cat falls over

It’s official canon that there are cats living in Skyhold so please imagine:

one of the cats somehow getting into the war room and just plopping itself down right in the middle of all those carefully placed markers and turning the organized map into absolute chaos because a nice sunbeam was shining on the table.

cats sleeping on the inquisitor’s throne (or alternatively clawing it to pieces)

cats in the infirmary lifting people’s spirits and keeping the injured warm

cats snuggled up beside Storvacker when she’s in Skyhold

someone making little inquisition uniforms for the cats to make them honorary inquisition members. The cats just fall over and refuse to move when they’re forced to wear the uniforms and Skyhold is left with a bunch of immobile, angry cats lying on the ground and twitching their tails. Later it’s decided that the cats will just wear inquisition collars instead

each cat having at least ten names because everyone calls them something different leading to some confusion and in one extreme instance, a duel over what one cat should be called

(Feel free to add more Skyhold cat shenanigans)

  • Mom: sweety I've noticed you've been watching a lot of kids TV shows, are you ok? Why don't you go out with your friends?
  • Me: I'm sorry mom but this is my life now

I did a “1 like 1 fav fictional character doodle” meme on twitter and i got pretty happy with the result, so i decided to post this here too for your everyday nerdy needs~

Characters from left to right: 

Nicole watterson, Darwin watterson, Gumball watterson, Tennessee kid cooper, Jade harley, Nick wild, Wander, Sylvia, John egbert, Terezi pyrope, Judy hopps, Carrie, Ravenpaw, Silver the hedgehog, Penny fitzgerald, Greystripe, Bill cipher. 

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  • Person: so whatcha do in your free time??
  • Me: I fall into a dark abyss of animated mayhem
  • Person: ???
  • Me: yup I know I'm worried too

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Art to punch you in the feels by @supergaysupercat - you can comment on AO3 or hit the tumblr ask box.

Thanks as always to the lovely @xy0009 for our title gifs each week, they really set the tone for what’s going on. 

Now, are you ready for Dive: Part II? Picking up where we left you on Friday…

Cat watched herself fall, over and over again.

The screams must have been overlaid for effect. She tried to tell herself she could hear the trickery in the audio, but with each replay her heart began to beat in triple time. Closing her eyes offered no relief; it just brought back the memory of the ground hurtling up to meet her.

No. Those screams couldn’t have been from her. When Cat thought back to that moment, she didn’t remember screaming, or the sound of her own voice. Her soundtrack to that fall, to what seemed like certain death, was Supergirl’s drug-induced series of taunts. Arrogant. Self-serving. Mean-spirited. Over and over like an accelerating drumbeat. Further confirmation, though Cat wouldn’t realize it until three hours and six scotches later, that Kara was the girl in the cape. Supergirl didn’t know those things about her, but her assistant certainly did.

Try as she might, Cat couldn’t conjure up Kara’s sunny smile or even an unfortunate cardigan. All she saw was that brattish expression, that insolence and contempt that stared Cat down before tossing her over the balcony like a television from a rock star’s hotel room. In the first sessions, she’d been able to turn her head away from the footage, force her mind to somewhere more pleasant, but this had gotten under her skin.

Please, Kara, she thought, screaming the words inside her own head. I can’t hold this back much longer.

Read Act 6 on AO3.

QUICK someone be my gf before the school starts


fandom: bts
member/reader: namjoon, female
genre/warning(s): fluff, lil bit of angst, teeny bit of smut, defective soulmate!au
length: 5K+
summary: [request] in which you meet your soulmate, but your heart doesn’t pound.
a/n: okay so this is probably a little different from what you wanted, anon, but i hope you liked it! i bulleted a TA love story and a FWB story and then when i was bulleting a neighbor story, this came about. soulmate aus are hard af to write???? also, success! my first bts request fulfilled (and not even for my fave:when will i get a yoongi or hobi request??). anyway. i’m rambling.

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