cat hyuk

VIXX as Cats


N just trying to take care of the rest of Vixx


N: *walks past*

Leo: *murderous intent towards N intensifies*


This is our cat Ken, he’s special, we love him. 


Raving cat being Ravi cat. Both 93 liners are Maru, I think


Hongbin cat looking fashionable. This is the fourth gif I had to use cause the rest wouldn’t load, damn you tumblr. 


Even though he could probably beat up his hyungs he already does he is still cute, okay. 

I am going to try and post more Vixx things because I love them and they’re great, man. 

✩ Indigo 

  • hyuk: </b> whats wrong with you?<p/><b>ravi:</b> nothing. just this dude ive been flirting with for the past 2 months just asked me if i wanted to meet his boyfriend.<p/><b>hyuk:</b> what'd you say?<p/><b>ravi:</b> i said no i dont want to meet your boyfriend, i wanted to BE your boyfriend<p/></p><p/></p>

Eric almost got heart attack when he found “praying mantis” beside the bottle he was about to grab!
“I hate mantis the most in this world!”.. our leader still has this type of fear! 
but then comes Moongie’s reaction when he heard Eric’s scream & thought something “big” has happened xD

01 | apartment 124

Word count: 1,486

Summary: Yoongi is apartment 124, and you live in 125. One day, his little brother finds his way into your apartment on accident. (big brother!yoongi)

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5 / part 6

A/N: ignore any mistakes! I’m really excited for this series! It’s basically a big jumble of fluff and a tiny little problem that works itself out over time. Get ready, I’m SO EXCITED! Leave me an ask if you liked it and I may update sooner than I would normally!!


When you’re a student, working an unpaid internship, some things seem harder than others.

It had been exactly two days since you had left your house; simply because you had a huge ass final due for your art major class and you were only half done.

You truly wanted a break, maybe a coffee to ease your nerves; but the last thing you wanted to risk was spilling a cup of brown liquid all over your most recent project.

At this point in the day, tired wasn’t a part of your vocabulary. You were beyond tired, sleep deprived, even.

So when your front door creaked open, you had let it slip your mind. Not only because you were tired, but also because at this point, your music was louder than your thoughts, and you were too busy to and too far into your project to stop just yet.

Though you let it slip your mind, when your art room door opened, you froze directly in your spot, not even picking up your brush from the wet canvas.

When you turned around, you definitely were surprised to see a person; not even, a small child stood in your door frame. He had to be no older than seven or eight, yet you still couldn’t bring yourself to even begin to form any sort of sentence.

You stuttered in breath to try and find words, but could find nothing to describe the situation that was in front of you. “W-Who…”

And right then, out of nowhere, the boy screamed.

It was only then that you had realized how you looked.

Your face was smeared with paints that ranged from blacks to blues, and your hands an aprin were anything but pretty.

“Hey! Please! Just don’t.. Don’t yell,” you reasoned, standing up and rushing over to the small boy that stood in front of you.

It took minutes for this child to gain back control of himself, and you had finally been able to fully relax when he had done so.

You had so many questions to ask this child, but all you could do was stare. He was small, and his hair covered his face in an attempt to make him look younger. He was cute, probably one of the cutest children you had ever seen; putting aside the fact that you generally didnt interact or like children too much.

“W-What are you looking for? Where are your parents?” you finally found your words, kneeling so your height was the same as his.

“My parents?” he repeated, looking down at his hands. “My parents are in america.”

It took everything you had inside of you not to freak out. Everything. This child was in your house, and his parents were in america?

“Well… “ you closed your eyes, trying to think of something to get your mind back in check, “where’s your.. Owner?” You yelled at yourself for your choice of wording, but you quickly moved passed it again when he started to speak.

“My hyung is at work.” he mumbled. “I was supposed to go to apartment 125.”

Relief flooded over you when you realised that you lived in apartment 124. He had only gotten lost. Not only that, but it also concerned you that this boy was alone in an apartment for who knows how long. You had a little brother yourself, and this child definitely reminded you of him.

You had definitely seen the man in apartment 125 more than once. He owned a cat, and it often found its way through your apartment window. You had texted him many times before telling him it was there, which would often lead to you ‘borrowing’ for days at a time. It offered you stress relief, what else could you say?

But no, this was much different than a cat slipping through your window. This was a child, a grown, human being, that had wandered aimlessly into your house.

“Do you want me to call your hyung?” you had offered him, when you noticed he had started to get a little red in the face, tears threatening to tear their way through the corners of his eyes.

He nodded vigorously, wiping the ends of his eyes as you fumbled with your back pockets, pulling your phone out and attempting to unlock it with paint covered hands.

You pulled up the contact quickly, pressing call without a second glance.

You handed the small boy the phone, and watched as he clicked the speaker button so you both could hear.

it took two rings before the phone was answered.

“Did my cat find its way through your window again?” He questioned after the second ring. You could literally hear the smirk that played on his lips.

“Hyung!” The small boy yelled, gripping the phone tighter.

“Hyuk?” Yoongi hesitated, his voice suddenly becoming stern. “Where are you?”

“Apartment 124,” he answered calmly, shrugging his shoulders to himself.

“125,” you corrected.

“Yah,” he sighed, shaking his head. “Hyuk, go home.”

“How old is Hyuk?” You question, cutting Yoongi off.

“I’m seven.” The small boy answered for him.

“Hm,” you hum, glancing down at the phone screen, and leaning your chin into your hands. “It’s not very responsible of hyung to leave you home alone, now is it?”

“Well, I guess not…” Hyuk says, looking at you with big, opened eyes.

“Hey!” Yoongi yells.

“Well, what do you expect? Leaving a seven year old alone!” you laugh. “What time do you get off of work?”

“Eight? Eight thirty?” he sighs, giving in to you obvious plans of keeping the boy for the night.

“And you were going to leave him alone until then?” you gasp at the metal phone in your hand. “What was he supposed to eat?”

“He’d eat when i get home!” he says. “I liked it more when you were borrowing my cat, not my brother.”


Hyuk had granted you the well needed break you had been dying for.

The small boy lifted your spirits, and allowed you to cook for someone besides yourself for once.

You were fascinated by how much he could eat, plate after plate of food being given to him until he told you ‘Noona, i really can’t eat anymore’.

The clock had struck 8 when Hyuk had finished eating. You had just assumed Yoongi was working until 8:30, which didn’t bother you at all.

You felt at home again when you watched Hyuk, and it made you happy.

You decided to put on a move while you waited for Yoongi go get back.

Hyuk told you about his parents, and how only his mother was alive at the moment.

“She had to go to America.” Hyuk frowned at you. “I don’t know why, though. So I’m staying with Yoongi hyung until she gets back,”

You didn’t know Yoongi personally, but you knew what type of person he was.

He got a cat because he can’t take care of a dog. Cats basically take care of themselves, anyways- how was Yoongi supposed to look after himself, a cat, and Hyuk?

You knew few things about your neighbor, but one of them was that he worked at a bar; which also meant that he worked nights. You knew it wasn’t your place to butt in, but this little boy being alone at night until whenever Yoongi got relieve from a shift didn’t sit well with you.

It wasn’t until someone knocked at your door, that your thoughts had ripped from you.

Hyuk shot up from your couch, making is way to your door from the living room.

The door was pulled open, revealing very worried, very tired Yoongi.

“Hyung!” He sounded relieved, yelling and bringing the larger boy into a hug.

“Thanks for watching him,” Yoongi sighed, looking down at the boy. “It’s his first day here, and I wasn’t sure if he’d get home safe, and all of that,”

“No problem!” You smile. “I liked seeing him a lot. He reminds me of my brother.”

Silence grew between you two, as Yoongi scratched the back of his neck.

“Hey, if you don’t mind, could you check on Hyuk whenever you’re home? As you know, I work nights, and sometimes-”

“Yes!” You answered excitedly, smiling down at the boy. “That’d be amazing!”

“Really? You don’t mind?” Yoongi chuckled. “Just if you’re not too busy with school.”

“No, I was actually going to ask you if you needed help. Hyuk told me you’re moms in America, and-”

“Yeah, yeah she is.” He cuts you off, a smile pursing his lips. “Well, thank you. I’ll text you later tonight about details for tomorrow.” He says, redirecting Hyuk to the apartment across the hall.

“Oh, uhm, okay,” you nod. “And again, no problem.”

You shut the door slowly, pushing it closed until you hear the metal hinge click.

Only at that moment, do you remember your art final.