cat hairballs

I hate 3 types of bird videos.

1) The bird is performing a behavior that is confused for something else. Aka trying to mate for “hugging” or regurgitating for “dancing”. Bonus points if you point it out and are told you are wrong or “ruining the video”.

2) It is a wild bird that seems like it is sick, injured, or too young to resist since it’s letting strange humans pet it or pick it up, not something a wild prey animal would usually allow. Bonus points if commenters consider it a spiritual experience that they got so close to a wild animal. And, again, bonus points if you point out what is likely happening and are told you are ruining it.

3) It is a pet bird playing with another pet who is a predator, especially a cat whose mouth bacteria alone could kill the bird. Bonus points if, “I know my pet and they would never hurt them.”

My friends and family share a lot of bird videos with me and I feel like I’m always the party pooper who’s like, “Uhhhh…..” but I don’t think they’d enjoy it if I sent them videos of dogs humping someone’s leg. Or cats throwing up hairballs. Or a baby rolling around with a deadly snake.

And yeah, some videos are cute or funny and the bird isn’t in any danger, but some just make me want to strangle the person who filmed them.

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Hey so i read one of your works on Ao3 and it was super adorable and i loved it, it was about stiles and derek sharing a broom closet of an apartment in nyc and cuddling thier way through their issues with eachother and then you wrote a hashtag epilogue, and i can't stop thinking about how much i wanted the epilogue to be another story so i figured i'd ask, my names scarletwaters on Ao3, ok bye and thank you if you decide to write it :)

little spoon

I had given absolutely ZERO thought to writing a sequel to this, and then I read your message and the ideas started flooding in. Go figure.

also on ao3


Being Derek’s boyfriend goes surprisingly well for a whole year. They move out of the tiny “apartment” into a slightly less tiny apartment. They continue to spoon; they become spooning masters; they are the gods of spooning. Stiles gets the best sleep of his life, and so does Derek. The non-sleeping aspect of the whole dating thing takes a bit more time to iron out, sure, but they get there. Slowly but surely, they figure out how to hold hands on the couch while watching Netflix without getting weird about it. They figure out, to their mutual relief, that endearments weird them both out, but there are other little things they both like even if they’d never admit it on pain of death, such as forehead kisses. They figure out how to do the whole shower sex thing without serious injury. Stiles also finds out Derek is awesome at cooking, when he can be assed to do it. Stiles figures out a lot of very creative ways to motivate him.  

All in all, awesome.

Then…. well, then It happens.

It’s been about a year and three months when, one day, Stiles happens to see Derek coming out of a jewelry store.

He wasn’t following Derek or anything, he wants the record to be very clear on that; it’s just, they were going to meet up at the Chinese restaurant on the corner for dinner, and Stiles got there early. Usually Stiles doesn’t arrive early anywhere ever, but this time one of his classes got canceled at the last minute and he suddenly had all this spare time, and so he went ahead and snagged them a table at the restaurant.

That’s where he is when it happens, just people-watching out the window and contemplatively sipping his oolong. That’s when the door to the jewelry store across the street opens and Derek comes out, head down, busy tucking a suspicious little black box into his inner jacket pocket, and Stiles spits out his tea all over the table because what the fuck.

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Okay, cat - I understand the hairballs.  Better in than out, and all that.  But for the love of all that is holy can you please stop deciding that the best time to hack them up is at 4 am on a Saturday in my bedroom???

This is the face of a furball who is entirely unrepentant for her actions:

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Aaah loving your prompts! How about a collection of people walking in on Victuuri? Let's be honest, there is no way that this hasn't happen to everyone in the Russian team before....

(Sfw version, anon, the smut wasn’t happening, sorry~ Perhaps later)

“Nowhere is safe anymore,” Yurio hissed to Mila one morning, nearly ripping the laces off his skates as he threaded them with as much outward aggression as possible.

“You’re telling me, even I’m getting tired of it,” she said, tugging her red hair back into a short ponytail. “They were all over each other in the parking lot last night. I feel like I need to print stickers of those… what are they called, those black and white warning things on music albums?”

“Parental advisories?”

“Yeah, those!” she clapped her hands and pointed in confirmation. “Parental advisory stickers. Keep a bunch on me and slap one on them whenever they get going.”

Instead of laughing, Yurio stuck out his tongue at her. “Great, thanks, now half of music library is going to remind me of those idiots making out.”

“You’re too young for CDs,” Georgi commented as he joined them at the side of the rink. “Don’t pretend you pay attention to album art.”

“Sometimes!” Yurio snapped.

“Beka’s?” Mila teased, laughing when the little blonde scowled and shoved his hands into his pockets, hunching over in his hoodie.

“Shut up.”

“Awww, what’s bristling your fur, kitten?” Mila prodded, poking at Yurio’s side even as he flailed his hands as her, hissing and not doing much to correct the petname. “Which territory of yours did they claim?”

“Coffee shop around the corner,” Yurio muttered, looking like he’d be kicking at the ice the second he was on it. “Can’t even get a fucking muffin anymore without seeing those losers making out in the corner.”

“They’re in love, it’s beautiful,” Georgi defended, receiving groans and dismissals from both of his younger rinkmates.

“Just wait till you walk in on them banging in the shower,” Yurio muttered.

“They haven’t!”

“They probably have,” Mila reassured.

“They wouldn’t!”

“They so would,” Yurio replied, bitterness doubling over as a too-happy greeting was shouted over to them.

Victor and Yuuri had entered the rink, hands in each other’s back pockets, wearing each other’s team jackets.

Georgi and Mila waved back, while Yurio attempted to scowl even harder than before. Mila patted his back in sympathy, telling him it wouldn’t be that bad, and she was right for about twenty seconds, until Victor pecked Yuuri’s cheek affectionately and the PDA quickly descended into a lot more tiny kisses being swapped between them, despite the dark blush on Yuuri’s face.

Georgi just sighed, the hearts practically visible as they floated off his head in the dreamy wonder of how wonderful love could be.

Behind him, Yurio did a very good impersonation of a cat hacking up a hairball.

Hello human my old friend, I’ve come to stalk you once again. My gentle paws softly creeping. About to pounce while you lay sleeping. When my throat contracted filled with a ticklish ungodly mess, you know the rest. And so you awoke to the sound of hairballs.

A Little Bit Naughty: Zack Taylor X Reader

Request: Hi! Could you write something with Zack from Power Rangers? I really loved your Billy one-shot, there’s not much of him from what I’ve seen here xD Thanks~!

Prompt: You were known as the good girl with good grades and a good attitude, but there were occasions where you had to let out your bad girl attitude against people who crossed you. How? By using pranks. Unfortunately, someone named Zack Taylor was always in the crossfire, which puts you in a bad situation once he figures out you’re the one behind all the school pranks.

Word Count: 1,423

Warnings: Strong language

Author’s Note: I should be reading for my English class right about now, but that stupid book ca go burn in the pits of Hell for all I care. Also, I’ll probably write another series, but for Zack soon.

Your name: submit What is this?

You were a good girl with a bad girl rebellious heart. And sometimes, just sometimes, you had to let that rebellion out against the teachers or basic high school bitches who were so mean that even they weren’t fazed by your positive attitude and dedication to school. So, you knew you had to get back at them somehow. However, you weren’t looking to get a suspension and ruin your good reputation, so you did everything in secret. Everything was going well for you, and you weren’t ready to screw that up. Luckily for you, Zack Taylor, a boy who rarely ever came to school until the attack on your town a while back, was convicted for your crimes, labeling him as the prankster who never learned his lesson regardless of the number of times he attended detention.

One day, after some unnamed bitch decided it was the day to torment you just because you corrected her and the teacher on an incorrect history fact. She had done small but infuriating acts of aggression pointed towards you all day, and you, being the clever and naughty girl you were, would not stand for it.

You went to school early that morning, making sure that the cameras didn’t catch you in the act. When you were sure you made it past the ones that would most likely get you in trouble, you got to work.

Her locker wasn’t far away from yours, so you knew which one was hers. You also saw her inputting her locker combination, as well, putting you at a great advantage. You turned the dial and recited the combination 06-13-02 over and over again in your head. Upon hearing the click, you smirked and opened up to see more pictures of the girl than there were books.

“Wow,” You laughed. “Vain much?”

You looked at the contents of her locker and wondered where to start. You spotted her hand sanitizer bottle and smiled a devilish smile. You grabbed your clear glue bottle from your bag and got to work. You were glad she was a germophobe, because the sanitizer was almost gone anyway, making it easy to fill up the thing with glue. You sealed the cap back on and shook vigorously. After ruining her hand sanitizer, you moved onto her notebooks and textbooks, taking joy in taping the pages together, then proceeding to glue to covers shut so they couldn’t open. You then spotted her perfume bottle, the one she sprayed herself with each morning when she arrived. You had brought some water that your dog had soaked in while taking a bath. You grabbed the vial from your bag, using a dropper to squirt in the nasty-smelling fragrance.

You closed her locker, feeling satisfied that you had completed your task and did it all while not getting caught.

“So, you’re the one who’s been getting me in trouble lately?”

You froze. You didn’t recognize the voice, but you knew that hearing any voice as of then meant that you were caught, and you were royally screwed. You forced yourself to turn around to face the person who caught you red handed. You saw Zack Taylor, the boy who had been unwillingly taking the fall for all of your misdeeds, standing behind you with a look of pure amusement written all over his face. It was then that your thoughts were confirmed. You were in deep shit.

“Wow,” He gasped mockingly. “Who would’ve guessed the teacher’s pet, hell, the class goodie-two-shoes was the one behind these pranks all along! God, it all makes sense now!”

“I-Uh- well, listen, it’s really not what it-”

“Not what it looks like?” Zack cut you off. “Because to me, it looks like you just broke into Ilene Margert’s locker, put glue in her hand sanitizer, glued her notebooks shut, and put something into her perfume. So tell me, if it’s not that, then what was it?”

“…Then it’s exactly what it looks like.” You said hesitantly, bowing your head in shame.

“That’s what I thought.”

A thought crossed your mind, “Wait, you aren’t going to tell anyone, are you?”

“Hmm?” Zack hummed, knowing exactly what you said and what you meant, but found some sick pleasure in seeing your flustered form.


“Oh, you know my name, Y/n!”

“And you know mine,” You stated blankly before getting back to fretting. “Listen, you can’t tell anyone that you saw me! I-If you do, I’m ruined! I’ll get suspended- oh, God, or worse- for everything I’ve done and I’m dead if that happens! Please, please don’t tell anyone, I’m begging you!”

“Hmm…” Zack tapped his chin in consideration as he thought about what he would do with your plead. “Well, you were the one who got me stuck in detention for weeks. Why should I? I’ll be off the hook for all of your crimes, so give me one good reason why I shouldn’t?”

You were stuck for a minute. He was right. You were the reason why he was stuck in there, and you felt bad for putting him in such a situation. However, you always recalled his smile when he was with his friends, who always also just so happened to be stuck in detention with him. Maybe that could be your leverage!

“Because you like it!” You said quickly.

Zack scoffed, “Excuse me?”

“You like it,” You repeated. “I-I see you with your friends in there, and-and you see to actually like being in there with them! You enjoy that part about detention so why not?”

Zack stared at you for a moment, nodding after a while. “Fair enough.”

“Oh, thank goodness.” You breathed a sigh of relief.

“But!” Zack announced.

“‘But?’” You looked up worriedly. “‘But?’ No, not ‘but’s’! I gave you a reason! That’s enough.”

“You still owe me for putting me in detention, though.”

“What?! But you just admitted that you like it there!”

“Maybe so, but there are still better things I could be doing than sitting in a classroom with a bunch of delinquents, you know.”

“Like what?” You rolled your eyes.

“Many things, Y/N. Many things. So, let’s discuss what our arrangement will be!”

“Wha-?” You were about to fight back, but you figured it was better to just agree to whatever he wanted rather than risk your perfect grades and academic reputation. “What do you want?”

“Go on a date with me.”

He said it so quickly and without any hesitation or amusement in his voice that you almost had trouble comprehending it for a second. You choked on air for a short second, the words getting caught in your throat like a cat with a bad hairball. You just gaped at him, unable to say or do anything for a good fifteen seconds.

“D-Do wh-what?” You stammered.

“Go. On. A. Date. With. Me.” Zack said, punctuating each word so you heard each one clearly. “You know, where two people go out somewhere and get to know-”

“I know what a date is!” You cut him off. “But why do you want to go on one with me?”

“Does a guy need to have a reason to go out on a date with someone pretty?” Zack shrugged his shoulders.

Your face flushed furiously and you fumed, “Y-Yes! He does!”

“Y/N, do you want me to let the principal know about your little pranking spree or not?” Zack asked. He held up his phone, “Because it’s all right here for proof.”

You gazed at the phone and saw the pictures of you with the glue in your hands along with the sanitizer bottle. He scrolled down and showed a video as well. If that information was released, you were done for. Knowing you were defeating, you slumped your shoulders and asked, “Just one date, right?”

“Just one, I promise.”

You cautiously nodded, “Fine. I’m free on Friday. What do you have in mind?”

“I know a great restaurant not even a few miles out from Angel Grove.”

“Alright. Pick me up at seven, okay?”

“Sounds good, princess.”

“Oh shut it.”

Zack watched as you, the supposedly good girl of your class and his own crush, sashayed away from the scene, an irritated grimace on your beautiful face. And while she probably despised him at the moment, he was honestly glad that he discovered Y/N was just a little bit naughty, and he would make sure that she felt head over heels for him on that date so she’d be begging for a second.

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i'm laughing cause gerard is adorable but i keep seeing recent pictures and thinking he looks like a hobo and i just lol i mean he looks like an adorable hobo but still

its called ‘writer’s hibernation aesthetic’….like he always gets like that between albums/when hes writing (remember that hair nest he had in 2009 after Bandit was born? yeah he didnt wash his hair and it had like a knot in there the size of a golf ball it was gross it looked like one of those hairballs my cat throws up attached to the back of his head lmaoooo) but then when the time comes for a new album and promo and tour he cleans up and gets a haircut and dye-job for whatever his new aesthetic is but i guess until then he will look like he just crawled out of a cave and is seeing daylight for the first time in months lmao

i love him tho

“Shoreline” by Andy Leech

AC/DC was blaring from the car’s speakers, the volume high enough it could be heard by the other cars that they would sometimes passed on the long interstate road they were traveling on. The music choice that played was for the sole purpose of keeping the two males within the car awake. Neither had slept well, and Gon could feel the guilt from that very fact eating away at him as he nibbled on some chocolate covered peanuts.

After all, when they had decided to stop at some rest stop to sleep last night, he couldn’t. No matter how many times Gon shut his eyes, sleep wouldn’t come to him. All that did were dark thoughts of waking up confused and the feeling of something lingering on him when there wasn’t anyone really there. He was paranoid, like most nights, and the medication wasn’t taking effect fast enough.

Knowing this, was the reason Ging stayed up with his son until sleep finally took over Gon’s younger form. It was also the reason that Gon had guilt pressing down on him while he watched the trees and mountains rush by due to the speed that Ging always drove at. He shouldn’t have tossed and turned so much, Gon’s mind kept telling him that as he chewed and swallowed a few more snacks to make his meal for that day.

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The day had to get better, right?

Me = migraine
Dino = asthma attack
Bee= mental health challenges
MeToo= being three
Cat= threw up a hairball all over the living room carpet
The dog= mental health challenges due to thunder storms

If I take migraine meds, I will be useless today and most of tomorrow. I guess I will parent from the couch with my eyes closed and depend on Nick Jr to entertain the kids.

He’s such a liar! I KNEW he loved the cat!”

“Oh, that’s your cat, Marlene, THANK GOD! I was beginning to wonder what McGonagall was doing on Sirius’ bed….”

-Sirius Black, sleeping soundly with Marlene’s cat, Pig, on top of him, despite his claim that the cat was “a giant hairball of pure evil”.

-Taken by a very relieved Alice Fortescue, who realized that the “Sirius is having a thing with McGonagall” bet was one she did not want to win.

-Circa 1976, Sixth Year.

***I do not own this picture

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