cat in the dark

An open letter to Ladybug

I have some thoughts regarding the whole Dark Cupid debacle.  Specifically, this:

  • you know Chat Noir loves you
  • due to the fact that he (almost) told you
  • not 10 minutes before
  • his intention obviously got through by the look on your face
  • then you decided “hey, true love’s kiss is a thing”
  • and used that tired trope to free him
  • on one hand, yay it worked?
  • on the other, y’all are gonna have a Talk if he ever finds out you did that
  • here’s the thing
  • you’re chasing after a guy you’re only sorta friends with
  • you can’t even string a coherent sentence together around him half the time
  • while this sweet, brave, stupidly attractive boy LOVES YOU
  • you talk to him, laugh with him and even flirt with him
  • we’ve all seen the flirts, Ladybug
  • you literally just broke a spell using True Love’s Kiss
  • which means not only does he love you, but you’re his true love
  • or he’s yours
  • think about that
  • *mic drop*
Rocky Waters With Sunny Skies

Turtlestar-SPAIN- Bengal, sleek brown body with spots//Riverclan leader//Honeymoon’s mate

Sunnystream-ITALY- Chausie, auburn almost beige coat// Riverclan Medicine Cat

Honeymoon-ROMANO- Chausie, dark brown with longer fur around the muzzle and tail// Riverclan Queen>Warrior//Turtlestar’s mate

Cranepaw-JAPAN- Japanese bobtail, fluffy black coat with a white patch on the stomach//Riverclan Medicine Apprentice//BLIND


Stonestar-GERMANY- Russian blue, short bluish-grey coat and a pair of piercing blue eye//Thunderclan Leader//

Silvermist-PRUSSIA- Highlander, a huge cat with a striped fur of white and silver//Thunderclan elder (injured leg from attack)//Stonestar’s eldest brother

Eaglewing- AMERICA- American Short Hair, fiery red fur with white patches over one eye, his stomach, and paws//Thunderclan warrior//

Dewyleaf-ENGLAND- Munchkin, small cat with pale blond fur and a puffy tail//Thunderclan Medicine cat

Rosewhisper-FRANCE- Chartreux, pale grey with pale blue eyes//Thunderclan warrior//


Icystar-RUSSIA- Himalayan, cream and brown patches, very fluffy coat//Windclan leader

Minnowsong-CHINA- Nebelung, medium hair cat with grey fur and amber eyes//Windclan Medicine cat

Maplebreeze-CANADA- American Long Hair, pale blond fur with a pushed in nose and green eyes//Windclan Warrior//

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The air was cool on his pelt, the unfamiliar images of pictures were in front of his face, but he didn’t know to react. It was raining, raining really hard, the river he was in front of was gushing over the sides with how much rain water was filling it. Up in the sky was the slams and booms of lightning and thunder, scaring the living day lights out of the apprentice.

He couldn’t move, his feet felt rooted to the muddy ground, just watching the rain fall in the rapid moving pond and feeling it get on his pelt.

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me, patting a cat and singing quietly and happily: unfurl the black velvet altar cloth, draw a white chalk bathomet, mistreat your altar boys long enough and this is what you get, sad and angry, can’t learn how to behave, still won’t know how in the darkness of the grave

cat: *purring loudly*