cat face swaps


Emily Prentiss & Paget Brewster quotes, part 2 (one)

dating michael would include

- dying your hair the same colour
- you begging him to dye it rainbow because the fam wouldnt stop talking about it
- noticing the fam together
- having actual convos with fans
- you agreeing that malum is real
- michael complaining that calum is not his type
- you and the fam fangirling abt malum to tick him off
- using snapchat filters that has anything related to a cat on him
- ugly face swaps
- scaring ashton together
- teaching you how to play the guitar
- also sweater paws
- teasing him because everyone calls him a kitten
- the no.1 person you come to when youre down
- always knowing what to say when youre sad
- buying japanese trash together
- surprising him on tour
- being nerds and watch anime and play mario kart
- him trying to prove that he plays pokemon better than you do
- binging on pizza during night ins
- big warm fluffy hugs when hes back from tour
- skyping until midnight even though he has a big show the next day
- him telling you to wear the merch so he can post it on instagram