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fanfic: Work From Home

supergirl/supercat. also on AO3, babes.

AU. Romcom. Cat’s building a new house. Kara is her hot contractor.

Cat and Kara defend each other. Because reasons.


IV: The Longest Wait

Their Carcassone game lies forgotten.

Kara blushes and blushes and blushes.

Hank looks like a proud papa, that fool. “I didn’t know you had it in you, Kara.”

“The potential was always there,” Astra comes to her defense, giving everyone their beer bottles. “But the ‘like anyone could ever compare’ line was a…” She stops, searches for the word.

“Mic drop, honey.” Alex cuts in, poking Kara in the ribs.

Astra agrees, distracted. “Yes, that.”

James just laughs, having way too much fun.

Kara bites her lip and presses her phone to her ear. “So?”

She can hear Hank’s sigh. “I delivered it.”

“Yeah, but d—“

“Yes, Kara. Calm down.” He gets assertive. “She liked them. She even smiled a little before sending me away.”


Kara beams. “You, sir, are the best secret agent.”

“I know,” Hank answers, affectionate. “You owe me one. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a club to run.”

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reyandthekenobis  asked:

Huh yeah that's a cool way of looking at it.. Karlie has less of an image to maintain than Taylor does -- I don't really think she even has a publicist I have plenty but none of them are super developed. My fav is karlie and taylor get married and one of their photos is them kissing in their wedding dresses holding olivia and meredith. Idk it's just TOO CUTE?? And them just looking fab at their wedding and dancing together and Taylor writing a song for the vows haha kill me I'm such trash

e xC u Se yoU ?? that hit me deep man fucking ouch my feels are all over the place why do you torture me??? WEDDINGS ARE MY ULTIMATE WEAKNESS😩😭 being the hopeless romantic that I am I have already imagined every possible detail

• taylor and karlie planning the wedding together
• taylor getting overly stressed
• wheRE TF IS THE Ca Ke ?!!//?1
• no no no no no no no karlie said VEGAN dinner options
• karlie giving her a massage to calm down
• writing her vows out with coconut oil on taylor’s bare back
• karlie trying on taylor’s dress and begging her to let her wear it
• MATCHING WEDDING GOWNS bc taylor was stubborn and wanted the one she picked out
• v v elegant decorations
• delicate pastel pink color scheme to recreate the vs show where they met
• pearlspearlspearls
• taylor being a nervous little shit for the first dance and tripping over karlie’s dress
• josh showing up with his boyfriend
• cara buying some outrageously inappropriate wedding gift
• austin and derek as each girl’s best man
• scott walking taylor down the isle and visibly crying like the gentle cupcake he is
• kimberly, kariann, and kristine as bridesmaids 😭💕
• a castle type canopy thing at the altar overgrown with weeds
• wedding cake intricately designed by the both of them then made by a professional, with cute lil figurines of them on top
• taylor’s vows talking about fairytales, true love, & finding her princess charming
• karlie making faces at taylor as she walks down the isle trying to make her laugh
• kendrick lamar blasting through the speakers at the reception
• the vs angels buying them both pretty lingerie
• taylor calling karlie her angel/sunshine
• karlie calling taylor her cupcake/princess
• taylor watching the friends episodes of monica and chandler’s wedding obsessively
• olivia in a tiny cat dress
• fancy hairstyles
• openly kissing each other throughout the night bc they’re just so happy
• karlie and taylor’s extended families meeting and talking about st louis
• taylor sneaking off halfway through the party to check on the cats
• professional pictures featured in vogue with a cover story all about their wedding, revealing the first was originally a coming out story that they didn’t go through with
• taylor surprising her new wife with an actual horse drawn cinderllaesque carriage to take them to the airport for their honeymoon

@ taylor and karlie pls take some of these ideas into consideration when the planning the real wedding 😊😊