed as he spoke “Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable too, it’s just how I usually am. And as I said, doesn’t help you’re this pretty, sweetcheeks.” he shrugged and you looked down at your beer, shaking your head as you felt your cheeks heat up.

For the love of, what was wrong with you? Not only were you not pointing a gun at the man you were assigned to kill – who by the way was sitting next to you – but you were actually blushing at his remarks because, just as your luck had it, he was drop dead gorgeous and a total sweetheart to take care of you because you’d gotten hurt.

“You know Dean-” it was the first time you said his name after he introduced himself and did you actually love how it sounded “If I weren’t in this pain right now I would have a lot more in me to say but I’m so beat.”

Instead of laughing at you or saying anything remotely flirty he frowned at you “Pain? Have the stitches moved or something? Are the painkillers not doing a thing or do you need some whiskey to drink too? It would help.” he was about to get up but before he could you took hold of his hand and stopped him.

“No, Dean.” you shook your head with a smile “I’m alright, if I need anything I will make sure to ask. You don’t have to besuch a softie.” you giggled and as soon as he saw your relaxed expression he let a sigh of relief.

He put on a smirk on his face “Have no idea what you’re talking about dollface.” he shrugged, plopping back in his chair.

“You know to some you might seem like a guy that can pull a gun any minute but honestly you’re more like the one that would rescue a cat from a tree.” you said softly, a smile on your face but he scoffed.

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m allergic to cats.” he smirked.

“You know what I mean. You’re all beer, cars and classic rock one minute and stuffed animals for your favorite girl the other, and we both know that.” you said with confidence, because if there was one thing you were most proud about – and it was not how good you were at your job – it was how well you could read people.

“Depends.” he mumbled and you frowned at his answer. Maybe Dean seemed like he was still a mystery to you, you would never know. Or maybe you could at some point.

“On?” you bit your lip in curiosity as his green eyes bore into yours.

“What is your favorite stuffed animal, sweetheart?”

Black Cat- min yoongi

Summary: Who could have guessed the neighborhood cat was something other?

Group Member: Min Yoongi of Bangtan Sonyeondan

Word Count: 4k

7/31 Days of Halloween // Falaisé

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Oh look, more OTP prompts

my sweatshirt says “lord of the gays” and has a rainbow on it and an old lady in the library was following me around and making snide remarks and i got so fed up that i grabbed you, a random passerby in the sci-fi section, and kissed you to make her shut up AU

you’re my neighbor and your cat always ends up in my tree and so you constantly have to come to my door to ask me if you can go into my backyard to get it but one night i caught you sneaking into my yard and putting the cat in my tree in the middle of the night and it turns out you just wanted an excuse to talk to me AU

no, random person outside the grocery store playing really obnoxious music on full blast, i don’t want to dance with you because it’s one am and i just want my mint chocolate chip ice cream but hold up you look so sad when i said no and you’re probably drunk but whatever the ice cream can wait AU

just because my shirt says “free hugs” on it does not mean all the nasty ass hoes can actually come up and hug me but you have been following me around asking for a hug to complete a bet and after a few hours i finally gave in and wow you smell really good AU

i am in a constant state of fuck it and so i didn’t really think this plan through but now i’m stuck in a tube slide at the local playground and you came up and glared at me and i promise i’m not a child molester im stuck help me P L E A S E AU

i dyed my hair rainbow for a gay pride parade that i’m going to and at the store just before the parade some nasty ass old lady came up and was tryna start shit and you came up to help me fend her off but i surprised both of you because yes i am smol and cute and have doe eyes but i can also cuss like a sailor and get really angry and now the old lady is crying and you have a boner in the middle of walmart whoops AU

hello random person that is staring at me, yes i am wearing a pair of butterfly wings and a tutu over my jeans but you can suck my ass because im doing it for this really sweet kid i’m babysitting to show him that anyone can wear whatever they want regardless of gender and wait you want a pair of wings too? AU

doekyungsu  asked:

hi!! can i get some witch au's please?? 😙

here you go!! sorry these are taking long we’re all swamped with life /cries an ocean

  • I’m still a witch in training so please forgive me for accidentally giving your cat the ability to speak and turning all your clothes a shade of yellow
  • you came into my apothecary and you sprayed what you thought was perfume on your skin, but was actually a potion that gives people blue hair

  • regular people can’t see familiars but for the past hour you’ve just been staring at my shoulder looking really concerned and you’re making me and my cat extremely nervous

  • I fell off my broom and into the tree in your backyard and I’m stuck and everything hurts and you came out screaming because you thought I was stealing your oranges

  • I accidentally left my spell book on the bus and I was freaking out but then I saw this massive purple explosion and shit I’m sprinting there to stop whoever found it

  • you hate witches because you’re family blood line was cursed by one of them hundreds of years ago, which is too bad for you because I’m your next door neighbour

  • I run a tea shop and shit I accidentally dropped in magical flowers that look a whole hella lot like chrysanthemums and now you can’t stop speaking in rhymes

- jo

I’ve determined that DC is more like DreamWorks and it should come as no surprise that Marvel is like Disney (since the brand is owned by Disney).

Disney is known for making products that the public can easily jump on board and label as “high quality.” Now, whether or not their products are high quality or not is a question of which there is no absolute answer, since quality is a matter of opinion. Their products make money. Even the ones that people don’t like as much make money. It’s a brand that sells itself and has little failures. From a business standpoint, that is admirable, but Disney is not known to take a lot of risks. Sure, it takes some, but for the most part, they stick to a time tested formula until it becomes necessary to change it up. Take the Disney Princess, for example. Snow White was released in the 1930′s as a time when a woman’s role in society was to get married, have children, and stay home to take care of said children. Snow White reflects that and so do the princesses that follow for the next few decades or so. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are more similar to Snow White than they are different. Their lives revolve around the idea of finding love. This doesn’t start to make a slow change until the 1980′s with The Little Mermaid. Yes, Ariel’s main goal is to make the man she admires love her, but it’s really the first time we see a woman in these films kind of rebel and go against a man’s order (her father’s) in order to get what she wants. This is likely due to the fact that Disney recognized the world has changed since the 1930′s and allowed their product to evolve. After The Little Mermaid, we see more changes. We see the inclusion of Princesses of color (problematic characteristics included, of course), and we start to see that even though it seems the goal for them is still to find romance, they start to have more qualities than just that desire. Princess Jasmine wants to be treated like a person rather than a “prize,” Pocahontas (again, not a princess without her problematic elements) wants to be able to create her own path and make her own decisions about life. To be fair, both Pocahontas and Mulan are probably the first princesses who find love as almost an afterthought–’We brought peace to our societies, and oh yeah, I won the heart of this cute guy too!’ Followed by that, we had Tiana whose main goal was to own and operate her own restaurant and just happened to fall in love with a prince along the way, and then Rapunzel who just wanted a bit of freedom from her narcissistic “mother” and fell in love with a thief while obtaining it. Shortly after, we got Merrida who didn’t want to get married at all and Moana whose goal was to save her people from catastrophe. What does all this say? Well, it says Disney is willing to change with the times, but it seems they’ll only do so when it’s safe enough. Disney doesn’t want to risk upsetting people by challenging their views. Imagine if Princess Tiana, Merrida, or Moana were introduced in the 1930′s. You’d be introducing two young women of color with layers and without offensive caricaturistic features and a White princess who rebelled against gender norms. The public couldn’t handle it. Today, we would look back at that and have extra respect for Disney, but at the time, Disney would receive backlash and lose money.

The same can be said for the MCU. Does the MCU make enjoyable movies? Yes! Of course they do! Has it lately felt like the stories seem repetitive? To a lot of us, yes. That doesn’t necessarily make them bad (as I said before, this is subjective), but it is evidence that Disney and the MCU are playing it safe and less willing to take risks with their product, and like other Disney products, the MCU is changing with the times. The brand is almost ten years old, and we are finally getting Black Panther with a mostly Black cast, and we’ll be getting Captain Marvel sooner or later…but why did it take ten years? Because ten years ago, this would have been too risky, despite the fact that Universal took a risk by having a diverse cast in their Fast and the Furious franchise which seems to have paid off (it’s older than the MCU and still going strong). The MCU and Disney knew it could pay off to have diverse super heroes, but they just didn’t want to chance it.

Now, let’s talk about how DCEU is more like DreamWorks.

DreamWorks is by no means perfect, and they seem to know this. They’re responsible for the highly successful Shrek franchise and a few beautifully done hits such as The Prince of Egypt, along with this, they’re responsible for quite a few misses as well. Movies like Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas comes to mind, and although Boss Baby was a financial hit, many critics agreed that the movie itself was sub par. Then there are the experimental movies that maybe weren’t necessarily bad, but didn’t quite make enough money to be called a hit. Antz comes to mind, and the thing about Antz is that a kid could watch it and think, “This is such a fun movie about ants!” while adults can clearly see an allegory about social class. DreamWorks was never afraid of letting their art reflect the artists’s views of society and even politics, knowing that is the kind of thing that can possibly offend their viewers. Even Shrek wasn’t afraid to insert a tiny little joke about healthcare into one of their movies. Just look:

In short, DreamWorks was never a brand that shied away from taking risks all for the sake of playing it safe and being more likely to make money. DreamWorks allows itself to experiment, allows itself to fail, and seems to learn from its failures how to make a more successful film in the future.

How is this similar to DCEU? Well, simply put, the DCEU takes risks. Instead of showing us the same sort of cookie cutter Superman the public has grown comfortable with (happy-go-lucky-I’m-here-to-save-the-day-and-rescue-your-cat-from-a-tree!), the DCEU showed us more realistically what life would be like for Clark Kent, an immigrant who people expect to use his gifts to take care of them, but at the same time question his motives and are ready to tear down the moment he makes any sort of mistake. This is a highly risky thing to do, especially in the day and age where people are quick to shout “keep your politics out of what I love!” The DCEU Superman is very much like the immigrants of the real world who people are willing to accept the gifts they can give the society they are entering, but when it comes right down to it, the people of the society hate the immigrants themselves and want to see as little of them as possible.

Let’s move on to the diversity of the DCEU cast. Is it perfect? No. But has it demonstrated more of a willingness to put people of underrepresented marginalized groups on screen in lead roles rather than as side characters? Yes. And while it took Disney/MCU almost ten years to do this, it took the DCEU only three years since the birth of their franchise. This is during a time when White actors are heavily defended for taking roles written for POC (”They just picked the person best for the role! Why do we have to make everything about racism?”) while POC being cast in roles that were originally written as White are criticized for “insulting the audience’s intelligence” and “not being historically accurate” despite the fact that this happens most often, it seems, in both science fiction and fantasy films. Let’s also keep in mind how toxic comic book fandom can be towards women and POC. Despite all of the risk the DCEU is taking, it seems they are on a path to success.  Like DreamWorks, the DCEU isn’t afraid to hit a few critical bumps in the road and continue experimenting instead of playing it safe, so in the long run, MCU movies are probably always going to be looked at fondly, but it will probably be the DCEU that is appreciated for its willingness to experiment despite the negative feedback experimenting can cause.

*From Afar* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Dear Author! Good day and coming week to You. I just wanted to ask for a story. Do not know if idea is interesting. But I try to express idea. So, the Reader is obliviated and had no memory about Newt. However, he is not far from You. But he is doing it in Animagus form ( I mean, like a cat or a dog). It is up to You. Then, there is somehow a meeting. Well, something like that. Thank You!

Newt could only watch in horror as the spell hit you, causing you to be obliviated and forget everything that had happened between you and him. 

The memory of him drained from your mind… When you opened your eyes, you stood there, staring in to darkness. You couldn’t remember what had brought you here and what you were doing. 

Turning around to see if anyone else was there, you slowly began to walk away making your way home. The bitter night air stung your face and you sped up. You jumped when suddenly a cat, cinnamon colored with green bluish eyes, jumped out in from of you giving you a bit of a fright.

“Oh!” You jumped back and looked at the tiny animal. It’s eyes looked sad and for some strange reason, all too familiar.

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Where Soul Meets Body- 18

Summary: Soulmate AU. Some people went their entire lives without ever meeting their soulmates. You were one of the lucky ones, to have found and fallen in love with the owner of the initials tattooed on your hip. When your soulmate’s best friend struggles to deal with a tragedy in his own life, you discover that you might not have been as lucky as you thought.
Steve Rogers x Reader; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Not MMF)

Warnings: (Series, not specifically this chapter: bad language, unprotected sex or sexual situations, drinking/alcoholism, drug use, violence, cheating, references to death, mutilation and trauma, maybe more.)

Words: 1228

Author’s Note: Friendly reminder that I’m not doing a taglist anymore! I’ll be posting a schedule in the near future. Sorry, my life is a mess and I’m garbage but I’m trying.

Master   Part 17

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

There’s a warmth in your veins, settling in your chest, and at first you think it’s the fireplace. The flames lick the inside of the pit, bright and orange, your eyes focused on them as they crawl up the brick walls. They never reach past the cage, contained inside, burning slowly to ash.

It’s not just the fire. You know this, can feel it as you raise the wine glass to your lips and take a long, slow sip. You’ve had a bit too much to drink; not enough to be stupid on, but enough that you giggle at Steve’s jokes and sink into his chest when he wraps his arms around you.

Sitting on his lap in an armchair, you haven’t paid attention to the conversation he’s having with your father. His sweater is warm against your cheek, his arms around your waist comforting. You want nothing more than to lean closer, to let the knit fabric swallow you up. To sleep.

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This is Rex! Even though he is very old, he likes to keep us updated on the latest Cat News. His favorite topics are “Why is my water dish empty(even when it’s full)” and “Why doesn’t summer come during the winter?”. What are the stickyfrog’s favorite topics?

Hi Rex! 😊🐱🐸
Tiny sends you a big hug and a friendly squawk! 🐸
He is glad you keep your warm trees updated on the latest Cat News! It is very important! 😀
Tiny likes your lovely black coat with white socks - very fashionable!