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Dealing with species dysphoria


I wanted to make a nice post for all you lovely kin dealing with some species dysphoria.


-Try making your room, or at least an area in your room, look like your habitat!

Forest dwellers could try painting trees on their walls or making hangable paper trees, get lots of potted plants, lots of leaf decorations, forest themed stuff, etc! You could also paint your walls brown, green, or grey to make it appear like a den. I suggest brown or green sheets and blankets!

Ocean dwellers could try painting their room blue, adding ocean themed decorations and things like that. Blue, purple, brown,  green, and sheets should work nicely!

For all you space dwellers i suggest painting your room a dark shade of purple or blue, and getting a space projector! Black, blue, purple, pink, orange, and grey sheets are good, and lucky for you, there’s also plenty of galaxy themed bed sets!

Cave dwellers can paint their walls grey or brown, and grey, brown, green,  or black sheets should work well! You could also try sewing pillows to look like big rocks! Potted mushrooms are a nice touch!

If you can’t paint or get new sheets, you should try making a den! Basically making a pillow fort in your room and decorating it appropriately helps a lot!

Nesting is also fantastic i sleep in a blanket nest and it’s very comfy.

-Now that you have a comfortable area:

-Try doing makeup that resembles your kintype (there are loads of tutorials on youtube)

-Try wearing clothes that resemble your kintype (orange shirts and black boots for foxes, big sweaters for bears, eye masks for raccoons, etc.)


-You can try not talking, or if you’re alone, making noises your kintype makes

-Make your kintype’s favorite food! (Meat and berries is fantastic coming from a bear therian, and most animal treats are edible to humans- things like birdseed, homemade dog treats, catnip, rodent yogurt drops, etc.)

-If your kintype eats insects go for it, just make sure they’re safe- i recommend store bought

-Watching videos of your kintype helps a bunch

okay, that’s about all i can think of, hope this helps!

I see a lot of misinformation around tumblr, so i wanted to clear some things up.

Otherkin: The belief that your soul is not human.

-Therianthropy: Identifying as an existing earth animal (wolf, cat, dinosaur, fish, etc)

-Otherkin: Identifying as a mythological (or not yet proven to be real) creature (mermaid, unicorn, pegasus, dragon)

^This also includes things such as spacekin, plantkin, waterkin, etc.

-Fictionkin: Identifying as a fictional character. Fictionkin’s legitimacy is hotly debated in the community, and does not actually count as otherkin unless the fictional character is not human.

You may be otherkin if:

-You do not feel like a human/you feel out of place in a human body

-You feel inexplicably homesick for places you’ve never been

-You are drawn to forests/rivers/the ocean/etc (depending on kintype)

-You have always connected with a certain animal

-You have memories that haven’t happened/memories in which you weren’t human

-You feel a tail/ears/etc. even when you know nothing’s there

-You feel urges to act like a specific animal

-You have characteristics of a specific animal

-You feel normal and right when acting like a specific animal

(these may be modified to fit your kintype- i’m speaking from a therian’s pov)

Otherkin is not:

-Just liking something a lot

-Being connected to something

-A choice

-A coping mechanism

-A target of oppression

-A gender or sexuality

-Made up

-A tumblr thing


How to find your kintype:

-Some people already know, and some don’t! That’s fine!

-You can also have more than one (however it gets a bit iffy if you have over 10, you may need to reevaluate and determine if some are just cameo shifts or false alarms)

-Meditate! A lot of being otherkin is meditation! There are many tutorials on how to meditate online, some are even otherkin specific! Eventually you may find sounds and smells that help.

-Get some sleep! Often times otherkin have what are called “dream shifts”- where in your dreams you are your kintype, or you see your kintype. This could lead to memories! My most common shifts are dream shifts.

-Assess. What have you found? If you’ve had any dreams or meditated, you may have seen some things, or remembered some stuff. Try to find a general animal (for example: caninekin), and then try to narrow it down!
(Canine > Large > Wild > Wolf), (Canine > Small > Domestic > Chihuahua)

-Be sure to do plenty of research! Finding kintypes takes a long time, and some things you may interpret as different animals could all be traits of one animal.

Tips and resources:

-Dealing with species dysphoria (yes, this happens)

-Food to satisfy kin-related cravings

-Wearing collars is symbolic of being otherkin! I never take mine off!

-You can’t help feeling this way. This is not a choice. You are good. You are not wrong. There are many like you. You are so fantastic.

Just a doodle dump of my Cartoon Massacre Au. Some of the doodles within this dump are canon while a few aren’t.
Bendy & Boris belong to TheMeatly
Mick, Ortensia, Minnie, Ozzie, & Pluto belong to Disney
Felix belongs to (from what I looked up) Dreamworks
Fiona Fox belongs to me

Coming out as otherkin the first time vs the 101st time:

1st time:
“So… I have something really important to tell you… please listen and feel free to ask a few questions and please don’t hate me. So, I’m otherkin. That means I identify as non-human in a non-physical way. My kintype is the _______. So I’ll act like that animal sometimes. This is an important thing to me so I thought you should know.”

101st time:
“Yup, I’m otherkin. The biggest ‘kin there is. I’m telling you, I’m a motherfuckin’ ANIMAL. Badass, right?”


Derek: Why Stiles??!!! You always do the same thing… You want to see how I fucking angry with you, right?

Stiles: (OwO) upssie 


Derek:Stiles! deja de jugar con esa cosa 

-Ok, ahora baja de la mesa y que ni se te ocurra 

-Para !! no NO non no no 

-PORQUE??!!!! MALDICIÓN! Por qué Stiles?  Tu siempre haces la misma cosa… tu quieres verme como me enojo contigo, no?