cat heads in breads

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*Puts large loaf of bread around Lanky’s head like the cats with they faces shoved through bread* I see someone had a good nights sleep. Just look at that BREAD head! ~ *Happily cuddles a tiny plush till it squeaks*

…You think you are funny. But just know I am plotting your demise.


Stop taunting him… Even if it is funny.


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Sorry, but I have to ask this. MBTI as types of bread

I hate you for this. @mbtipartyblog​ made one in response to my post and I decided to edit a few. Original here, my version below.

ENFP: Bread infused with sprinkles (apparently this is a thing in Australia?!)
INFP: Whole Grain Bread
ENFJ: Challa made by Jewish preschoolers
INFJ: Wonder Bread bc mysterious and chewy
ENTP: Pita Bread
INTP: Just a cat who got its head stuck inside a slice of bread. You’ve seen the meme.
ESFP: Funfetti cake mix
ISFP: The breadstick meme
ESTP: Charred tortilla bc dirty extravert
ESFJ: Those biscuits with the cheese in them
ISFJ: Homemade bread
ESTJ: Fucking carrot cake.
ISTJ: Banana bread with organized rows of nuts

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Is bread bad for cats? Is Oreo some strange cat from outer space?

In all honesty, it’s not something a cat should eat regularly. Although plain white bread is not poison or anything and won’t hurt them as far as any toxicity goes, it does contain carbs which can cause weight gain! Just like a human, a cat can suffer from obesity if their intake consists of too many carbs. There is no danger if your cat winds up with his head in the bread bag every once in a while, but it’s not something they should be fed as a daily food source. Oreo does not eat it everyday, contrary to how it may look sometimes 😹. The only toxicity concern you should have is with whole grain breads or if the bread contains nuts, onions or other ingredients that may be toxic to cats. Although not toxic, whole grain breads may cause stomach upset from high amounts of fiber. Breads with ingredients like onion, garlic, nuts or chocolate are toxic for cats. Oreo generally goes for the plain white bread. He also likes bread with oatmeal or corn. 


When you wake up with Bread Head. 🍞

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