cat going out


hi my name is bluebl- *coUGH COUGH*

blubird, yeah thats what i was gunna say. blubird, thats me ha h a, my past is totally not catching up with me- uhh, i mean, wh a t past? i dont have a past,,, i was born yester d a y, yeah, yeah totally.

dozing off.

gio gio giovanna!!

please consider

andreil forehead kisses


So these are my very special boys who are both rescues off the streets! I love them very, very much which is why I have to stop being selfish and do the right thing by them.

My family is in a bit of a pickle that involves wrongful eviction and probably racism in some way. Anyway thing is we have a new home but the place doesn’t accept ANY pets at all. To make matters even more slightly desperate we have to move out but June 1st! 

Now I need someone to temporarily Foster BOTH my cats together for a while. I’m talking like year or so. So if you really love cats with personality and live in SoCal’s Inglewood, Gardena, or even LA area would you be willing to give these loving boys a home???

I’m totally paying for all their expenses like food, litter, toys, treats, etc. All I need on your part is to love and care for them with regular check ins to be sure they are okay. Cause uhh these cats are like my life yo. 

  • Pixel: White and Black pretty boy who sleeps a lot. He’s a chill cat that loves two things chili and me in that order. Enjoys chasing things and rubbing against black clothes
  • Pneuma/8-Bit:Gray and white screaming baby who eats Pixels food. Screams a lot when he thinks you’re not paying attention to him. Probably doesn’t know his name.

Both are super loving and enjoy cuddles soooo much! They are very shy tho and take a bit of time to warm up to new people. Just give them time, space, and food to adjust then they won’t leave you alone. Also good with kids!! Like super good?? Pixel is the best with kids.

So yeah that’s what’s up right now! I’m a little bit in constant distress over this cause I really love my cats a lot and just want what’s best for them

Here is the absolutely stunning commission of Anders I got from heavensong at Metrocon!