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All of these are stuff my friend Thunber and I have pictured and talked about in the past xD See, we share a thousands headcanon lol~

I don’t remember how it happened but one time, we ended up saying we wanted to see Hyde with a cat ear hoodie and making cute nya noises at Licht… and then we mentioned the Cheshire cat from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, cause we both loved the design and… kajshdkj idk xD

I’ve had these doodles around for a while but I didn’t post them.

Cheerleader Lichtan is a plus(?)

~Of Nicknames and Kisses~

Your hybrids are attracted to you, but will you accept them?


Word Count: 9,409

“Hey, Yoongi.”


“You like Y/N, right?”


The cat, not expecting the question, knocks his head against one of the pantry shelves.  You were away at class and the two hybrids were currently scrounging around the kitchen for something to eat.

“I mean, yeah.  You like her too, don’t you?”  Yoongi questions, rubbing his head to try and soothe the pain.

“Of course I like her!”  Taehyung exclaims.

“Okay.  We both like her, she takes care of us.  What’s the point?”  He asks, returning to his search for food.

“Why doesn’t she have a nickname?  She cares about us enough to give us nicknames and we care about her, so it’s only fair if we gave her one too.  I mean it’s clear that you like-like her and nicknames are usually something a person gives to someone they like.”

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Cheshire~Part 1 (Remus Lupin)

A/N:  Gif’s not mine. This was supposed to be a one-shot but it got kinda long so I had to split it up lol

Summary: You, James, Sirius, Remus and Peter come up with a nickname for you, the fifth marauder

Word Count: 938

Pairing: Young!Remus Lupin x reader

Warnings: Swearing (there’s always swearing)

Other Parts: Part 2-Part 3-Part 4

Originally posted by nellaey

It was the summer before 6th year. The marauders had finally finished becoming animagi. James could now turn into a stag, Sirius a dog, Peter a rat and me a cat. We had decided that we needed nicknames for our new animal forms. After coming up with Padfoot, Prongs and Wormtail, we were trying to decided on one for me. I was small with (Y/H/C) hair and when I was in my cat form, my normal (Y/E/C) eyes were magnified.

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of ribbons & rosin ( cs au )

Plot: Killian is a single father, and his daughter is enrolled in Emma’s dance class. He has nobody to watch his daughter after class, and he’s often late, so Emma usually sits and talks to the girl until she is collected from the dance school. 

Summary: Based on this prompt I found in the depths of tumblr; “I’m a single parent and my child takes your dance class and thanks so much for always staying after class to watch him/her when my boss is an ass and keeps me past my off hours and holy cow you’re pretty/handsome and really sweet/kind and wow I should be late more often so we can talk. Say how do you feel about private lessons? For my kid- yea, yea, for my kid

Captain Swan AU, Rating TBD, —-

read it on a03

The class had finished almost an hour ago, yet little Daisy Jones was still sitting in the locker room, with her teacher, Miss Emma. She was quite the adorable little thing; petite yet slender, with these enormous, crystalline blue eyes to rival a porcelain doll. From what Emma gathered about the girl in passing conversations, much like the one they were currently engaged in, was that she only had a father -her mother had passed when she was very young, she didn’t remember her all that much- and, she was an only child. Emma had since helped the girl pack away her belongings; shoes, spare tights, hair grips, and helped her to pull on her sweatpants and outdoor shoes, ready for her father to collect her.

“You know, he’s probably just late again.” Daisy shrugged, playing on her iPad as she glanced across to her teacher, who was curiously peering out of the window to the street below, looking for any plausible passing visage of the girl’s father.

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Never Did - Z.H.

Summary:  People would describe you and Zach as archenemies, seeing as you were always fighting. You confessed to Zach your feelings towards him, only for him to move to L.A. Months later your parents decide to do the same thing, which leads to you running into Zach.  

Requested by @josiemadrigallove

A/N: There is swearing in this, just letting you know. 

“Move it, Herron!” You growled as you pushed Zach out the way. 

“Sorry, princess.” Zach growled back, glaring at you as you rolled your eyes at him. 

“Oh, please. Everyone knows I’m a queen.” You stated full of sass, flipping your hair over your shoulder.

Even though you weren’t looking at Zach, you could tell he was rolling his eyes. You heard him scoff, making you smile softly. 

“In your dreams, sweetheart.” He began walking away from you slowly, waiting to see if you’d respond to him or ignore him. He never knew with you, never knew if you were in the mood to hate him or in the mood to have a ‘witty conversation’, as others would put it.

“Only in yours.” You turned around to wink at him, continuing the conversation with your friends right after. 

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anonymous asked:

Please do one where its yours and Josh's first valentine's day &he's away for work &youve never really had a mind blowing valentine's day so you're not stressing the holiday &he somehow ends up making it the cutest one ever still

AN: First of, I’m sorry that it took me so long! I wasn’t feeling so well lately, (migraines suck), so I couldn’t finish it as soon as I’d like to. I hope you like it and thank you for your request! xx (and I’m sorry that it isn’t so long)


Valentine’s Day

Words: 937

Triggers: None (at least I think so, if not please tell me!)


Valentines Day wasn’t really important to you. Besides never having a mind-blowing one, you don’t really understand the concept of it. Yeah, it’s nice to be more affectionate to your significant other on one special day, but weren’t you supposed to show your love on any other day too? You didn’t care for a bunch of flowers or eating at a pricey restaurant. Your boyfriend Josh was already giving you all of his heart, you didn’t need more.

That’s why you weren’t as sad as Josh thought you would be, as he told you that he would be actually in L.A. on the 14th of February. Tyler and Josh were working hard on their new album, which they produced in California. Of course, you were a little sad, but mostly because your boyfriend would be away for a few weeks. Josh was probably more sad, firstly because he actually loved valentines day and secondly that he couldn’t be there on your first valentines day as a couple.

You assured him more than a few times, that you two would be alright, that you were looking forward to calling him and talking over the phone for the night. 

Because they wanted to make their new album the best they could possibly produce it, they stayed long at the recording studio. After getting to the hotel room at likely 4 a.m., Josh was always too tired to catch up with you. But you weren’t complaining, he needed his sleep and a few days with simple text messages was bearable for you. 

So today, on the 14th of February, you were actually a little excited, because both of the boys won’t stay long at the recording studio, just so that they could catch on with their girlfriends. Tyler misses Jenna terribly.

Just as you were putting the laundry, you just washed, away (you never said that it wasn’t boring without having Josh around), you got a text message from said dork.

Happy Valentines Day, Love! xx
Go check the front door, I have a surprise for you.

Shaking your head, you did as he told you. As soon as you opened the front door to your apartment, you were grinning like a complete idiot. Right in front of you was takeaway pizza from your favorite restaurant to eat at, a bottle of champagne, your favorite kinds of sweets and three DVD cases, all together in one big basket. Right next to it, was a bunch of red roses and a little card.

Smiling like a complete maniac you took the basket and the bouquet of roses carefully inside. After putting the flowers into water, you read the little note.

I probably already told you that, but Happy Valentines Day, Love!
I’m sorry that I couldn’t be there for it, but I hope that a little Skype date will make it better. Even if I can’t be in person there, at least you’re gonna have me making my little side-comments on the movies through your laptop (nothing’s gonna stop me from making them!). I hope that you like my idea, even if I did come up with it myself, I have to thank your sister for helping me prepare everything (it’ s hard to get everything, when I’m in L.A.)

I love you so much and can’t wait until I see you again,
Lots of love, Josh xx

(p.s. I actually wanted to get „White House Down“ since you haven’t seen it yet, but I didn’t want you drooling over Channing Tatum while I’m watching)

You couldn’t help but laugh at Josh’s little side note.

As fast as you were able to manage, you put everything for a cozy movie night up. Just as you wanted to call Josh, your phone started ringing.

„Hey, did you get the surprise?“

„Yeah I did, thank you so much! Sorry that I didn’t call sooner, but I wanted to prepare everything first. I would never have come up with such a cool idea, seriously.“

You heard him chuckle. „Yeah, well, I’m a pretty cool guy so no wonder that my ideas are cool.“

Rolling your eyes at his comment, you didn’t even bother to say anything back. You let him have it this time. „So? Are you ready, Mr. Cool-Guy? Or do I have to wait until you’re finished, I wouldn’t wonder if you spend your time being with Tyler. I swear you’re like Siamese-Twins.“

This time, Josh fully laughed. „No, I did, in fact, prepare everything already. I sat here, waiting for your call, which didn’t come, might I add.“

„Yeah, yeah, shush. Let’s start this night, alright?“

Josh agreed and you switched over to Skype. It felt good to see him again. Especially his smile. Just seeing it, made your grin even bigger. You probably looked like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, but you didn’t care. Josh should see how happy he makes you. 

After chatting for a little bit, you were engulfed in the world of Star Trek (he actually rented the newest one, knowing that you love these movies). Everything was perfect. You laughed at his little side-comments and found yourself staring at him, sometimes. You couldn’t believe how lucky you were, being with him. That boy does everything to make you happy, and you were so grateful for it. You couldn’t wait for him to return from L.A.

As you finished the movies and the pizza (Josh got some as well, but his wasn’t as good as yours), you stayed up late. Like, almost 6 a.m. late. But you didn’t care because you were with your boyfriend and it was nice to finally catch up with him. After hours of talking, you eventually felt asleep.

Never in your whole life had you such an amazing Valentines Day, and you couldn’t wait for the next one.

Experiment #243: Will Byers

The room was dark. The chair he was lying in was cool under his skin, and he could hear the faint beeping of nearby monitors. He twisted his head around, looking for anything he could use to figure out where he was. He tried to sit up, only to realize that he had been tied down by restraints. The air was too calm. The world had turned black.

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meet & greet | | [ kj apa ]

A/N: hey hey everyone, first time writing on my laptop and there will be some changes to things here and there so be on the imagines I will be posting in case you were wondering. I still hope you like the imagines I put out for you all! This is set up slightly after my imagine that was titled, ‘studying aboard’ so you still have U/N as university name and your two moms which of course, you may change one to dad in your head if you feel uncomfortable. I just wanted to add some diversity into my writing. YN/N is your nickname and M/N is major name. Your roommates are just two random names so change those if you have to. Ships are closed for the time being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me! 1 week until my 20th birthday, I’m so excited!

nonnie requested: Hello can you write a kj apa imagine where he is dating the reader and she is nervous to meet the Riverdale cast for the first time?thank youu:)

Originally posted by betty-and-jughead

                                 Relationship(s): KJ Apa/Reader (dating), Riverdale Cast & Reader (first meet)

You smiled in triumph as you headed out the muggy room where you had taken your finals in, it was hot outside and inside wasn’t as cool either sadly. So, you were glad to put on your favorite superhero tank top and shorts today with your favorite shoes as you waved bye to some of your classmates that you had gotten close to. Earlier in the week, KJ said he some news to share with you and to call him after you were done with your finals which suddenly popped in your head. Oh, thank goodness as you took out your cellphone, pressing your pin to unlock it and dialed his number. You waited as it rang a few times before it was picked up as you smiled to hear the familiar New Zealander accent coming through, “Hey KJ. So, I finished my finals at U/N and you had some news that you wanted to share with me?”

KJ had a mirrored expression of yours before opening his mouth to speak on the phone, “Yeah, um part of the news is that I’m going to back to Vancouver for filming season two of Riverdale. And the other part is since you are done with your finals is that I was, well hoping that you’d come join me and meet some of the cast members. But only if you want to, I just thought it would be nice for them to know you since you’re a fan and you, know not to brag or anything but also my girlfriend.” He adds as a soft laugh came from your end of the line. “So, what do you say YN/N?”

You almost let out a squeal but kept it in so people walking beside you on the busy sidewalk didn’t look at you funny. You were a fan of Riverdale, you actually read some of the comics as young girl since your grandfather had own some of the originals. Plus, not to be biased that your boyfriend also played one of the main characters, Archie Andrews but maybe him and Cole had made you somewhat biased. Guilty as charged while almost bouncing in every step to your apartment that you shared with your roommates that you loved so much since your transfer to U/N. “I’m going to have to say um, heck yeah! I’d love to meet your fellow castmates. I mean I could I was still in NZ when you all went over there but you know how duty calls with classes and assignments. I just need to pack now, oh my god.” You say into the phone as you finished the remaining details with KJ and went straight to packing as soon as you opened the door the apartment.

You pat down F/C summer dress down as you took a breath while looking at KJ, okay so maybe you were maybe more nervous than you thought you were going to be about meeting the rest of core four plus Casey and Madelaine. “Okay, I think I’m ready despite my hands being all sweaty and that I’m going to meet your castmates that seem really cool.”

KJ chuckled as he puts his arm around your shoulder with a reassuring look on his face, “Just relax Y/N. I’m sure that they will like almost as much as I do. They won’t bite and I’m pretty sure they all are gonna ask you to tell them some embarrassing stories about me.” He says with a smile while you couldn’t help but laugh while he tugged you along to meet the oh so familiar faces of the Riverdale cast that were getting ready to be situated for the next few months of filming.

Mad and Lili were the first to greet you two as they gave a hug to KJ before turning over to you to offer one as well but you were happy obliged. “So, you’re the lucky girl that KJ has told us about that was in New Zealand before coming over to this side to study aboard.” Madelaine says with a smile on her face as you pulled away from Lili.

“Oh, that’s so cool, where do you study? Finals must’ve ended not too long, ago right?” The blonde comments as you nod shyly.

“Yeah, I go to U/N and studying M/N at the moment so it’s doing great actually. Yeah, I had finals yesterday so I’m a bit tired from all the studying with my roommates, Naomi and Melissa plus don’t get me started on how much energy drinks I had to drink.” You shuffle a laugh towards the end of your sentence as you notice the other three walking by. You were greeted the same way with Camila but shook hands with Cole and Casey as you tried not to fan out because like KJ and the rest of the cast, you also remember watching from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. You introduce yourself just like you had done earlier with Lili and Mad, KJ still helping you calm your bundle of nerves.

“Ah the infamous mystery girl that is on KJ’s Instagram is you, I was beginning to wonder who that was as he yaps about you. In a good way, don’t worry we have heard the good things about you Y/N.” Cole says as you eye squint at your boyfriend whom just innocently shrugged at you like he didn’t do anything wrong.

It was Casey whom spoke up next as you turn your head to pay attention to his castmate talk, “It’s nice to meet you though Y/N, I hope you can stick around the set often. I mean, I’m sure everyone especially KJ over there would like to while we are filming scenes. You’ll have to go and chat with director about but unless it’s some major spoilers, I think he’ll let you hang around. I’m sure you got some good stories to tell us about our golden boy over here.”

Your smile soon turned into a mischievous grin like the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland, “Oh I’m sure I could share maybe one or more. Like that one time when we had dinner at my moms’ place and well I can’t share too much right now.” You throw your head back in as you did your cheap witch laugh and put your hands together like an evil villain in movies.

“Wait you have two moms’ Y/N?” Camila asks you as you nod your head to confirm it before she soon grins to match yours, “Well I can’t wait to hear those stories about KJ guys.”

Always right here

can you do an imagine where y/n has just recently lost her mom to cancer (or whatever) and she’s trying to keep it all together and andy just keeps trying to tell her to let it out and after the funeral or something she’s alone and she has a breakdown and andy finds her and tries to comfort her, pls? (also your blog really rocks hahahah, you’re such a talented writer)

How ironic. A sunny day. You sighed quietly as you heard the door fall shut behind you and the tud of shoes falling to the ground after they were taken off, but you were in your own world, not hearing any sound as you started at the photo on the wall right in front of the front door. It slightly reflected the soft sunlight, blinding you for a bit, but not enough to hide the picture underneath the glass screen. You smiled softly as tears filled your eyes, questioning yourself if you could’ve done something to help her? Was it your fault for not noticing the signs? Was it-


You yelped quietly as a hand suddenly fell onto your shoulder and turned you around. Immediately, you stared into those blue eyes, his eyes. “Are you alright?”, his words were as quiet as a whisper, barely reaching your ears. Your lips seemed to move on their own, trying to form an answer but no words would leave your mouth. Slowly closing it again, you nodded. A small smile appeared on your lips to hide the pain in your eyes, but you knew he saw it. He could read you like an open book.

“It’s okay to cry, love.”, Andy’s hands moved to your neck up to your cheeks which they cupped to run his thumbs over your cheek bones. “I know..”, you finally whispered softly, breaking the eye contact while doing so. “I’m alright, don’t worry”

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LIFESAVER {One Shot Namjoon}

Author’s Note: An anon posted about this in the Next poll, so I thought I would just write a little one shot. Enjoy! 

Sitting at the bar, you sipped on the straw of your fruity drink and watched on as your friend flirted with every guy in sight. She had wanted to help you move on from your idiot ex-boyfriend, but you weren’t really the partier. You knew that a part of her was probably just wanting to get out of the apartment that you had holed yourself into for the past week, but you had told her you didn’t want to go out and she could go by herself.

I can’t just leave you here! She whined and pouted as she begged you to go to the bar. So somehow, through all of her pleading, you shimmied your way into a tight black dress and had done your hair and makeup enough to look presentable to go out.

Now you sat there, rolling your eyes as your friend got half past pissed on the dancefloor and you couldn’t help but laugh a little as she swayed to the music. You had texted one of your really good guy friends to make sure she got home okay, he had given you the signal that he was getting her, when you stood up to leave the bar.

Where’s a pretty thing like you heading off to? A guy stood in front of you. You glared up at him. His features reminded you of the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, his creepy smile and mischievous gaze sent a shiver down your spine as you fidgeted uncomfortably.

Uhm, I’m heading home. You murmured back, not knowing what exactly to say, but know you needed to get away from his prying hands.

Why don’t I join you? I wouldn’t want a pretty little thing like you getting hurt. He stroked up your arm and you felt your face scrunch into a disgusted expression. Then without warning, an arm slung around your shoulders.

Yah, buddy. Off. Those three words came from a mysterious man standing next to you. His tall, slim figure seemed to protect you from the creep that stood in front of you and the guy looked from you to him.

What? I called her. The guy said, trying to reach out for you, but instead the guy pushed you behind him.

You called her? What is she, a piece of meat? Maybe talk to my girlfriend with more fucking respect or better yet, get the fuck out her face and mine before I mess you up. The man’s voice seemed to growl out the words and spat them at the guy who looked infuriated before he huffed.

I don’t need this shit. He spewed and started to walk away. The tall guy watched the man leave, before turning to you.

Sorry about that. I thought you looked uncomfortable and well that guy was giving off a weird vibe. The guy spoke rapidly and you nodded.

Thanks, uhm? You started to say and he smiled.

Namjoon, uhm Kim Namjoon. Namjoon said with a grin and you smiled.

Thanks, Namjoon. Y/N. You responded with your name and he nodded.

Well, I hate to bother you, but if you’re heading out, why don’t I at least walk you out? I wouldn’t want that idiot popping his face back up. He murmured and you gave a small nod. Namjoon offered you his arm like a gentleman and you took it graciously, looking over your shoulder to see the man standing in the corner of the bar, giving you a look. You looked back up at Namjoon, who was also looking in the same direction. I swear, guys get creepier all the time. He mumbled and you laughed.

Isn’t that kind of weird to say about guys when you’re a guy? You asked and Namjoon shook his head.

I’m a gentleman, not a creep like that. He replied to which you let out a little laugh. Namjoon walked you over to a group of men, standing around a table. Yah, I’m gonna walk Y/N out, that creeper is still lurking, so keep an eye out. He said and the group of guys nodded.

Aren’t you going to introduce us to your girlfriend? One of the guys sang jokingly as Namjoon smacked him on the arm.

Hobi, shut up. He muttered and Hobi shook his head.

I’m Jung Hoseok, at your service, miss. Hobi took your hand and bowed down, giving it a light peck. You laughed at his action and Namjoon rolled his eyes.

I’m leaving. Don’t let that creep near anyone. I’m going to tell Yoongi hyung, maybe he can kick him out. Namjoon rattled off and the guys all rolled their eyes and waved as the two of you left. You gave the guys a small wave as well and then looked at Namjoon.

Uh, who’s Yoongi? You asked and Namjoon gracefully steered you through the crowded dancefloor.

The owner of this place, he’s a good friend of ours. He likes when we tell him about the creeps that come by, he doesn’t want his bar getting that kind of reputation. He muttered to you as you nodded in acknowledgement. As you finally found yourself outside, you took in a breath of the cold night air. Namjoon chuckled as he looked at you. Not really into bars, huh? He asked as he shoved his hands into his pockets and you got your phone out to call a cab.

Nah, it’s too hot and sweaty. You mumbled which just caused Namjoon to let out another chuckle.

Gotcha. He looked at you then at the phone that was in your hand. You followed his gaze.

Oh, I called the cab, so you can go back inside if you want, thanks again for helping me in there. You mumbled and Namjoon nodded. He reached out and took the phone, entering his information into a contact, he handed it back to you quickly.

Anytime, and hey, if you need help like that ever again, just give me a call. He winked and turned on his heels, walking back into the crowded bar. You looked at the new contact that was now in your phone and smiled.

Maybe going out isn’t the worst thing ever. You mumbled to yourself as you slipped into the cab and drove off.

Cheshire Chorale
Cheshire Chorale

Call me a liberal but I still love Jasprose.

Arrangement of:

  • The Cheshire Cat scene from the original Alice in Wonderland movie
  • Chorale for Jaspers - Michael Guy Bowman
  • Formant (Sprite Chorus Mix) - Blackhole
  • Orchid Horror - David DeCou 
  • Hardchorale - Alexander Rosetti, Toby Fox, and Michael Guy Bowman
  • Dance of Thorns - Tensei
  • Chorale for War - Steve Everson
  • Happy Cat Song! - Toby Fox and Michael Guy Bowman

Songs belong to their artists and/or What Pumpkin.

So jokingly @irlmichaelmell and I decided on what the BMC characters’ fursonas would be.

Jeremy’s is a dolphin cause that’s been confirmed.
Michael’s is a polar bear.
Jake’s is a really buff and awesome giraffe.
Chloe’s is a lioness.
Brooke’s is a dog because of her Halloween costume.
Christine’s is the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.
Jenna’s is a parrot.
And Rich’s is Tony the Tiger.

Imagine your first date with Chris.

A/N: Here’s Part 2, y'all. The continuation to the barista one. It can be read as a one shot as well. Enjoooooy. X

You heard a knock at your door and you jumped up from your bed, your cool hands suddenly clammy. You’d spent a lot of time with Chris over the past few days but it was always at work, it was a different dynamic now that it was just the two of you; you could no longer turn to Oliver for help. You sprayed the air with your signature perfume- ‘Candy’ by Prada- and walked through the mist, refreshing your scent. With a quick swipe to straighten your dress and dry your hands, you walked out to open the front door.

As you passed the mirror in the hallway, you gave yourself a quick once-over to make sure you looked as good as you possibly could for your date with Chris. You definitely needed to look as good as you possibly could considering you were about to stand next to the handsomest man on the planet.

You had to admit, you cleaned up pretty well. Your usually tied-up-into-a-pony hair was let loose and slightly curled; you’d ditched the Starbucks uniform and your worn Sketchers for a gorgeous blue sequin shift dress and a pair strappy blue stilettos that showcased your long legs. You left the make up simple because you believed it was there to enhance your natural beauty, not cover it. With a deep breath and a “good luck” from your reflection, you opened the door for Chris.


Chris stood on the other side, clean-shaven and in a ice blue shirt and beige slacks with a bouquet of red roses in his hand; even dressed casually, he looked incredibly handsome and ridiculously hot. The hot thing came from the fact that he had folded his sleeves up to his elbows, most girls seemed to have a kink for that and you were one of the most.

“Wow yourself,” you chuckled.

“You look amazing,” Chris breathed with a smile on his lips. You lowered your gaze, smiling and hiding your blush; that made him even more nervous than he already was. “Um-” He cleared his throat. “These are for you.” He stuck out the bouquet in the most awkward way and mentally slapped himself. “See,” he chuckled nervously. “I’m as human as you are.”

“I feel better now,” you smiled and took them off his hands. “You look very handsome.”

“Yeah you too,” he blurted out without thinking; he winced and you giggled. “I meant-” He chuckled nervously. “You look very beautiful, but um- I’ve already said that.” He chuckled and you smiled, blushing deeper than before. “So um- Should we get going?”

“Yeah,” you nodded.
• • • • • • • •
“This place looks awfully fancy,” you said softly as you looked around.

The restaurant that Chris took you to was in a hotel that looked like something out of a Hollywood movie; a given considering you were dating a Hollywood actor. The marble floors were polished to the point where you could see your own reflection. The sparkling chandeliers looked magical, dangling from the ceiling like delicate little raindrops. The ambience was so posh that even in your best dress, you felt out of place.

“You know- I would’ve been comfortable having dinner anywhere, you don’t have to spend so much money on me.” You told Chris and you saw him stifle his laughter by pressing his lips together. “I get that you can afford it,” you chuckled. “But I’m just saying it’s not necessary.”

“I had to take you somewhere that matched your extravagance,” he teased. “Relax and let me do my thing,” he smiled and placed his hand on the small of your back; you felt your legs almost give way. “This way, Y/N.” He said and steered you towards a plate glass double door with black and gold riming.

“Mr. Evans.” A bald man in a suit greeted him with a wide smile. For some reason, his smile made you uncomfortable; it reminded you of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. “I have your table ready for you and your beautiful lady friend.” He eyed you pervertedly, his gaze lingering on your chest before moving down to your legs.

You instinctively crossed your arms over your chest.

Chris gently pushed you behind him as a protective measure, his tall frame shielded you from the man’s perverted gaze. You watched him from behind, absorbing every inch of his protective fibre. The lines at each corner of his luscious lips were becoming more and more prominent as he tightened his jaw, the dents in his furrowed eyebrows, his tensed broad shoulders, his flared nostrils, and his once beautiful blue eyes, growing darker by the second.

“I strongly suggest you lead us to our table before I make this the worst night of your pathetic life.” Chris growled at him through his clenched teeth; despite being furious, he was still oddly rational with the way he spoke and carried himself.

“Y- yes Mr. E- Evans.” The man stuttered, looking more than a little flustered. “I’m- uh- I’m very, very sorry. Right this way, sir. If you’d follow me.” He quickly grabbed a couple of menus off his podium and led the two of you into the restaurant.

“The next time I take you out you’re wearing a potato sack,” Chris joked then laughed when you did. “You really are a magnet for douchebags, aren’t you?” You laughed and scoffed simultaneously. “Just shows how drop dead gorgeous you are,” he winked.

“On the plus side, I got another glimpse of protective Chris.” You joked and he raised an eyebrow, prompting an explanation. “I like protective Chris, he is very hot.” You told him and he laughed, touching his left boob.

“Right well then-” He placed his hand on the small of your back again and led you into the restaurant. “You better remind me to walk you past a group of drunken men after dinner,” he teased and you laughed.
• • • • • • • •
The rest of the night was actually as easy going as the chats you’ve had with him at work. The two of you talked like you’d known each other all your lives, a cliché you thought you’d never get to experience. He asked you about your life; your friends, family, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and he actually listened and showed interest in the things you were telling him. You spoke with him about his career, his family, his own hopes, dreams and aspiration- then his puppy, Dodger, which you’d spent a little more time talking about then you’d planned. What were you going to do? You were a dog person and you loved his; he promised that you could meet Dodger if you ever decided to come to Boston. He spent the entire night treating you like a complete lady, and by the end of it, you’d fallen in love with more than Chris Evans, the actor.

“I feel like maybe you shouldn’t have spent so much time at my workplace 'cause it seems like we’ve run out of conversational topics.”

You let go of his hand and skipped in front of him. It was a lot easier for you to maneuver around now that you weren’t wearing your heels and he was carrying them; he had to admit that you were also a hell of a lot cuter now that you were much shorter than him.

“Us, run out of conversational topics?” He chuckled, and you turned around and started to walk backwards in front of him. “Y/N, we’ve spent an hour just talking about gummy bears.” He reminded you and you laughed. “I’m sure we can think of something to talk about, with that creative mind of yours.”

“What are your thoughts on New York?” You asked. “Do you think it’s really a concrete jungle where dreams are made of?”

“I’ll answer that once you stop walking backwards,” he reached for your hand but you pulled away playfully. “I’m afraid you’re going to trip over and get hurt. You said you are known for your carelessness,” he reminded you.

“My date’s Captain America,” you grinned, “I don’t think I have to worry.”

“Stop it, you’re going to hurt yourself.” He chuckled and grabbed your wrist, pulling you into him. You bit back a smile as you clashed into his chest. He dropped your hand and gently reached for your face, you swallowed as he brushed loose strands of your hair behind your ear. “I’m going to kiss you,” he whispered as he leaned in, cupping your cheek in his free hand.

“Okay,” you whispered.

Your lips touched and fireworks went off. He dropped your heels and wrapped his arm tightly around your body. He pressed his lips onto yours lightly to begin with then a little harder, wanting to be as close as he could to you. You kissed him back and wrapped your arms around his neck, drawing your body closer to his- like that was even possible. He took a deep breath, taking in your sweet perfume and his entire body grew weak. His hand that was on your cheek moved down to your neck and he kissed you even harder. He was afraid that his harsh actions would hurt you because to him, you were like this porcelain doll he didn’t want to break. He became so lost in the kiss and so overwhelmed by love and lust that he nearly lifted you up onto his hips and carried you off, then he remembered the two of you weren’t in the privacy of a room but in public.

“Chris,” you panted when you came up for air; your delicate fingers finding their way around the locks of his hair. He looked deep into your eyes and pressed his forehead against yours as he waited for you to say something. “I think you dropped my shoes.” You whispered and he chuckled.

People said a love as magical as this only existed in the movies and you always thought that to be true, but after spending less than a week with Chris- a man you met at a Starbucks- you knew now that it could be reality.


Remembering the 2005 “Happiest Celebration on Earth” castle decorations

These decorations commemorated the “Happiest Celebration on Earth” in honor of Disneyland’s 50th anniversary and was formally unveiled on May 5, 2005. The castle’s exterior was adorned with polished gold trim and accents, swags, banners and tapestries. Golden statues of Disney animated characters were also added to the exterior, including Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Wendy circling the tallest spire. Other statues included Kaa and King Louie from The Jungle Book, Simba, Timon, and Pumba from The Lion King, Sebastian and Flounder from The Little Mermaid, the Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, and Victor, Hugo and Laverne from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Just above the front archway sat an enormous “stained-glass” mirror modeled after the magic mirror in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The mirror changed images every 40 seconds to feature each Disney castle and the date its park opened: Disneyland, 1955; the Magic Kingdom, 1971; Tokyo Disneyland, 1983; Disneyland Resort Paris, 1992; and Hong Kong Disneyland, 2005. The decorations were removed in late September 2006.