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Takuto reacting to mc wearing cat ears

I will continue from the story which Takuto hack into MC’s phone. I just can’t stop teasing Takuto a little. Sorry Takuto.
Link from previous story is as below.

Today, you are finally backed from your business trip and you wonder how Takuto get through these past few days. Takuto is looking sulking the moment you step home and you can guess what is going on in his head. You can’t help but laugh silently of his adorable.

“Are you still mad?” You grinned.

“Of course I am. You teased me.” Takuto sulked.

“But you still hacked in and have a look every day.” You giggled and Takuto blushed until his face is red as tomatoes. He ignores you totally and pretends to be busy typing on his computer. You giggled and go to the bathroom to put on your sexy new bra and G-string panties that you just bought. On top of that, you put on a cat ears hairband and walk into the bedroom.

“Takuto, as an apologized to you, I had a present for you.” You said seductively while posing a cute little kitten pose for him. Takuto turns to look at you and his face turn red. He then walks over to you and throw you down on the bed.

“You really are doing on purpose. You jolly well know that I can’t hold on much longer.” Takuto pouted.

“Then you can enjoy as much as you like for tonight.” You wrapped your hands around his neck and whispered into his ear.

That seem to light up his fire in his eyes and he kisses you passionately. He bites your lips and forces his tongue inside your mouth. He urgently removes his shirt and unzips his trousers as if he can’t wait any longer. You help him by pulling down his trousers together with his boxer while his hands on your panties, pulling it down for you. Still kissing you hard, he wraps his hands around your back and places his fingers at the hook of your bra while he slips his legs in between yours. He moves his lips down to your neck, kissing and sucking you hard, making you let out a seductive moan and he unhook your bra. He throw your bra down on the floor and grope your breast with one hand while sucking your nipple when he moves his lips down. You arched your back in pleasure and press his head against your breasts while feeling his manhood near your pussy.

“Takuto…Mnm..I want you… Mnmm… inside me…Mnm..” You gasped and wrapped your legs around his waist.

Without replying you, Takuto lifts himself up slightly, grabbing your legs from his waist and place it over his shoulders. He then leans forward to you with your legs still above his shoulder and penetrates deep inside you. Your eyes turn white at the sensation and moan even louder than before. Your moan did not last long as Takuto pushes even forward can capture your lips with his. Takuto pulls his member all the way out and thrust back in again in fast, repeating the process again and again, hitting all your sensitive spots every with thrust. Maybe it is due to all the teasing for the past week and for holding up too long, Takuto is more aggressively than before. He did not slow down for one bit and continue thrusting even faster and soon ejaculate his first load deep inside you. He ejaculate so much that it is over flowing out from you. He slowly lower your legs and continue peck of kisses on your lips while his member is still inside you.

“You are not pulling out?” You asked while still breathing hard.

“I had not punished you enough.” Takuto smirked and start oscillating his hips again. You gasped and let the sweet punishment continue until morning.

[150425] Park Sohyun's Love Game Part 6
  • (Xiumin introduced T-ara's Bo Peep Bo Peep while dancing to the choreo)
  • DJ: Oh my gosh, Xiumin's Bo Peep Bo Peep is really cute. Everyone needed to see this. The way he moved was like a cat! So cute. Cuteeee. Cuuuute.
  • Xiumin: I wasn't thinking about it, but my hands just moved like that on their own!
  • Guest: Cuteee~
  • DJ: You probably couldn't help it since it was dance and performance that captured the entire nation. You remember when they did this with the cat ear hairbands and gloves, right? I think Xiumin would really suit those if he did it.
  • Xiumin: (laughs)
  • DJ: Actually, if we were to ask if you're closer to a cat-like face or a dog-like face, you're more of a cat-like face aren't you Xiumin-ssi?
  • Xiumin: Yes! Cat-like face!
  • DJ: Yes, no matter how you look at it. Your eyes too. Has anyone ever said that you look similar to some animal before?
  • Xiumin: It seems like I look similar to a lot of different animals. I've heard I look like a racoon, hamster, desert fox... All different kinds.
  • Xiumin: The fans have compared a lot of pictures of animals with me, and honestly, I look similar to them.
  • DJ: Then which animal do you prefer [to be compared to]?
  • Xiumin: Uh... It's strange but I think I fit a hamster well. (laughs)