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I forgot to post about this, but over the weekend I went clothes shopping as I have now got too small for all my size 16 summer wear.

Myer is still having some of their big sales so I was able to pick up a few dresses from the Dangerfield section for half price!

The above dress is so cute and has multiple layers (unlike the latest hell bunny range) so my panties don’t show through in the sunlight & it only cost me $60!!
I can’t even believe I fit into a such a small size 14!

Also excuse my messy hair, it’s yet to be brushed today lol.

Feline Fashion

Take your cat obsession to the next level 

Are you a crazy cat lady? Then you’ve come to the right place! If you love cats just as much as we do, you can understand why pretty much anything cat-printed or cat-shaped stops us in our tracks. From cat-printed sweatshirts to kitty clutches, we just can’t get enough! For all you other cat lovers out there, we’ve scoured the web for the best feline fashion pieces. Shop our favorite cat clothing and accessories below from ASOS, Forever 21, Charlotte Olympia, Kate Spade and more!

Shop Cat Clothing & Accessories

ASOS Sweatshirt with Cute Cat Print

My Cat Doesn’t Like You PJ Set

Kitty clutch

Cotton Blend Velvet Dress

Cat Face Scarf

Cat Ears Onyx & Silver Ring

ASOS Sleeping Cat Purse with Ears

Kitty Bangle

Kill Star Cropped T-Shirt With Key Of Life Cat Face Print

Charlotte Olympia Kitty-Face Velvet Short Boot, Black

“Kitty Kitsh” false nails

Le Meow PJ Set

Feline Meow Unisex Beanie

CZ Kitty Ring

Kitty embroidered satin slippers

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We all know how much cats love to wear the Inflatable Unicorn Horn For Cats, but they also like to switch up their look pretty regularly. That’s why we’re so impressed with Maxwell, an adorable three-legged cat who lived with BuzzFeed illustrator and author Adam Ellis (previously featured here), who dresses up Maxwell in lots and lots of awesome little handmade hats.

We first met Maxwell two years ago, so it’s high time to catch up with how he’s been doing. His fabulous hats have gotten even more intricate and elaborate. Sometimes they involve tiny LEDs and additional props. Ellis has turned Maxwell into everything from the Mad Hatter (of course) to Heisenberg to Mario to a mighty Valkyrie warrior. Once he even had Maxwell help apologize for accidentally taking his neighbor’s delivery food.

The best part is that Maxwell now has his own dedicated Instagram feed: tinyhatsoncats, so now we can check in on his latest headwear anytime we like.

[via Design Taxi]