cat going fishing

a famous fisher

this famous fisher-cat fished for fish as he sat by a silv’ry stream, to catch a sprat was his earnest wish or a salmon, or dace, or bream, or a minnow, or a spotted trout he did not mind much what he hooked out. and sometimes his eyes went blinky blink, and then he’d sleep for a twinkly wink, and of catching a whale he’d dream. louis wain

official ™ sebastian debeste facts:

-plays neopets

-reads dictionaries in his free time a lot after the final aai2 case, shortly after discovers his love of puns

-favorite characters of various shows: Asami from lok, Connie from su, that one pink alien from lilo and stitch

-plant & snailkin

-loves pretzels and cookie cake

-gets upset when people yell at inanimate objects

-probably cries every time he sees a cat

-very good at go fish for some reason


I wanted to add on to a topic that bondgirlsugar had mentioned

When I first began using the sugaring sites I was a bit intimidated because the sites are overwhelmingly catered to men. From the no escorts banner on SA (but why not no punters?!). And to WYP banning a female member if she is reported for failing to show up for a date (yet are indifferent to a man being reported for not paying).  The favoritism to men on these sites is obvious.       SA posts a statistic that claims that SBs outnumber SDs 8 to 1. This had once made me feel a sense of urgency when messaging men on the sites, because I assumed that there were hundreds of fabulous, beautiful ladies competing with me. And so I kind of naively believed the men who claimed that they were the ones with the power because their inboxes were filled with messages from beautiful women begging to meet.

The 1 SD to 8 SBs ratio is inaccurate. And here’s why:

1) Many ladies who use the website simply to screw around (I don’t mean sexually). Similarly to how some people use okc and tinder with no intention of meeting anyone- they just like the confidence boost or are bored (guilty!). And because many of the sites are free for ladies to sign up they figure to themselves, “why not”. There are many SBs on the sites who are just bored, and curious who have no intention of meeting.

2) There are SBs who sign up, use the site for a few days and then simply forget about it. This is especially common on social media websites. For example, Facebook might claim X amount of users but they’re including the accounts that have been inactive for months or even years. The sugar sites factor in inactive SB accounts too, and this dramatically alters the statistics. 

3) Many SB accounts are completely fake- there’s some major cat fishing going on! Just like there are fake SDs trying to scam girls for a “test run” 😒- men face scammers too! Sometimes a SB account uses fake/stolen photos and is run by a man who’s just a weirdo. Don’t ask me why but apparently it’s very popular for men to pose as women online (no I don’t mean trans). Other times there’s a fake SB account with fake/stolen photos and the account is run by scammers trying to get money- from what I understand this is hugely common. And finally other instances of SBs like myself who keep a throw away account to scope out the scene and to check in on their current and ex SDs.

4) There are many SB users in foreign countries who are looking for a way to come to the United States. From my understanding it’s very common to get messages from girls asking for plane tickets to come meet a man, and then never hearing from the girl again once she receives the money. So while a man may be getting messages from legitimate women in foreign countries- actually getting to meet these women is rarely feasible.

5) I’ve heard that there are escorting agencies who post profiles of their girls. I don’t know how true this is. But I’ve encountered male SD profiles that were actually pimps and once a porn producer 😖 (nothing wrong with porn but just do it with a legitimate director and not one who’s trying to lure young girls on a sugar site) Anyway, so I’m sure it’s possible.

6) There are women demanding huge allowances, upfront on the first date. They write in their first message, “hello I will need 10k allowance upfront to meet you for coffee!” Most men will ignore those messages.

So for all those reasons, and I’m certain many more, there are far less SB members than the sites claim to have. To be conservative, I estimate the ratio of SDs to SBs is probably 1:5, maybe even closer to 1:4. And while of course there is competition, I don’t think it’s nearly as cut throat as the sites and men want you to think it is. I believe the 1 SD to 8 SBs statistic is merely a scare tactic to make women submissive. Don’t let them scare you 😉😎

Eggman and Big the Cat are actually pretty good friends. The reason why is because Big isn’t bright enough to actually see Eggman as evil, he instead sees the Doctor as a man who just has a bunch of robots for some reason. This led to Big asking the Doctor if he wanted to go fishing - of course Eggman declined at first but came around after a while. During the fishing trip Eggman took a liking to the fat cat and now they go fishing together once every week, in secret of course.

anonymous asked:

random percico qs for you: when they're on a quest who finishes their meal first and eats off the other's plate? they share a room and fall asleep cuddling: who has to turn off the lights and tv? which one finds a stray animal that makes their two into three?

anon this ask made my day thank you <3

  • Percy finishes and eats Nico’s food because his stomach is a bottomless pit, let me tell you. Nico starts to get very possessive over his food and only lets Percy have it when Percy gives him the seal-eyes. Which is often, but. 
  • Nico does! He squirms out of Percy’s crushing big spoon just long enough to flick the lights off and then he shadow-travels back to bed and snuggles. uwu 
  • NICO NICO NICO. I cannot stress the Nico enough. Animals don’t tend to like him but he’s probably the type of person to feed stray kitties, and we all know that the way to a person (or animal’s) heart is through food. The cat will probably follow Nico around for a few days and he’ll be confused but then he’ll just accept it and come home holding the kitten and he’ll just call out “hey Percy we have a cat now.” Percy will be slightly concerned about the fish tank because what if the cat tries to go fishing while they’re not home? but then he’s fine with it too.