cat in bunny ears

The Welcoming of October


Day 14: I was all over the city today! Asakusa, Skytree, rappongi! I started out with some capsule shopping in Akihabara and got my cats some bunny ears and fruit hats so one got a green bunny and the other was an orange fruit cap lol I wanted the banana so bad! It’s the best imo. Then I went to aky tree to buy myself more ghibli stuff lol then Asakusa and got a couple more presents for family (some lanterns) but in skytree I went to this Hawaiian burger place and accidentally ordered about 2 meals and a super sized Pepsi lol they said it only came with small fries and small drink so I ordered chicken fingers with my mozzarella and bacon burger and ended up getting onion rings, chicken fingers, two fried and the burger lol I was soo stuffed afterwards I didnt eat again until 11 at night!

After lunch I bumped into the colonel himself who was all ready for Halloween, did I mention they fucking love Halloween in Japan? They’ve had all the stuff out since I arrived here in September and they bring out so many custom Halloween versions of every day products, they do that in the uk too but not to this extent it seems everything has a Halloween theme! Later I went for a few drinks in rappongi then went looking for the other hub British pub but turned back after 20 meters and being harassed by African dudes offering me prostitutes about 5 times in seriously 20 meters! So I got out of there and headed for the Mori tower because I really wanted to see the view of the Tokyo Tower at night from the level 52 city view platform which was amazing but I only had my phone camera so the pics turned out really crappy.

Back to the Ghibli museum first thing in the morning, fingers crossed I get a cool ticket :D so far on this trip I’ve gotten a Poppy hill background and the other was of the winged angel girl from On Your Mark laying face down when they first find her chained up! Which is pretty cool as I imagine that’s pretty rare but who knows! I want one with someone’s face this time hahaha! Anyway I took a cool video of the city from above which il post soon!!

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