cat furs

At last, I present to you a batch of custom cat furs! I have prepared 51 different colors, all in @pooklet‘s naturals and unnaturals. I was originally only going to make unnaturals, but I made naturals as well for my own curiosity and the colors turned out so lovely that I couldn’t bring myself to delete them. Each color is fur accessory friendly and has all three fur textures: flowing, furry, and smooth. They have been tested by me and @galaxy-maiden, and pass down successfully to create colorful kittens. They are safe to remove from your game should you ever tire of them, just be sure to change your pets’ appearance afterwards.

Before downloading these furs, if you haven’t already then be sure to download my kitten eye fix. For some odd reason, Maxis didn’t make the game’s eyes available for kittens. Any custom cat eyes should work absolutely fine regardless of if you have the fix, however.

Now, without further ado, I hope you all enjoy!