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EXO on Your Birthday

A/N: Trying out a different format again with this one—similar to the Pokemon Go one. Lemme know what cha think


  • Really just wants you to take it easy and enjoy life on your special day
  • Makes you your favorite type of coffee and takes you out to lunch
  • Buys you a cute piece of jewelry, grinning cheesily when he gives it to you
  • HELLA CUDDLES that night while watching your favorite movie
  • He basically turns into a little kitten and keeps whispering “happy birthday” to you throughout the movie


  • You’ll wake up to the sound of him yelling ‘happy birthday’ 
  • It won’t end there
  • He’ll tell everyone you meet it’s your big day, grinning proudly at you as you hid your face in embarrassment
  • Buys you lots of flowers and a big fluffy teddy bear
  • Lots of cute snuggling and kissy-kissies
  • Sincerely sings you happy birthday at the end of the day, knowing how much you enjoy his voice


  • Okay this day is gonna be NON-STOP
  • Your favorite cafe for lunch, your favorite restaurant for dinner
  • His gift for you would be his constant, overwhelming affection
  • “God, you’re so old” “You could be my mom!”
  • You’re literally younger than him but he can’t help himself with the teasing
  • You’ll be too exhausted by the end to watch a movie, so you’ll just fall asleep in each other’s arms, your stomachs full of birthday cake


  • Honestly he’d let you decide absolutely everything that day
  • “Whatcha wanna do now?” “And after that?”
  • If he wasn’t so cute it’d be borderline annoying
  • But he’s cute so it isn’t
  • He’d mostly spend time gazing at you adoringly, before surprising you with a cute bouquet of flowers and softly singing you ‘happy birthday’


  • Constant cheesy lines about growing old together, despite the fact that you’re not even 30 yet
  • Cute little heartfelt gifts like shoes you had said you liked or cat earrings you had pointed out
  • He’d take you out to a romantic dinner, making sure that you ate absolutely everything you wanted to
  • Would tuck you in while singing to you, finishing off your day with an adorable smile and kiss


  • Breakfast in bed, for starters
  • He’d take you out to lunch, but would cook you dinner
  • It’d be your favorite meal, and it was his gift to you
  • Afterwards he’d smile ear-to-ear as you two watched a goofy drama that you insisted was your favorite
  • He’d spend most of his time watching you though, making you blush with his constant admiring gaze


  • Another hopeless romantic, he’d shower you in so many gifts you wouldn’t know what to do
  • Constantly humming or singing happy birthday no matter what he was doing
  • Made sure to get you a beautifully decorated birthday cake in your favorite flavors
  • And then held you so close while you watched a movie you thought you were going to suffocate from his love
  • He’d be too busy doting over you to even notice 


  • Just wants to go around town and buy you stuff and experience things and just spend time with you
  • Amusement parks, normal parks, a parking lot, you name it, he wants to go there with you (not exclusively parks though)
  • His gift would be himself
  • You’d get his undivided attention and he’d love giving it to you
  • He’d make sure to loudly exclaim that it was your birthday when you were in crowds, enjoying your embarrassed reaction


  • He’s laidback so he’d probably just want to spend the day at home with you, doting on you
  • He’d get you a gorgeous dress or necklace, making sure you wore it the whole day
  • He’d take you out to whatever restaurant you wanted and get you whatever you wanted, making you feel like an absolute princess
  • My princess” he’d say fondly
  • End of the day would consist of cuddling, hand-holding, hair-playing, and the occasional humming of ‘happy birthday’

The sweet syntax of language never ceases to amaze me
Each small configuration of literature yields thousands of hidden meanings
That are still unfortunately hidden to me
Perhaps if I understood the complexities and the intricacies
I could see that you really actually do
Hate me
Or did you simply jest among your scattered emoticons?
Were your true meanings ducking behind layers of broken English speech and JKs?
Was that just another hidden message that I wasn’t supposed to find?
Was that a misinterpretation of To be or not to be?
That is the fucking question
Over whether or not this author is crazy
Because I most certainly am not

anonymous asked:

Could you do a blurb with sex and michael calling you kitten??? God I'd love that

Could you just image Michel coming home with his hands behind his back and grin on his face. And when you ask him what he is hiding he comes over to you hugging you and whispering in your ear “nothing kitten” then when you look down behind in back in the middle of the hug you see he has a pair of black cat ears in his hand.
That night after dinner he would take them out and ask you to wear them. You would agree and get turned on thinking about him. Then he would get all excited and have a huge smile on his face saying “okay kitten, it’s time to play” He would then pull you to the bedroom undressing you and kissing you. You would feel him rubbing his hands on your hips and his lips on your neck. “Com'ere kitten. I have another surprise for you.” He says with a sweet smile and adoring voice. He’d then pull out black lingerie from under the bed, saying that if his kitten wore this, he would be repaying the favor all night. You graciously accept to a long night of fun.

I CANT GO ONNNN! Have fun with da imagininggg - al