cat daddy

Hi guys! Sorry i took so long to finally release this drawing! I present to you the adorable Yoosung Kim (honestly, him and 707 are the cutest out of the bunch and he is the most colourful!). Hopefully I can get Zen into this before the end of this month to complete the RFA section of these chibis! I am planing to make a collection of acrylic charms using these little babies so please tell me what you think ^^

707/Luciel choi/Saeyoung choi
Jumin Han
Jaehee Kang 

SEVEN  MC ♪ Comic

I wrote a little comic YwY 
There have a lot of page 
Hope you enjoy
I re-use the same picture a lot lol lolol lolol

Acutally this bug (The CG not show in Visual novel mode)that happen to MC is happen to me too TT 
but the call history still have the character voice 
Then I re-install it , bug in visual novel is fix but the call history is bug… ;;

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Then there’s Kate Upton cat daddying? Happy Tuesday.