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Reactions to an MC who runs a cat cafe?

I did some research and every website said differently… so I’m not sure how Cat Cafe’s work. I tried to keep it pretty general but I’ve probably gotten some things wrong so apologies. I’ve never been to a cat cafe, but I’d like to go to one. Also to a Hedgehog cafe. 


  • Let’s just assume everything is     cute to Yoosung at this point    
  • He loves visiting you at your     work after school
  • Unsurprisingly the cats really     like Yoosung, so whenever he comes in they flock towards him
  • So many selfies in group chat
  • Resulting in an angry Zen
  • And a very happy Jumin
  • He gets a part time job at your     cafe so he has a little more money    
  • Wonders if he can take one of     the kittens home
  • “No, you can’t, please     don’t”


  • You own a Cafe?
  • Y o u  o     w n      a  c a f e     ?
  • A little put off by the fact     that there are cats in the cafe 
  • But still mesmerized by the     fact that you own a Cafe     
  • When things get serious and you     see how much she loves the cafe you offer to co-own with her
  • She’s overjoyed but also     cautious because cats    
  • But she comes to realise that     not every cat is Elizabeth    
  • Advises Zen not to visit their     cafe     


  • oh god no
  • Oh this is his worst nightmare
  • Refuses to go near you after     work until you’ve washed and put your clothes in the laundry
  • After a while he begrudgingly     goes to Jumin to talk to a doctor about his allergies
  • Surprises you at work a month     or so later
  • Doesn’t touch the cats
  • Supportive of your job but not     of the tiny satanic cats    


  • living the dream
  • Asks if Elizabeth the third can     be the mascot
  • “Jumin she isn’t even a     cat at the cafe”    
  • He asks you several times if     you want to expand your shop because he is so willing to have Jaehee work     on that
  • He goes to your work a lot when     he’s stressed and needs a break    
  • He loves all the pictures you     send him


  • oh boy
  • Guess who lives in the cafe now
  • But seriously Saeyoung would     probably try to show up every day to see the cats 
  • And you of course
  • He has more than once smuggled     a cat out in his jumper    
  • Every time you arrive home you     see a familiar cat sitting on the couch
  • “Saeyoung”
  • “This is Elly the     4th”
  • “No it isn’t”
  • You tell your employees if they     see him smuggling a cat not to worry because you’ll just bring it back the     next day
  • Eventually the two of you do     adopt a cat together    


  • Saeran isn’t sure of what to     think of cats
  • His brother never stops going     on about how adorable they are, so he tries to avoid them
  • Just so his brother isn’t right
  • But that’s very hard when he     visits your cafe     
  • He doesn’t want to touch them     at first
  • He’s a little afraid he’d hurt     them or they’d hurt him    
  • But after a while he enjoys     softly petting any cat that crosses his path
  • The cats also gravitate towards
  • So much so it becomes a slight     problem
  • He finds it very therapeutic     and comforting to pet a soft and calm creature 
  • He also likes seeing you     whenever he goes to the cafe    
  • Which is often


  • V loves visiting your work
  • The cats love him
  • It’s a win win situation
  • He’s very interested in what it     takes to run a cat cafe    
  • He takes a lot of pictures at     your cafe, and even helps you advertise your place with his photography 
  • He tries not to come in too     often because he doesn’t want to distract you
  • But he really likes your cafe     and can’t help it