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“Sit, Bob. Good dog. You are the only one who knows the truth, mon petit. You know how your mistress died. You also know, I think, who killed her. He or she passed you by as they laid the trip wire, saying to themselves, "Oh, this is only Bob, a fox terrier. He cannot speak. I am safe.” Such foolishness, n'est-ce pas? But you and I, we know, Bob, that one does not have to speak in order to tell. And you will tell me all, in your own good time.“


So, I took a screenshot of Tadashi’s room and I really had to brighten up the picture but oh my god guys.

He wears stripes.

And what appears to be plaid(So probably flannel).

He wears collared shirts.

Also, what looks like a lucky cat, or just a cat figurine like ?? 

I’m laughing.

What a pure, adorable nerd oh my gosh.

Imagine Tadashi giving Hiro those clothes when he doesn’t want them or grows out of them and Hiro just flinches because it screams ‘nerd’, but taking them anyway because hey. Free clothes.

Hey other autistic people, I have two questions!

Is it an autistic thing where you have a hard time getting rid of things, even though you know you don’t need or can’t use them anymore (like old school notes, clothes that don’t fit anymore, etc)?

Also, is it an autistic thing where everything needs a name? Like, “oh, this stuffed animal? I know we’re not getting it, but I’m naming it. Same with that stray cat, and that little figurine, and anything else that remotely looks like it could be alive at some point”

Are those autistic things?


So, today is my little sister’s ( strawberrydaydreams ) birthday and I wanted to make her a lot of Steven Universe stuff because a) she loves Steven and b) she deserves it. She’s still asleep so this is all a surprise and we’ll see if she likes it all! I baked Cookie Cats (though the ice cream is just vanilla flavored because the store wouldn’t cooperate), I made a SU themed sign and hanged a lot of baloons with song quotes (plus Greg’s porkchop quote and Li’l Butler, because who doesn’t love Li’l Butler?). I also sew a Steven plushie (by hand, because the machine they were going to lend me didn’t work :( ) and he has the gem on his belly button, that I made as well. I got her the #1 comic on ibooks as a surprise and I also made a figurine of Steven and Connie (which you can see rotating in 4 gifs because otherwise it’d be too heavy for tumblr) that I’ll put on the cake as decoration but she can later use as she pleases. She has more presents than these, but they’re not SU-related, so I wanted to cover that myself. I hope she likes all this and I can cheer her up on her birthday!

Molly and Punchy sculptures made by me 
Photographed by my father

Super Sculpey Firm and Apoxie Sculpt over a wire armature. Primed and then painted with Acrylics. With the base included Punchy is about 8cm tall and Molly is about 6cm tall.

All WIP pictures can be viewed here & here.

i love young & beautiful so much. right now im at this point where i can just cry thinking about it. thinking about aloysius. all the rooms. zayn puking over louis. eggnog and gingerbread. the hansel and gretel trail. the bat flower. des. ziam’s relationship. ‘Ireland’. the car. louis’ shitty home situation. hoe harry. harry sitting behind that piano, crying. when louis starts to realise harry is a real person and tries to fix him. cat figurines. the picnic in the rain. hide and seek. the i can’t change tattoo. tutoring. the moon knows.

10 Questions

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1. How old are you? 24

2. What’s your current job? Law librarian at a law school

3. What are you talented at? Singing show tunes, thrifting designer clothes, Jeopardy questions

4. What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? Getting a novel published.

5. What’s your aesthetic? Lady Gaga in American Horror Story: Hotel. So… overdressed, dim lighting, and murder. Hitchcock blondeism.

6. Do you collect anything? Souvenir magnets (mostly from places I haven’t been), postcards of cat artwork, mid century cat figurines, peach lustre Fire King dishes (vintage set of dishes from 1940s), silver flatware, Star Trek paraphernalia.

7. What’s a topic you always talk about? Books, films, TV shows. Fictional characters who have ruined my life. Gymnastics. Problems of the US legal system. Travel.

8. What’s a pet peeve of yours? Slow walkers. Especially those who walk in the middle of the sidewalk.

9. Good advice to give? If something feels not quite right, it probably isn’t. Don’t ignore your gut feelings. This is really important, especially as we move into this new era of government.

10. What are three songs you’d recommend?
* The Avalanches, Frontier Psychiatrist (bizarre but catchy)
* Bob Dylan, Things Have Changed (I actually cried when Bob won the Nobel Prize for Literature. This song also won an Oscar in 2001. That’s how good the storytelling is.)
* Lana del Rey, Swan Song (I’ve been listening to this song since last April. Still not sick of it)

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Thomas is moving to one of poTayto's houses. He takes his time and is currently moving one book by travel to LA so he'll be an official US resident in September 3167. poTayto might have enough time to learn reading.

LOL. but books take up too much space she needs for awards and cat figurines!