cat hexes

Coworkers: Friday the 13th is the worst.

  • I got 2 nails in my tire this morning
  • The copy machine keeps jamming
  • My bank overdrew my account

Me, a witch: Friday the 13th is the best.

  • They made my coffee wrong, and gave me two to make up
  • Opens random compartment of copy machine…it starts working immediately
  • Books 3 clients for the salon, and 2 tarot readings for tonight.

Rather be a witch

cute couple/best friend halloween costumes

the hex girls

Daphne and Velma

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

America Chavez and Kate Bishop

Arthur and Buster

Alex, Clover, and Sam from Totally Spies

The Thunder Cats

Misty, Ash, and/or Brock from pokemon

The Power Rangers

Chi-Chi and Bulma from DBZ

The powerpuff girls

Dionne and Cher from Clueless

The Sailor Scouts

The Kids from The kids next door

(if you have any good ones to add pls do)

Kiss Me Not -Part 10-

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tags: drarry, hogwarts eighth year, soulmates au

Harry stared down at his hands, “How’s your mother?”

“You’re asking me about my mother? Really, Potter?” Draco asked in dismay.

Harry glared at him, “I thought it might be a safe subject to talk about.”

“Between us?” Malfoy said, “Nothing is a safe subject.”

“Only because you won’t stop being a tit,” Harry snapped.

“Says the one who just called me a tit,” Draco sneered.

Harry returned the expression mockingly, “Says the one who won’t just tell me how his mum’s doing.”

Draco was looking tense as a puffed cat, torn between hexing Harry or just leaving altogether.

Harry leaned back and then took a step back, before looking away from Draco altogether. For a bit there, they had been close enough that Harry could feel that faint buzz skating across his skin that made him want to shiver. He sighed and looked up at the stars wondering if the original Princess had this much trouble, then mentally cursed himself for thinking of himself as the Princess.

“Mother is doing quite well, all things considered. She’s been re-doing the Manor,” Draco said begrudgingly.

Harry glanced over at him in surprise, quickly dragging his gaze back to the sky before attempting to keep the conversation going, “She’s redecorating?”

There was an interminable pause, which Harry was afraid wouldn’t be filled, before Draco answered, “No, re-doing. Moving the walls, replacing everything not nailed down, shoving heirlooms in the attic, all the furniture transfigured, new floors, new paint, wallpaper,” he said the last like a bad taste in his mouth. “As if the last few years are a stain she can scrub out if she just tries hard enough.”

“Well,” Harry hazarded, “if it helps then… no reason not to.”

Wallpaper,” Draco muttered then took a deep breath, “She asks after you in her letters. She won’t tell me why, just something about what happened in the forest and now she-” he stopped abruptly.

“Well, I’ve been alright. Certainly a lot better than-” he paused, uncertain about finishing his own sentence. “…Erm, before,” he finished lamely.

Draco said stiffly, “I would imagine that anything would be an improvement over being hunted by a mass-murdering megalomaniac.”

Harry looked over at Draco in surprise.

Draco rolled his eyes at Harry’s expression, “I’m not made of glass.”

“Alright,” Harry said and nodded, “Yeah, better than that.”

Draco’s brow furrowed faintly as he looked away from Harry and back at his hands, “What do you want, Potter?”

“What?” Harry asked in confusion.

“We’re not friends but this is the second time you’ve done-” Draco waved a hand absently, “-whatever it is you’re trying to do here. You either want something from me or it’s pity. I won’t be pitied, Potter.”

Harry snorted, ignoring Draco’s frown, “I can’t imagine pitying you.”

Draco’s eyes narrowed, “Bollocks. That’s utter fucking bollocks.”

Harry found himself looking at Draco’s hands, long elegant fingers as they gripped at the stone, slowly dragging into loose fists.

Harry said carefully,“…The way I look at it. I can’t imagine many people could survive what you went through.”

“What I-?!”

“Do you?” Harry interrupted to ask, “Do you think many people could survive having Voldemort in their home, holding their parents hostage, threatening to kill them?”

What little colour was left in Draco’s face disappeared and he swallowed hard, squeezing his eyes shut, “You could have. You could have done more than just survive,” he said bitterly.

“If I had my parents, if he had my parents-” Harry bit his bottom lip and shook his head, “I don’t know. I’m not sure I could.”

Draco took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Harry forced himself not to stare at Draco’s face, glancing sidelong at his hands again and feeling relieved when Draco relaxed them again. Harry could hear him breathing; he felt like his own breathing was far too loud.

Draco slid his hands over the stone, curling his finger over the edge, “So you don’t pity me. Fine. I still don’t understand what you want.”

Harry dropped his head, ruffling his hand through his hair as he mentally ran through possible answers, most of which were entirely certain to make Draco angry. He spoke slowly, making sure every word was in place before saying the next, “I want to get to know you.”

“Fuck off, does this look like sharing time to you?” Draco said with a sneer, whipping away from the parapet to leave.

Harry grabbed Draco’s arm, “Wait! I- um- please just-”

“Let go of me or I’ll hex your bollocks off!” Draco stepped back, jerking his arm free. His eyes blazed, looking about ready to do just that when he whirled away. The swirl of his cloak would have made Snape proud.

Harry leaned back against the parapet with a sigh.

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Jily AU where every fanon misconception is true

Lily Potter awoke with a start. She had just been dreaming of mending her friendship with Severus by naming him godfather of her second child. Why hadn’t this plan occured to her sooner? She rolled over and shook her husband awake. The bully opened his eyes and put his nasty glasses on. 

‘James’ said Lilly Lily. 'We have to make Severus our baby’s godfather’.

'Who the fuck is Severus?’ asked James, walking over to the window and hexing the mail man outside. 

'Snivelly Snape’ replied Lily. 'It’s the only way to mend my friendship with him’.

James looked at his wife. 'Well I didn’t ask you out 67 times a day for 6 years for nothing, I need you happy Lilyflowerpetalbutt and if this makes you happy I’m all for it. But I didn’t even know you were pregnant my sweet Lilypadthai?’

'Well neither does J.K Rowling’ laughed Lily as James stared at her, confused, but used to not understanding anything.

Lily grinned and put on all green outfit to match her eyes. Together they fetched Harry out of his cot and went downstairs to start writing a letter to Sev.

'You better write the letter’ said James, who had never learnt to spell due to his extremely limited mental capacity. As Lily started the letter James let Sirius out of his kennel and Remus out of the library that they locked him in nightly. 'Lily’s writing a letter to Snivelicious, she’s going to ask him to be our new baby’s godfather’ smirked James, arrogant as always. 'I still hate the prick but it’s the best thing for Lily’.

'But I thought Lily hated him?’ asked Remus

'Nah she doesn’t’ said Sirius. 

'Wait who are we talking about?’ asked Peter who had just apparated, he didn’t wait for an answer before disapparating to go do some more betraying. 

'What about the whole Death Eater thing?’ asked Remus as he held a book up to his nose, 'what about Voldemort wanting you guys dead and all?’. Suddenly Lily appeared, she was furious. Her hair turned even redder as flames rose around her, her rage lifting her off the ground. She roared incoherently like the red lion she was until James pulled her back to the ground. 'What are you angry about this time?!’ sighed James.

Lily had no idea. She was just always angry. She shooed Remus and Sirius out of the house, since they were in hiding and all and went back to her letter. On the way back to the table James asked her out 6 times. 

'For christ sakes James we’re married!’ she cried. James stuck his tongue out, hexed the cat and asked her out again. Tears rolled down Lily’s face as she went back to writing the letter to her dear old friend. Good times were sure to be ahead.