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Siamese Cat, 1939 by Agnes Miller-Parker by totallymystified

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<br />From English Wood Engraving 1900-1950 by Thomas Balston, Art and Technics Ltd, 1951.

Agnes Miller Parker (1895–1980) was an engraver and illustrator. Born in Ayrshire, she spent most of her career in London and southern Britain.


These are a few of my favorite things nebulae!

From top to bottom:

NGC 6720 ~ Ring Nebula

NGC 6543 ~ Cat’s Eye Nebula

NGC 7293 ~ Helix Nebula (also called “Eye of God” and “Eye of Sauron”)

IC 418 ~ Spirograph Nebula 

MyCn18 ~ Engraved Hourglass Nebula

NGC 6826 or Caldwell 15 ~ the Blinking Planetary 

“Black kitten. From “Through the Looking-Glass,” 1871. Drawn by John Tenniel; engraved by Dalziel Brothers” from The Library by Andrew Lang with a chapter on Modern English illustrated books by Austin Dobson. London: Macmillan & Co., 1881.


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From our stacks: Illustrations and title page from Catoninetales A Domestic Epic By Hattie Brown [pseud.] A young lady of colour lately deceased at the age of 14. London: Lawrence and Bullen, 1891. “Only three hundred and thirty copies printed. No. 303″

William J. Linton is credited on the half-title as editor and illustrator, but was the composer of the poems as well. 



From our stacks: Illustrations from A Collection of One Hundred and Fifty Engravings by Alexander Anderson M. D. Executed on wood after his ninetieth year. Privately printed by Charles L. Moreau. New York, 1873. “This Collection of Engravings is printed from the original blocks left by Doctor A. Anderson, and kindly loaned by his family to Charles L. Moreau, at whose private press they have been struck off. Only Fifty copies have been printed. No. 46.”

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KuroMahi 12 (Lost in the woods) for the Autumn Prompt please~?

Sorry this is so late!! I hope you like it anyway >< Thankyou for requesting!!! <3


“Mahiru…” Kuro started as Mahiru looked back, noticing Kuro’s adorable cat face engraving on the nearby tree.

“Agh! No way! We walked in a circle!” Mahiru groaned, more than willingly letting Kuro gently hold his hand to calm him down. “Kuro we’re lost. We’re lost in the middle of the woods, what if we don’t get out- what if we have to spend the night here?!” Mahiru could already feel the panic rising in his chest, he had to be the responsible one, he had to get them back, but he couldn’t even calm his beating heart.

“Mahiru, stop it. You’re overthinking things, maybe let me lead this time, I might have a better sense of direction than some others” Kuro said, taking Mahiru’s hand along as they continued to walk. Mahiru glared at him, throwing a small stick at the back of his head for the last comment.

“You’re the one who got us lost in the first place! This is why you don’t stray off the path…” Mahiru grumbled but followed Kuro along either way. “…Sorry, I’m just on edge” he eventually said with a sigh.

“It’s okay, just trust me.” Mahiru nodded, ignoring his worries to trust in Kuro’s words. They walked through the tall ever looming trees, a canopy of leaves sheltering them from the harsh afternoon sun. Mahiru noticed the way Kuro had halted, his direction suddenly turning with a sudden sense of direction and purpose, did he remember the way out?

Kuro faced him, placing a hand over his eyes. “Just trust me okay, I found something cool” Mahiru nodded, letting Kuro’s words and soft but strong hands guide him. He could hear birds again, they were small and nearby and if he focused he could hear a steady stream of splashing water getting closer.

Mahiru opened his eyes to see a pretty hidden away waterfall and lake, the waterfall climbing up the green mountain with a shining glimmer from the sun. He smiled brightly, looking at Kuro who looked away awkwardly.

“Kuro… this is so pretty! How did you know this was here?” Mahiru asked, his expression soft as he crouched down to run his hand along the top edge of the water.

“I have slightly heightened senses, I could hear the water and wanted to check it out. I got closer and realized it was a waterfall” Kuro explained, sitting down next to Mahiru and taking off his boots to rest his tired feet in the cold water. Mahiru did the same, his feet red and sore.

“This seems like a good place to eat the sandwiches” Mahiru smiled, opening his bag to pull out simple ham and cheese sandwiches he had made before coming. He had intended on a peaceful walk and picnic, not to get lost… but he wasn’t complaining. They sat in a peaceful silence, listening to the water and birds as they ate their sandwiches. It felt like a century before Kuro started to speak.

“Despite being a cat I don’t actually mind water” Kuro said with a soft huff, watching the water fondly. Mahiru couldn’t help but watch the water that he stared at so happily, ending up with a smile covering his own face. Kuro never shared much about himself willingly, it was a battle to find out what foods he didn’t like.

Mahiru knew he was still closed off, but he also knew that Kuro was trying his best. To even get little bits about him, Mahiru couldn’t help but be happy. “I like water, it’s soothing isn’t it?” Mahiru agreed softly, almost completely forgetting they were lost.

“I think the path is near here too” Kuro commented, watching the anxiety leave from Mahiru’s chest.

“Thanks Kuro… sorry I freaked on you” Mahiru hugged onto Kuro’s side, letting Kuro awkwardly fumble to hug back.

“No problem I guess… I’ll be here when you need, so you can lean on me” Kuro blushed as he said it, scratching his cheek as Mahiru looked up at him with sparkling gratefulness.