cat hyuk

imagine vixx getting an official vine account but its on leo’s phone so whenever the maknaes want to pull dumb shit they cant because leo doesn’t approve

KPOP Parents & their maknaes Part 1
  • B.A.P
  • Yongguk: pacifist father who lets his son express himself freely, is usually the humble one at parties
  • Himchan: sassy stepmother who doesn't take shit from her stepson Zelo, but is always stopped by her husband
  • Zelo: obedient skater boi son who is sarcastic and makes fun of his stepmother to get some laughs
  • VIXX
  • N: doting mother who tries to keep up a good image in the neighborhood and tries to get her husband's attention
  • Leo: stoic father who coaches soccer and secretly watches cat videos
  • Hyuk: giant manly son who's obsessed with Naruto and begs his parents for gopchang when they go out
  • EXO
  • Suho: rich mother who spoils her sons constantly and is awkward at social events
  • Kris: tall ass father who coaches basketball and can't draw to save his own life
  • Sehun: popular school kid who fits in due to his good looks, is blunt and says "yehet" often
  • Tao: big crybaby who screams at the sight of bugs/ghosts, yet is a wushu prodigy
  • BTS
  • Jin: early bird mother who does everything around the house, gives forehead kisses and has a vast collection of Super Mario related merchandise
  • Rapmonster: smart ass father who gives second hand embarrassment yet cannot be outsmarted by his own children
  • Jungkook: innocent looking yet steals cookies out of the jar and blames it on V.

[The cat Hyukie]

After watching A-cha I just could not calm down and I drew this picture.

OMFG they are so fucking Sexy!!

At the beginning Hyukie was wearing a black sweater and pouting… I felt it’s not good enough.

I revised, and revised… then I just can not stop. 

My hyukie my kitty hyukie is so tasty… ///=.,=///

I want more and more and more… … ah, em… yes. 

Now it’s time to go to bed, hope I can dream of this.

Good night Hyukie ❤❤❤

[Please don’t insult if my fan art make you uncomfortable.]