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Season 2 hc: Everyone grows attached to Yuuri in Russia and Victor has some Regrets ™

Or: my excuse to draw domestic Russian family + Yuuri

Get you a cat who can do both. This is my fat 8 year old cat Muffin Man and the right is from me pausing a video of him sneezing. The left is a pic of him sunbathing. He’s been on diet food for about 3 years and he’s still 20 pounds. He likes to nibble my fingers when he’s hungry, which is always. Sometimes he sits with his leg in the air like he’s about to clean himself up but he can’t reach so he just sits there for a few minutes before licking his foot as if that was his plan all along. I love him to pieces and he’s my favorite fluffy tabby man ever!!! 💕 ((please be nice to him he is very soft and sweet and only wants to share love and food with everyone!))💕

Turn loose the mermaids(Part 4)

Who is on roll? Meeee.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3| Etc


Marinette was surprised when she heard steps heading towards the cabin. Was the captain coming back so soon? Her fins twitched nervously in the water. They didn’t do anything to her yet. And the captain said she will be them for a long time, but it didn’t mean he was telling the truth. Marinette held her breath as the door opened. It wasn’t the captain, but the man from the other day, the one who carried her. She recalled the captain called him Ivan

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Gabbador headcanons: What they would do on a road trip ~ The Gabbador Fairy 👑

I finally get to write this one lol sorry for the late and shitty reply, im horrible at these things 

They wanted a nice road trip, nothing fancy, just the two of them being disgustingly romantic. 

BUT you just can’t get rid of siblings and friends

Their group becomes quite big, and in the end, they have to rent a bus. It’s yellow and flashy, Francesco is excited about it. Salvador not so much. 

Francesco packed too much stuff (what if x thing happen? what if we visit x place??? what do you mean a black tailored suit isn’t necessary tf)

Salvador packed too little. He needs only his deeply meaningful music, Fireworks the cat, and Francesco’s kisses.

Half of the bus is for the food. Everyone brought something. 

Slavko drives. Francesco and Salvo make out. Luisa take pics of them. Manel dances with the gorilla. Ilinca and Demy sing loudly. 

Everything is fine for like 30 minutes. Then it’s a hell of a mess. The gorilla has tried to separate Ciccio and Salvo, the cat attacked the gorilla, someone save the food!!!!, Slavko stops the bus because STOP EVERYONE OR I’LL HIT YOU WITH MY BRAID ALSO IT’S MY TIME TO BE FABULOUS and he just starts dancing. At this point, the cat is probably the ones who’s driving but who cares 

Salvo wants to escape this mess and cuddle with Francesco while whispering some sappy shit. Francesco wants the same but… the engine stops working. It’s night, and they’re in a weird place. There’s an abandoned manor. “Where are we?” they ask themselves

There’s full moon, the gorilla eyes shine in a weird way. Salvo holds tight to Francesco. After a passionate kiss, the Italian says “let’s go on adventure” 

To be continued…

The houses as cats

The houses as cats:

Griffendor: main coons. Warrior cats. Quite proud of themselves. 35% chance named after powerful Roman. Usually seen sitting on the front gate/ porch. Enjoys laser toys. Usually eats fancy kibble.

Ravenclaw: simese cats. Sleeps in the living room on the fancy sitting chair. Probably potty trained. Named Lucy if girl, sagan if boy. Healthy wet foot.

Slytherin : black cat. Howls for you when you leave but ignores you when home. Brings dead mice home just to eat in front of you. They just kinda show up. Mystical names like Merlin or Salem. Only the best for food.

Hufflepuff: big ol’ organge cats. Talks constantly and purrs so loud everyone can hear. Sleeps in humans arms or on humans lap. 23% chance of a snaggletooth. Even the relative who ‘hates cats’ will cry when you tell them that the cat died. Lives on a diet of kibble mixed with wet food and also table scraps and sometimes cheese. Probably named Pants or Karl.

Jumin neko atsume headcannons

(☆ω☆*)screaming omgmyfuckinggod I got carried away

  • so obsessed with this game
  • takes pictures of them and posts them in the RFA
  • zen complaining and sneezing
  • stopping his presentation just to b updated
  •  “Laides and gentleman, in our cat food commerci-
  • everyone b like ????
  • Jumin will casually taking his phone out and b all like
  • “/sighs/ tubs wHy you eAT all mY fOOD up AGain? but it’s okai i love you too (っ*´∀`*)っ”
  • photos on his RFA profile pic, on his wallpaper, on his bed
  • it’s eVERYWHERE
  • i can see him buying the company and the game
  • will also create a cat called elizabth the 3rd
  • “Zen, do you want to be the new model for neko atsume?(☆ω☆*)”
  •  “nO, fucK oFF-”
  • “Zen you ken trUST mE! It’s nEKO aTSUME”
  • “fuCK ofF JumIN”
  • “Elizabeth tHE thIRD will B thERe Too”
  • “I said fuCK oFf!”

(written by reiko)

You Shoot My Cats, I Will Shoot You

On National Cat Day, we were giving out free samples of cat food. Even if someone wasn’t buying cat items, I still asked them if they had a cat, on the off chance they just weren’t shopping for the cat that day.

*customer with dog food comes up*

Me: “Hi! Do you have a cat in addition to the dog?”

Customer: *frowns* “Do I look like a cat person to you?”

Me: “Haha, well cat people come in all shapes and sizes sir. We’re giving out free cat food today, so I’ve been asking everyone. No worries though.”

Customer: *frowning harder* “Well in my opinion, the only thing a cat is good for is target practice.”

Me: *trying not to punch man in the face* “That is not an acceptable thing to say. I have two lovely cats of my own, and one of my friends is actually rehabilitating a cat who was shot twice in the back.”

It’s hard for me to believe that people are capable of casually killing animals that are causing no harm to them or their property. I understand some people believe the environmental destruction an outdoor cat does justifies its extermination, but many more people will just shoot a cat for fun. It sickens me.

A List of The Wedding Shenanigans - OTP:  Stupidly Adorable Nonagenarians

1.  The wedding of Steven Grant Rogers and James Buchanan Barnes was supposed to be a secret.  Or at least kept just within their family and friends. 

Naturally, everyone and the cats knew about it.

2.  Food was an important part of any wedding reception.  Pepper, of course, had the caterers.  The rest of Steve and Bucky’s apartment building went into a frenzy of cooking and Filipino-style fiesta spirit, led by Lola Aquilina, who was very fond of “Kapitan Pogi” and “Sarhento Tisoy." 

(For the record, there were about four Filipino-American families in the Bag End Apartment Building.  At least two of those families had Lola Aquilina as matriarch.)

It must be admitted that Lola’s Kapitan Pogi and Sarhento Tisoy were very fond of her menudo and molo soup.  Therefore, this was added to the wedding menu.  

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For the Hetalia dream thing: I like once had this dream where for some reason the allies and axis got high af and it ended up with America almost jumping out a window, Italy wanting to fight everyone, Germany freaking the fuck out cause everything was moving, and England on the fridge hissing like a cat at everyone who tried to get food from there

lol I like the england thing.