cat folio

“The tabaxi (or cat-men, as they are known to most humans) inhabit the far reaches of tropical jungles.”  (AD&D Fiend Folio, TSR, 1981)  I’m going to roll up a tabaxi adventurer named Kopi Luwak with the Artisan: Barista background, and every night I’ll take the last pre-dawn watch and when the rest of the party wakes up I’ll have a nice cup of joe ready for everyone.


Lives to spare, with only one soul;
broken, abused, neglected.

I painted Bucky the cat (using some creative license) who hangs out by pleasecallmecaptain’s front door.

This is a PSA: If you see this cat please give him some food (literally anything) and a warm blanket, that’s all he wants. He’s a bit lost.

Also, yes, he is doing his murder strut.

Medieval cats are surprisingly like modern cats. Not poisonous, not made of fire, only plotting murder in a casual, passive way. For once the weirdness was all the Renaissance. Here is Bartholomaeus Anglicus describing an average 14th century cat:

  • led by a straw, and playeth therewith
  • maketh a ruthful noise and ghastful, when one proffereth to fight with another
  • unneth is hurt when he is thrown down off an high place*
  • a right heavy beast in age and full sleepy

*this translation was edited in the 1800s, which is the only possible excuse for ‘unneth’

Here is a cat helping a nun. Yes, it has a face like a tiny skull, but some cats do.

[Image:British Library, Stowe MS 17, Folio 34r]