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Cat Folklore & Superstition

Cats, particularly black cats, have played many roles in folklore in cultures across the world.


In Egypt, cats were considered scared and were worshipped; jewellery in hieroglyphics were also dedicated to cats. Bastet was known as the Goddess of cats, protection, stealth and independence. She bestowed the gifts of joy, beauty and grace. Cats were so revered that a person killing a cat, even accidentally, was put to death. This sacred animal was so important to the Egyptian society and religion, that after the cat’s death, its body was mummified and buried in a special cemetery.

In Celtic countries, cats played a role in mythology and folklore. In Ireland, and across the celtic world, the skin of a wild cat was worn by warriors, to invoke the avenging and protective power of the gods. The cat was associated with the Goddess, so it was considered feminine. The cat was also a totem animal amongst many clans, particularly Scottish. They believed that cats were guardians of the of the gates to the Otherworld, guardians of their treasures and also bring to the people the wholeness, as a spiritual link between humans and the universe. However, black cats in Celtic lore were considered evil, and were sacrificed.

In Norse mythology, cats are sacred to Freyja, the goddess of love and beauty, one of the original fertility goddesses of the region. Freyja is viewed as the protector of the weak, healer, granter of magic and source of love and peace. The chariot of Freyja is drawn by two large cats, other cats were also associated with this kind and loving goddess. As cats are sacred to Freyja, farmers would leave out precious milk for them, to ensure that she blessed their harvest

Fairy Cat - Cat Sìth

It is a creature from Celtic mythology, said to resemble a large black cat with a white spot on its breast. Legend has it that the spectral cat haunts the Scottish highlands. Some common folklore suggested that the Cat Sìth was not a fairy, but a witch that could transform into a cat nine times. If one of these witches chose to go back into their cat form for the ninth time, they would remain a cat for the rest of their lives. It is believed by some that this is how the idea of a cat having nine lives originated.

The people of the Scottish Highlands did not trust the Cat Sìth. They believed that it could steal a person’s soul before it was claimed by the Gods by passing over a corpse before burial; therefore watches called the Feill Fadalach (Late Wake) were performed night and day to keep the Cat Sìth away from a corpse before burial. Methods of “distraction” such as games of leaping and wrestling, catnip, riddles, and music would be employed to keep the Cat Sìth away from the room in which the corpse lay. In addition, there were no fires where the body lay, as it was legend that the Cat Sìth was attracted to the warmth.

On Samhain, it was believed that a Cat Sìth would bless any house that left a saucer of milk out for it to drink, but those houses that did not let out a saucer of milk would be cursed into having all of their cows’ milk dry.


The transformation to either a domestic cat, a tiger, a lion, a lynx, or any other type, including some that are purely mythical felines.

European folklore usually depicts werecats who transform into domestic cats. Some European werecats became giant domestic cats or panthers. They are generally deemed to be witches, even though they may have no magical ability other than self-transformation. During the witch trials, the official Church doctrine stated that all shapeshifters, including werewolves, were witches whether they were male or female.

African legends describe people who turn into lions or leopards. In the case of leopards, this is often because the creature is really a leopard god or goddess masquerading as a human. When these gods mate with humans, offspring can be produced, and these children sometimes grow up to be shapeshifters; those who do not transform may instead have other powers. In reference to werecats who turn into lions, the ability is often associated with royalty. Such a being may have been a king or queen in a former life, or may be destined for leadership in this life. This quality can be seen in the lions of Tsavo, which were reputed to be kings in lion shape, attempting to repel the invading Europeans by stopping their railroad due to attacks on humans.

Mainland Asian werecats usually become tigers. In India, the weretiger is often a dangerous sorcerer, portrayed as a menace to livestock, who might at any time turn to man-eating. Chinese legends often describe weretigers as the victims of either a hereditary curse or a vindictive ghost. In Thailand, a tiger that eats many humans may become a weretiger. There are also other types of weretigers, such as sorcerers with great powers who can change their form to become animals. In both Indonesia and Malaysia there is another kind of weretiger, known as Harimau jadian. The power of transformation is regarded as due to inheritance, to the use of spells, to fasting and willpower, to the use of charms, etc. Save when it is hungry or has just cause for revenge, it is not hostile to man; in fact, it is said to take its animal form only at night and to guard the plantations from wild pigs.

The foremost were-animal in pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures was the were-jaguar.  It was associated with the veneration of the jaguar, with priests and shamans among the various peoples who followed this tradition wearing the skins of jaguars to “become” a were-jaguar. Among the Aztecs,  an entire class of specialised warriors who dressed in the jaguar skins were called “jaguar warriors" or "jaguar knights”. Depictions of the jaguar and the were-jaguar are among the most common motifs among the artifacts of the ancient Mesoamerican civilisations. The balams (magicians) of Yucatán were said to guard the maize fields in animal form.


  • Traits associated with cats include cleverness, unpredictability, healing and witchcraft, since in ancient times it was believed that witches took the form of their cats at night.
  • A kitten born in may will be a witches cat.
  • Dreaming of a cat is sometimes regarded as a sign of bad luck in the future. 
  • If a sailor was approached by the ship’s cat it meant good luck, but if the cat only came halfway, it meant bad luck would befall the sailor.
  • In Normandy, seeing a tortoiseshell cat foretold death by accident.
  • The French believed that if a girl tread on a cat’s tail, she would not find a husband before a year is out
  • To end even one of a cat’s 9 lives was to risk being haunted by that particular cat for the rest of the murderer’s life.
  • If you drown a cat, you will fall victim to a drowning.
  • To kill a cat brings 17 years of bad luck.
  • When the pupil of a cat’s eye broadens, there will be rain.
  • A strange black cat on your porch brings prosperity.
  • A cat sneezing is a good omen for everyone who hears it.
  • Occult powers are often attributed to cats. It is said that they also have the power of hypnotism. A cat with three different hues in its coat protect one against fire and fever.
  • When cats rush about wildly, clawing at curtains and cushions, it means that wind is coming.

Dispelling (the Witching Hour)

My tears kept me company last night. I awoke to a kaleidoscopic tie-dye of cried off makeup, bruising my pillow. Better it than me. It had a most artful appearance. Maybe I would’ve had it framed and hung up over my mantel…if it weren’t for the fact that looking upon it would hinder me from moving on.

He insisted it was all my fault. He never wanted any of this. I ensorcell, cast a spell where he can’t think of anyone else; my dark-lashed cat-eyes hypnotize…or so he says. I know he’s completely full of it, but my heart needs time to heal from the lacerations of his baseless accusations. My now bare, red-rimmed eyes need time to fully dry. Then the makeup goes back on, precisely applied. And I will soon look back on this with an amused cackle…no magic required.

Rich Games pt. 1 (Suho Scenario)

Summary: Everything is just fun and games for the rich boy, Suho.
Members: Suho x Reader (Appearances by EXO and BTS Members)
Type: Student! AU/ Drama/ Angst/ little Fluff
Length: 5,530 Words

So this idea just came to me. I wanted to make it full out and long, but I am tired and I don’t want you guys to have to read a lot. So I’m separating it into chapters. I hope you guys like it <3

-­Admin Kat

Pt. 1, Pt.2,  Pt. 3,   Pt. 4,  Pt. 5,   Pt.6,  Pt. 7,  Pt. 8,  Pt. 9,  Pt. 10,  Pt. 11,Pt. 12, Pt. 13,  Pt. 14,  Pt. 15,  Pt. 16,  Pt.17, Pt. 18, Pt. 19, Pt. 20, Pt. 21, Pt. 22, Pt. 23, Pt. 24, Pt. 25, Pt. 26

“Fine, fine, fine, but you better be ready to pay up.” Chen announced as he got up from his spot at the lunch table. He started to heading towards the table across the cafeteria. This table was filled with girls; all chattering about make-up or clothes or boys. Chen took a seat at the table; flashing his poisonous smile at the giggling girls. “Well hello there, beautiful.” He said to the girl at the center of the table, Lily. Lily, the beautiful, popular, stylish, but ditzy girl. However popular she was, she was not the welcoming committee chairman, nor the student council president, nor even top of her class. No, that person was you. No, instead she was the girl who got the credit for merely showing up to welcoming committee meetings, the girl who the principle listened to during student council meetings, and the girl who was given rewards for amazing scores on tests that she clearly copied.

But wasn’t that the usual? Beautiful girls get everything in high school. You mom constantly told you that your time would come. She kept promising that it was just high school, ever since freshman year she was going on and on that it would pass and the next year would be the year you finally blossomed. Now it was nearing the middle of your senior year, and you were yet to ‘blossom.’ Maybe college. She finally said as she kissed you goodbye this morning. Yeah, maybe college. You thought to yourself as you watched the scene unfold before you that seemed to have caught the attention of everyone in the cafeteria.

Chen, always beautiful but mischievous Chen, moved slightly closer to Lily. His Cheshire cat smirk; hypnotizing her along with all the girls at the table. Heck, all the girls in the room. It was impossible to not fall for his looks. The way his eyes shrunk slightly as his smile grew; letting out that boasting laugh of his. Especially the way his lips permanently curved upwards, even when he wasn’t smiling. He was clearly a danger to his fellow male classmates. But then again, so were all the guys who he hung out with. The nine of them only having competition amongst themselves when it came to winning the hearts of their female classmates. And although you would have to disagree with that, believing that there were at least seven other boys who stood a chance, these nine ruled the school. That’s why they were called the Hydra when together. The nine heads of a very deadly creature.

You were no Hercules though. You had fallen for them before. Who hadn’t? The only thing that kept you from becoming one of their mindless harems was the fact that you were completely invisible to them. You would have better luck finding a real life hydra than them actually acknowledging your existence. Actually, scratch that. They had acknowledge you once. In sophomore year you were pushed in the hall and one of the boys, Baekhyun, laughed. That was as far as your interaction with the heavenly devils went.

“What can I do for you, Chen?” Lily asked as she leaned in closer to him. The amount of sexual tension coming from the two teenagers was almost suffocating. Chen placed his hand under Lily’s chin, pulling her closer to him without actually saying a word. You were a little surprised by the bold action. Although Chen was one of the popular boys and Lily was the popular girl, she was already taken. The cliché head cheerleader taken by the quarter back, Jimin. Jimin may not have been part of the school hydra, but he was part of what you liked to call the seven wonders of KP High School. It was constantly a war between the seven wonders and hydra. Like a modern, rich boy, version of The Outsiders. Socs vs. Greasers, although you wouldn’t really consider either groups to be greasers. Both groups were rich and good looking; like everyone at the elite private school that you attended.

Of course, everyone but you. No, you were the charity case. The girl who only managed to attend the school thanks to the scholarship you were given. Your amazing skills in writing, literary ability, and overall grade point average managed to get you a full ride into the school. But, it did not allot for any money to be spent on getting you up-to-date uniforms or text books that weren’t ruined from years of use. Thanks to these hand-me-downs, it was obvious to everyone in the school that you did not belong. Heaven forbid any of them take even a second to get to know you. Although you can’t help but realize that even if they did try and get to know you, they would find you utterly boring. Seeing as how you have never taken a step onto a yacht, nor have you tasted lobster, nor have you sat front row for an opera. You rolled your eyes at the thought. Nah, you would much rather stay home watching anime anyways. You almost scoffed at your own idea of fun. Knowing just how that would seem to any of these elitist.

Your attention was pulled back to the two seated at the table. The crowd of students cheering as the two teens kissed. Your eyes widened, knowing that this would only lead to trouble. Chen pulled away from the kiss; leaving Lily staring at him with half lidded eyes. He turned to his friends at their typical table near the entrance and found them clapping for him. Suho took out what looked like a hundred dollar bill and waved it at his friend. You rolled your eyes; realizing it was one of their typical dares. Chen got up from the table, winking back at Lily, and started heading back to collect his winnings. Out of nowhere, you saw a fist fly towards the smirking boy and he hit the ground with a loud thud. The room fell silent. You looked up to see who the fist belonged to and found Jimin standing before the boy. He and the other six boys stared at Chen with disgust. Your stomach churned at the serious look on their faces.

Chen looked up, rubbing his jaw as he spit out the small amount of blood that pooled at the corner of his mouth. The cafeteria had fallen to an eerie silence. The other eight boys of hydra stood and made their way to their friend’s side. They stared at the seven threatening boys with their own look of rage filling their eyes. You could hear a pin drop in the room as the standoff seemed never ending. The boys knew better than throwing the first punch; after Jimin’s that is. Chen brought himself to his feet and held his hand out towards Jimin. His testing smirk was still placed on his face and you were honestly scared for him that he would push his luck too far. Jimin took his hand and Chen pulled him close. He placed his free hand on the back of the boy’s neck and whispered something in his ear. As the two boys stood there, the others appeared as though they were preparing to jump their rival group at any moment.

Finally, Chen let go of Jimin and he turned to his group, telling them something quietly before the two groups separated. Although, they still seemed like they were still prepared to fight if anyone else said a single word. You stood up, the café returning to its usual bustle of noise. You made your way to your locker before your next class. You came close to the hydra lunch table when you heard the boys laughing over the situation that had just took place. Despite the tense moment that had just passed, Chen still laughed at the situation and took the money from his friends. “Told you I could get him to punch me.” He said with a huge smile. You rolled your eyes when you heard what the actual dare had been.

“Okay, now it’s your turn.” Chen said as he looked up at Suho. Suho rolled his eyes, never being one to take the dares, but always the one who dealt them out. The eight boys stared at him with a mixture of excitement and trouble in their eyes.

As leader of the group, Suho knew that he couldn’t back down from a dare. He nodded his head, “Fine, what do you guys have?” He asked in a confident tone. He knew he could take anything. The boys wouldn’t say anything that would ruin his reputation. They knew better than that. It was the one rule they had. Anything was game, even things that were illegal, so long as it didn’t mess up their reputation at school. The boys seemed excited to finally test their leader. They started looking around the room when they saw you heading out of the cafeteria.

Chanyeol nudged with his head for the others to look at you. “What about her?” He offered with his usual contagious smile. The other boys seemed to agree with his choice, silently coming up with the official dare. “We dare you to go out with her. Go full out She’s All That on her, minus the cliché falling in love part. Turn her into a girl that would be worthy of dating any of us.” Chanyeol proposed.

Suho looked back at you, watching you as you left. He had recognized you slightly. You were the girl in his English class. The girl who always had her head buried in a book, studying any chance you got. Of course, you had to. From the little facts that he did know about you, you were here on a scholarship and came from a family of little money. Besides that, he didn’t know much else about you. Not even your real name. “PG? You really want me to try and make PG a girl I could take to the country club? Easy.” He said as he stood up from his spot. This wasn’t the first time he gave a girl a makeover. After all, that was the reason why Lily was where she was now. But it was the first time he was doing it over a dare.

This was bound to be an easy bet. “How long do I have and what do I get if I win?” He asked as he started to grab his bags.

The other boys discussed it for a moment. Not wanting to make it too easy for him. “You get fifty bucks from us each and you have until the Winter Formal in two weeks.” Kai said as he grabbed his own bag. The boys shook on the deal just as the bell rang; signaling the end of their lunch period. Next was English for Suho and he figured it would be the best time to talk to you. He left the cafeteria and headed towards his locker. He found Kristy standing in front of his locker, always the persistent ex-girlfriend. She was holding a bag for him and he had to fight the urge to roll his eyes at the mere sight of her.

“Kristy, what are you doing here? Again…” He asked as he approached her slowly. She placed her hands on his chest and looked up at him with a pouty look. He kept his hands on his sides and made sure that it was clear to her that he wanted nothing to do with her. He did not want a repeat of last time when she started to believe they were back together for almost a week until he had to ‘break up’ with her again.

She pulled away slightly when she saw that her puppy dog eyes were having no effect on him. She held out the bag towards him and forced a smile on her face. She looked away from him and looked around the hallway; either making sure that people were not looking at them in case he rejected her or looking at them in case things ended up the way she wanted them. Suho took the bag and glanced inside. It was filled with what he could only assume to be store bought sweets and a silk tie. He looked up at her and noticed that the blue tie just so happened to match the blue on her headband. He handed her the bag back. “Oh come on Suho, I know you were mad at me. But do you really have to keep up the act. Just accept my apology.” She whined as she pushed the bag at him.

This time he did roll his eyes. He didn’t want to deal with her or her drama anymore. If she really wanted to make a big deal of everything, he would make sure that he got the point across. “Kristy, you cheated on me for the last time. And with Jungkook nonetheless. I’m not going to put up with your shit any longer. We are done.” He announced in a loud voice. There was a small crowd of students staring at them at this point and Kristy could feel her cheeks getting red. She pushed him away, letting her gift fall to the ground.

“You are a real ass, Suho.” She whispered as she left, trying her hardest to keep the tears from falling as she stormed off in anger. The kids who had watched with slight amusement now laughed at her mockingly as she ran off to her class. Suho slowly picked up the bag and fished out one of the cookies. He unwrapped it and took a bite of it. Definitely not store bought. He thought to himself as he spit out the burnt cookie. Kristy may have been a great kisser, but she was not a great baker.

He opened his locker and fished out his books before strolling off to class. He entered the room right on time. He usually took a seat near the door, always the first out of the room, but this time he moved towards the middle of the far corner, glancing down at the girl who sat beside you and flashing her a smile as he asked her to switch with him for the day. She was happy to. Throughout the months of you two sitting beside each other, it wasn’t like you guys talked even once. But you couldn’t help but stare in confusion as you saw him take her seat beside you.

Suho turned, looking at you, but you were quick to look away. He let his eyes lazily skim over you. He had to admit, it would definitely be easy to change you. Although the clothes you wore were a bit… vintage, he had to admit it looked good. You wore a skirt that came down past your knees, something most girls at the school did not. Their skirts, although still the same dark blue as yours because of the dress code, they were far shorter. You also wore tights underneath the skirt; covering all of your skin. On top of that, you wore a matching blue blazer over your short-sleeve white button top. Your red bow tie was tied carefully. He could tell that you were the type of person to make sure that everything was in the exact order that you liked it. Your hair though, that was something that may be a bit troublesome. It was clear that you wore your hair natural. It was something that people never really did. Girls spent hours either straightening their hair or spraying it with a toxic amount of hair spray or other products. But seeing your hair as it was, a frizzy mess of haphazardly brushed knots, he could tell why girls put themselves through all the trouble day-by-day.

You crossed your legs, a bit nervously, as you started to tap your pen against your desk. He smirked, sure already that you were nervous because of him being so close to you. He remembered the first time he saw you. He saw you standing near your locker; staring down at the ground as you started to pile text book on top of text book. It was sometime during your sophomore year and he was walking with the other guys. He saw the way someone had knocked into you; causing you to lose your balance on your small heels and clatter your books to the floor. Baekhyun had laughed at you as he walked by, and he knew he shouldn’t really laugh, but he couldn’t help it with all the boys standing near him.

“Hey, can I borrow a pen?” Suho asked you as he leaned in a bit closer to you. You looked over at him; letting your hair fall in front of your face. You reached up and moved it slightly so you could see him properly. He was smiling at you. Not the normal kind of smile that people gave you. Typically, people smiled at you with either a look of pity or a look of annoyance. But this smile was different. It was a smile that sent butterflies to your stomach and made you smile like a goof. But you couldn’t. You had to bite your inner cheek to keep the smile that was tugging on the corners of your lips. You reached towards the corner of your desk where your three pens were perfectly lined up together.

You handed him the pen, letting your fingertips graze against his as you pulled your hand back. His smile grew as he waved the pen. “Thank you.” He said as he turned back to face the front of the class. Your professor was just walking in as you turned back as well. Your heart was racing as the teacher scribbled words on the board. Stop, you know about these boys. Don’t be stupid. You told yourself as you started to calm down. It was so stupid. You were becoming just like one of the other girls who spent their days fawning over the nine boys; as if they were angels who were gracing us with the mere presence. The thought of how cocky the boys had been in the cafeteria made you roll your eyes; quickly coming back to your senses.

The professor was being his lecture. Going straight into the discussion of Greek mythology. You were enjoying this course. If there was one thing that you knew like the back of your hand, it was mythology and literature as a whole. You started to jot down notes when you heard a small tapping on your desk. You looked over to the side and saw Suho looking at you once again. “Do you think I could borrow a piece of paper?” He asked. You wanted to roll your eyes, not really surprised that he would come to class so under prepared, but you didn’t want to be rude.

You went to an empty page in your notebook and ripped out a clean page for him. You handed him the paper. “Borrowing means you plan to give it back.” You told him; correcting his use of the word. His eyes widened slightly in surprise as you said that. But it quickly softened. It was almost as though he was… impressed by your comment. You tried not to smile at his look and quickly looked away. You stared at your teacher as he continued to talk.

He was in the middle of talking about the story or Artemis vs. Arachne. You had to admit, you did like this story greatly. You couldn’t help but find it amusing that there was someone who could ever think of themselves as better than a goddess. You glanced over at the boy next to you. A real Pothos, god of sexual desire and yearning. You could feel your cheeks growing red as you thought about it. You tried to vanish the thought from your mind, but you couldn’t. The way he looked at girls, causing them to almost quiver with desire. Not you of course. No, you would never let yourself admit such a thing. No, you were too strong for such a thing.

“(Y/N),” The sound of your professor calling out your name yanked you out of your reverie. You looked up at him with fear and embarrassment in your eyes. Everyone was staring at you now; snickering at you. You were never one to become dazed in class, but here you were; looking like an idiot as you had let your mind wander. Luckily, your professor seemed to take it easy on you today. “I was asking everyone about the story of Paris and the golden apple. Would you like to tell the class about it?” He repeated his question for you.

You quickly nodded your head; standing by your desk as you spoke. You always hated that you needed to stand when speaking; but it was one of the rules within this class. Something about blood being able to circulate to the brain. Either way, it made you extremely anxious. “The golden apple was an apple marked ‘for the fairest’ by Eris, the goddess of discord. Paris was assigned to give the apple to either Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty; Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war; and Hera, the goddess of women and marriage. Each goddess made erroneous offers to Paris, ending with Aphrodite promising him the love of Helen of Troy. Paris obviously chose love and because of this, King Menelaus, the husband of Helen, waged war on Troy. Leading to the Trojan War.” You informed the class. Everyone fell silent for a long moment.

“Nerd.” You heard someone scoff as you took your seat. You sank down, wanting nothing more than to disappear, as your professor continued his lecture on the Trojan War. You buried your face in your book. You had to talk so much. You could have just said you didn’t know. You told yourself angrily. You had no idea what to say, but you just wished class would end already. The second the bell rang, you started packing up quickly so you could escape the snickers that continued around you. A paper was placed on your desk in front of you and you looked up at the person who it belonged to. Suho was standing beside you; far closer than you had expected. You took a step back, catching your leg on the leg of your desk, and almost falling backwards.

He was quick to reach out and placed his hand on the small of your back. He pulled you closer against him. Your breath caught in your throat; but just as quickly as it had happened, he let you go. You found your balance. “Sorry about that. I guess I must have surprised you. Anyways, thanks for letting me borrow the piece of paper.” He said with a quick wink before walking away and leaving you staring back at him in confusion. He slipped out of the room without a single word. You slowly looked down at the piece of paper. There was nothing on it about the actual class’s lecture, but there was a number written on it and a time and locker number. The time was 4 in the afternoon, after classes as well as after your student council meeting.

You looked back at the door and then back at the paper. This has to be a mistake. You assured yourself as you started to finish packing up your belongings. If you continued to stand there, you would be late for class for sure.

The rest of the day seemed to past in a daze. The only thing you wanted was to skip ahead and find out what was going on. This had to be some sort of trick. Maybe they had decided that the one time they would notice you would be for a few laughs. The student council meeting moved slowly. You numbly chatted with the group about the upcoming Winter Formal that you were in charge of planning. As much as you hated dances, you loved planning events. You already had the orders in for the decorations; having been surprised as always that you attended a school that would actually put in hundreds of dollars for a single night of horny teenagers gyrating against each other while the chaperones got drunk in the corner or parking lot.

“Okay, I think that is enough of the meeting today. Please don’t forget to finish all the paper work for the orders.” Your supervisor told you as you started to make your way towards the door. You nodded your head, adding the note in our phone so you would be sure to remember this. You made your way directly towards the front doors of the school, pausing halfway there. You could either go straight home or go to the locker that you were directed to go to. You stood frozen in the middle of the hallway as you made your decision. Fuck my curiosity. You thought to yourself as you spun around on your heels and raced to the locker.

Suho was standing in front of the locker, staring down at his phone as you walked up to him. You could feel your stomach churning as you approached him. You coughed slightly, grabbing his attention, and watched as a smile spread across his face. “Hey there, PG.” He said. You froze when you heard the nickname come out of his mouth. Just as you had thought, this had to be some sort of joke. You took a step back away from him and started walking away; angered by the mention of the stupid name the students had given you. “Whoa, what did I say?” He asked as he reached out and grabbed your hand.

You pulled away from him viciously. “Excuse me? How can you ask me to come here and then call me PG?” You asked as you twisted around to look at him. You had been so stupid to believe that he would honestly want to meet up with you.

“Why is that bad? It’s your nickname right? PG, because you’re like naïve and stuff…” He said, thinking back to the first time he heard the name. Xiumin had been the one to announce it. It was your freshman year and you had come to school wearing a pair of pink bowties in your hair that made you look like a child. He had assumed the name was something created for your innocence. But from the look in your eyes, it was clear that he was wrong.

You looked at him and paused when you saw the sincere confusion in his eyes. You stared at him with skeptic eyes. You were unsure if you could honestly trust him to be innocent or if he was just messing with you. “No. That is not the meaning behind PG. Poor girl. That’s what it stands for.” You confessed in an annoyed voice. You hated thinking about the nickname. The first time the boys had decided to call you by it, it quickly caught on like a forest fire. Soon, it was your brand. The girl who couldn’t afford a decent uniform, new text books, or even product for your hair. You hated the thought of being labeled as that, but there was no fighting a name when teens got it in their minds. You were permanently stuck with the name and you could only hope to escape it once you finally graduated from this hell whole of a high school.

Suho looked honestly taken aback by the true meaning of your name. You felt a tinge of reassurance that maybe he was honest when he had asked you to meet him. You smiled slightly towards him. He smiled back at you and turned around, reaching into his locker. He pulled out a small box and held it out towards you. “Well, I’m sorry. I had no idea. But that isn’t why I asked you to come here. I was actually wondering if you would like to maybe go out with me sometime.” He said as he handed you the box. You stared at him in confusion. For a moment you thought you had heard him wrong, but he just continued to smile at you.

“Excuse me?” You asked dumbly. You didn’t mean to ask the question, but you just could not understand. Think, think, think. You told yourself. This could not be real. It has to be some sort of trick. He chuckled lightly and tapped on the box; silently telling you that you should open it. You sluggishly did; your hands shaking as you pulled the top off. Inside the box was a golden apple with a note attached to it. You pulled the apple out and looked at the note. Come with me to Winter Formal, Athena. It said in honestly beautiful script. You looked back up at the boy with wide eyes. “Is this for real?” You asked quietly. He nodded his head. He was still smiling at you. The same smile he had flashed you in the classroom. You could feel yourself becoming lost in his gaze.

NO, this isn’t real. This isn’t the kind of thing that happens to girls like you. You yelled at yourself as you started to shake your head no. This was not right. This was not typical for someone like you. Not with someone like him. You handed the box and apple back to him; not even bothering to ask him how he got a gold apple so quickly between English class and now. He took the box with a confused face. “Why?” He asked as he tried to hand you back the box. You put your hands up, completely refusing to take it back, and started to walk away.

“Listen, I know how you and the guys are. You don’t do things like this to girls like me without some sort of ulterior motive. Is this a dare or something?” You asked in a skeptic tone. He paused for a moment but looked at you with pain in his eyes.

He reached out, delicately placing his hand on your chin, and took a step closer so his chest was almost pressing against yours. “Why would you say such a thing? I only say things that I mean. I know that the guys and I play our silly… games, but I mean it when I say I want to go out with you. I have honestly been thinking of asking you out for a while now… I just didn’t know how to.” He told you in a tantalizing voice. He moved your face so you were meeting his gaze.

“Wh-why would you want to do that?” You asked him in a shy voice. You wanted to sound more confident, but you could not get enough air in your lungs to say it. You could hear your heart pounding in your ear at the close proximity of him. You could smell the ginseng soup he used that morning and the… lavender shampoo? You dared not break your gaze from him, but staring into his deep brown eyes was deadly.

He started to lean towards you, his lips only a few inches from yours, and smirked. “Because you are a sweet and beautiful girl. Why wouldn’t I want to be with someone like you? I’m tired of stupid, ditzy girls like Kristy. I need an Athena, not an Aphrodite.” He whispered against your lips. You took in a sharp breath as you stared up at him. Your heart was racing faster than you thought possible and you were sure that he could hear it. You didn’t dare move, simply staring at him.

He was the one to close the distance between the two of you. His lips pressed against yours softly. You held in a moan at the back of your throat. Your arms remained limp like noodles at your side. Your stomach fluttered and your heart skipped a beat and for a brief second, you actually felt as though you could believe his words. But can I? What is he planning? You asked yourself as you parted from the kiss. You looked up at him. He was smiling brightly. Maybe this will be real… You decided to yourself.

He smiled down at you, staring into your eyes for the first time and realizing that maybe you were really going to be easy to date for the dare. Your lips tasted sweet against his, like candy or soda. However, it was clear that he was your first kiss. Your lips were numb against his and you clearly had no idea what to do with your arms. The look in your eyes were so innocent. No matter what the real meaning behind the name PG, you would always be the innocent PG to him. This would be the dare he would definitely win. Step one complete. Win her over.