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I’m actually really craving a Princess Tutu style Miraculous Ballet AU.

Marinette used to be a simple ladybug wandering around the forest, when she encountered Prince Nathaniel dancing all by himself. She is moved by his dance, but mourns his lack of emotions.
When he leaves, an old man appears, introducing himself as Master Fu. He gived her a pendant that allows her to change into a human.
As a human she attends the same ballet school as Nathaniel. She’s a clumsy and unskilled dancer, but she always tries her very best. She makes quick friends with a girl named Alya, who thinks she’s adorable. Things go as normal (including a lot of blushing and stuttering around Nathaniel, who is clueless)

Until someone named Hawkmoth begins making trouble. He akumatises seemingly random people, and it’s up to Marinette to save them by using her necklace to transform into Ladybug, a graceful ballerina with magical powers.

As she defeats the akumatised people, purifying the akuma, the butterflies return to Nathaniel. With each new butterfly, a piece of his heart is restored and his emotions gradually return.

But a newcomer isn’t about to let his emotions be restored so easily - Adrien Agreste, a dancer in the advanced ballet class, son of Hawkmoth, is instructed to keep Ladybug from restoring the prince’s heart. Adrien is granted the ability to become Chat Noir in order to counter Ladybug’s attempts, but he has his own motive - Chat Noir loves Ladybug far too much to let Nathaniel have her, and he is willing to fight her if necessary, especially when he falls for her as normal Marinette too…

(Kinda a spin on the original plot - Chat is basically Kraehe, but he’s in love with Ladybug instead of with Nathaniel, such as was the case with the original characters)
I don’t know… I enjoy this concept…

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Name: Willow

Nicknames: Roberta, Dusty, Rusty, and basically anything else.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 5′7″ (and a half)

Orientation: ace lesbian

Ethnicity: American Euro-mutt

Favorite Fruit: I actually have a sensory aversion to fruit, so… none.

Favorite Season: spring?

Favorite Book(s): The School for Good and Evil and Knights of the Borrowed Dark

Favorite Flower: violet or bluebell

Favorite Scent: new carpet

Favorite Color: purple!

Favorite Animal: seals and ducks

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: hot chocolate

Average Hours of Sleep: I dunno, probably five or six

Cat or Dog Person: cat, but I love both!

Favorite Fictional Character: Ahiru from Princess Tutu

Dream Trip: Germany with my sibling!

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If KuroKen Had a house

•There would be at least nine cats.
•if not, 8 cats and lots of cat decorations
• lots of cat decorations anyways.
• Kuroo would have all the dirty jobs in the house, like plumbing and outside work
• Kenma would have all the inside jobs. Unless there was a really big bug outside, he would go kill it then get Kuroo out of the tree.
• Kuroo cleans the litter box because when they dump the new littler in the powder gives Kenma a coughing fit and Kuroo hates seeing that so he does it.
• Tuesday is Taco Tuesday.
• Wednesday and Weekends are game nights
• Bokuto and Akaashi comeover on Saturday for game nights and dinner.
• Kuroo grills a lot.
• the cats names are, Fred, Velma, Daphne, Scooby, Shaggy, Goat, Rags, Tutu, And PJ.
• Kenma comes home from work sometimes to see that Kuroo invited the neighbors kid over for a “playdate”
• They never go out over night somewhere because no one is willing to watch their cats.