cat ears hairstyle

Kayano Kaede head cannons

I feel like after Kayano’s backstory was explained, there were a lot of unanswered questions left about who Akari is exactly. So I made up my own had cannons.
Kaede Kayano/ Akari Yukimura head cannons;
(Spoilers I guess)

- She’s a huge film buff that could give Mimura a run for his money. She watches films obsessively to study acting techniques, and she’s a harsh critic of all movies.
- At first her pudding-obsession was a a gimmick she made up as part of her ‘Sweet girl’ facade, but she ended up genuinely liking them.
- As the series progressed her facade gradually became less acting and more real.
- When she’s not performing purposefully badly, and doesn’t have tentacles eating away at her brains, her performance in exams could give Karma Akabane a run for his money.
- She’s still not fully recovered from her sister’s death. The only way she can carry on is by having a 'goal’ to focus all her energy on; First Killing Korosensei, then protecting Korosensei, then supporting/loving Nagisa.
- The reason (partially) Kayano won’t confess her feelings for Nagisa is because whether he accepts or rejects her, then her 'goal’ will be fulfilled and she’ll have nothing to work towards. It will probably take time for her to be able to live freely without a 'mission’.
- Since her mother when Akari was young, Aguri was like a parent to her. Guiding her sister through life was what made Aguri realise she wanted to be a teacher.
- Akari’s father always seemed to favour her over her sister (she was more assertive, made money from acting, etc). Akari always felt guilty about this.
- Out of all of E class, she’d probably be the one who Korosensei would be most worried about leaving after he’d died, since she has almost killed herself to reach her goals twice. Even at the end of the series, she isn’t in a very emotionally stable place compared to the rest of the cast.
- Her signature cat-ear hairstyle was something her sister used to do for her when she was young.
- Part of the reason she’s so conscious of her body was because she grew up in showbiz were looks are everything.
- As part of her Kayano Kaede disguise, she’d originally meant to dye her hair blonde, but the dye messed up and went green but she just kept it.
- I don’t think she has a good relationship with her father, seeing as how he probably didn’t even know she was going to a school under a disguise name for the purpose of revenge.
- Almost everyone in E class is protective over her, since they’ve seen the things she’s gone through.
- Her hair grows really fast.
- Although she may not seem like it, she’s actually a perfectionist about things she cares about and gets invested in.

Can we just take a looky at this old scene again...

So to start us off…

These two decide to full blown charge on Gen. Are they planning on punching him? Restraining him?? What are you guys planning??? 

Regardless, Gen just extends that limb and grabs Ceylan’s hood

Oh no there he goes, throw that to the side, goodbye

Toxsa’s turn, here we go again, grabs the head band

But he just flicks it down

There they go, so much for brave warriors- GeN WHAT ARE YOU DOING

yoU CAN JUMP THAT HIGH? and still maNAGE TO LOOK MENACING?? ( he must do some crazy squats to just hella jump like that damn )

Guren you better watch out one of your future boy friends is FLYING

just kidding despite that crazy jump he must’ve missed the landing (any one else digging that cat-ear lookin’ hairstyle?)



Because theRE HE GOES

Halloween Costumes, Makeup & Treats...

Hi guys! Lately I’ve been on youtube looking for Halloween tutorials on make up and DIY costumes because I still have no idea what to do on Friday. Also included a fun treats just in case some of you are planning on staying inside with a few friends. So here’s a masterpost of all the videos I’ve enjoyed so far and I hope they help you guys out as much as they helped me. xx


Hair & Make Up

Treats & Decors

3 in 1

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Official Chat Noir fanclub vice president must wear kitty things! Because Chat noir is looking.

And when she didn’t have time to undo cat ear hairstyle…

Fanclub members make cat ear hairstyle or put on fake cat ears every friday, so he still don’t know this is Marinette. 

Who and why made fanclub.

Valentine's Day with Hoseok

So now we will be continuing the Valentine’s Day, I’m sorry to everyone that was waiting for this post yesterday but I just needed a day to rest but without further ado, here is our angel, our hope, Jung Hoseok aka J-hope aka Hobi

  • Let’s just jump straight in
  • Hobi is an affectionate lover
  • This kid lo v e s affection
  • There’s a video of him just about whining at kookie to play with his hair so he could sleep if that doesn’t scream precious and needs to be protected, idk what does
  • I also think that’s just really fucking cute that he likes his hair to be played with bc like who’s gonna complain about that
  • Have you seen his hair that shit looks soft as fuck
  • Like can’t you just imagine sitting there, minding your own business and then suddenly you have a whiny hobi complaining about how you left the bed and now it’s cold and too big
  • If you’re willing to give in to the actual five year old he turns into when he’s sleepy, then you two get to go back to bed and cuddle the rest of the morning
  • But honestly, even if you’re like nah I gotta stay out here he’s just gonna curl up next to you and put his head on your shoulder or your lap or your stomach
  • And of course demand that his hair is played with
  • Like literal demand
  • If you don’t you get a super whiny super pouty hobi
  • And while that shit is fucking adorable x300, it does mean he gets really mopey and is just cuddling your puppy instead
  • And mopey!hobi isn’t good we need happy!hobi so you give in eventually and just toy with his hair
  • Honestly though it’s a reward for you too both of you enjoy it
  • He’d let you do literally anything to his hair
  • There was that one video where the 95line (ft. Jin in the background being a casual model and a wild Yoongi also pops in) are dancing around to Big Bang and the dude gave hobi a cat ear hairstyle
  • Side note in those moments, cat boy!hobi was real and it was glorious
  • But back to the point, hobi gave no shits and danced around with the hairstyle and even was like showing it off
  • You could braid it, you could give him pigtails (which btw I n e ed to see pigtail!hobi) you could style it however your lil heart desired
  • Valentine’s Day mornings are v v different from Valentine’s Day nights
  • Mornings are calm and relaxed and neither of you are rushing around
  • It’s all about holding each other close and whispering lil I love yous
  • It’s all whispering too neither of you speak too loudly
  • Like hobi can be loud as fuck, there’s a literal compilation of him screaming (same) but he can also be really soft and gentle
  • When he does logs, he uses that more gentle, lowkey voice and it’s honestly so nice
  • And he can be really really sweet
  • Like he’s an emotional man and I mean that in the best way possible bc he has so much love and respect for the people around him
  • Like the time his family sent him some video clips of them saying hey and he burst into tears
  • That moment was so raw and pure and just it showed an entirely different side to hobi
  • So don’t doubt hobi, he can be super fucking romantic but he also adds in his playful touch
  • But not too much where it feels like he isn’t taking it seriously bc he takes your relationship v v seriously
  • And while he does spoil you with love and attention and the occasional present all throughout the year, he still loves to celebrate Valentine’s Day bc it’s a day he can take off and just put all of his focus onto you
  • Bc you’re his favorite person, you’re his lil bub he doesn’t care if you’re taller or shorter you’re lil in his eyes
  • Valentine’s Day nights are like the complete opposite of the morning though
  • It’s all about running around the town and having fun and just being together and getting out of the house
  • It doesn’t matter what you two do, it’s always always always fun bc you have hobi with you
  • Hobi could make watching paint dry exciting so you don’t have to worry about being bored when he’s around
  • He gets you a million gifts but they’re all small
  • Each one means something different
  • Like sure he may get you a key chain but there’s a meaning behind it, it’s something that makes it more than just a key chain
  • Each gift is so tailored to you and your relationship that it’s almost mind blowing tbh
  • Bc even though they’re not huge and grand, they’re still so so important
  • He loves watching you open them bc he likes seeing your face light up when you realize the meaning it has
  • A happy you means a happy hobi