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Coming Soon: Ways to Wow

As cat lovers, we’re always looking for the latest and greatest ways to wow our favorite felines, and we want you to know some of our favorites.

We’re partnering with bloggers like fellow cat-lover and wow-expert Laura Gummerman of A Beautiful Mess as we share some our favorite tips and tricks when it comes to bowling over your cat. Whether it’s a delightful DIY project, or a delicious dish of her favorite Broths with Chicken, we have some suggestions that will be sure to… well, wow!

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I walk with Hawaii on a greenscreen behind me
So even the awkward pauses feel inviting
Standing at a landmark sleep drought, keep out
Can’t talk now, too freaked out
Too geeked up to even keep it down

Too peaced out to even be around
Too beat up to even breathe it out
Too freaked out to even leave your house

Wow Your Favorite Feline with Broths with Chicken

With a hectic household and schedule it can be difficult to find time to share a special moment with your cat. No one understands this better than Susan Geoghegan from the blog 2 Cats and Chloe. As a part of our #WaystoWow series, Susan shares how she carves out time in her busy day to bond with her cat Rockie. Read her story here and see how she wows Rockie with Broths with Chicken– a taste he truly loves!