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He doesn't just love Elly :3c
  • Jumin: *takes a deep breath*
  • Jumin: I lo-
  • Anyone who has spent five seconds around him ever: Yes, you love Elizabeth 3rd we know, you love Elizabeth 3rd so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Elizabeth 3rd we KNOW, you love Elizabeth 3rd you fucking love Elizabeth okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE ELIZABETH 3RD. WE GET IT.
  • Jumin: ....
  • Jumin: Was going to say I love MC, but alright.

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Can I request RFA+Saeran and V reacting to finding out MC is deaf?

Sure thing!


  • He noticed that when he was talking to you, you were focused on his lips, rather than his eyes or something else
  • You told him that you could read lips pretty well, so he didn’t have to worry too much, but he still worried
  • He wanted to learn sign language to make it easier for you, so you helped him learn
  • He was constantly making sure he signed words correctly and he was really happy that you were teaching him, and being extremely patient about it as well
  • He felt bad because he called you pretty often on the phone before, so he tried to call through Skype or something similar when he wanted to talk to you
  • He had Seven make a video call for the RFA app to make it easier to converse with all the members, and would help the other members learn sign language as well


  • He wanted to know whether you were born this way or you gradually lost your hearing
  • And the best methods for communicating with you
  • He would try his best to learn sign language, and he made sure that you knew what was going on when he was with you
  • He liked how you could sense he was nearby without hearing him come in
  • He liked to say things in sign language that the other members didn’t know, such as something dirty, because he loved how flustered you got
  • He liked to learn all the nicknames he could call you, and he would never tell the other members what they meant just to fuck with them


  • She probably knew a few words in sign language, but she wanted to learn more from you
  • She would try her best to handle taking orders in the café, and she loved how some of the regular customers would sign words to make it easy for you
  • She wouln’t let anyone say bad stuff about you
  • And if she heard someone taking shit she’s gonna catch them outside
  • She’s good at martial arts I wouldn’t try her
  • And she was never too tired to sign with you if that’s your preferred method of communication


  • Okay so I feel like he would have had some interaction with deaf CEOs so he would know sign language
  • And he’d probably be pretty good at it
  • Not only that, but he’d try to find some medical solution to your deafness if he could
  • Him and his wealth, what can you do
  • And he loves calling you nicknames in sign language
  • If you speak he likes how your voice sounds
  • He will demand a video call feature from Seven


  • He’s obviously known for a while
  • And implemented a video call feature in the first few days to help you
  • But let you decide when to talk about it
  • He also learned sign language as quickly as he could so he could converse with you
  • And when he remembered the bomb, he played it off by casually inviting you to stay with him to avoid scaring you
  • He had to talk about it but he didn’t want you to be there alone
  • And he liked your heightened senses


  • Okay so you paired up with a mostly blind man
  • And V was worried all the time about talking with you
  • So Seven made an app to help your communication (mostly for your sake)
  • It helped a lot
  • And this partially motivated V to get the surgery
  • So one day you two are hanging out and he uses the app to tell you he has a surprise
  • And he surprises you with the calendar that has the appointment set up for his surgery
  • You started crying because he was healing slowly
  • Pure cinnamon roll I love him a lot


  • He was nervous all the time about signing wrong and offending you
  • He acted chill around you but he was dying
  • And when he finally told you, you tried to reassure him by practicing with him more
  • You also told him that he could speak, he had to face you fully though
  • In secret he learned as much as he could about deafness, and he was curious if there was a surgery to help you
  • But if there wasn’t, or there was but you didn’t want it, he wouldn’t force anything

Hi guys! Sorry i took so long to finally release this drawing! I present to you the adorable Yoosung Kim (honestly, him and 707 are the cutest out of the bunch and he is the most colourful!). Hopefully I can get Zen into this before the end of this month to complete the RFA section of these chibis! I am planing to make a collection of acrylic charms using these little babies so please tell me what you think ^^

707/Luciel choi/Saeyoung choi
Jumin Han
Jaehee Kang 


I showed this video to my cat and he was obsessed with it

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Hiya! Could you do RFA's reactions to MC falling into to each members bad habits (ex: Jaehee working too hard, 707 never eating or sleeping, Yoosung playing games and not studying) ? Thank you and I'm really enjoying your writing! ❤

AHH I finally got around to finishing what I started for the answer! I hope I wrote out what you were expecting <3 I’m glad you like my writing!

  • He knew you were a student and you were supposed to be studying for exam
  • But he never actually saw you studying
  • And he didn’t say anything because you always played LOLOL with him so he wasn’t exactly catching on
  • But you came back from class in low spirits and when he asked you about it you refused to talk
  • He saw that there was an essay in the garbage bin with a large F on it
  • When he brought it up, you tried to avoid talking about it by mentioning LOLOL
  • But he didn’t let it slide and you confessed that you started falling into his bad habits
  • “MC! Don’t be like me! You have to study!”
  • He, from then on, made at least an hour everyday to put towards studying
  • And he made you two game less as well
  • Well, tried to
  • So, he always had fun with you when you went out because you were okay with drinking a lot, even if you regretted it the next day
  • And he thought initially that you weren’t otherwise drinking really
  • And he wouldn’t let you smoke
  • So you didn’t
  • But you did drink a lot
  • And you made sure that the fridge was stocked with some beers
  • But he noticed your changes in behavior when you were intoxicated, and there was an increase in these times
  • And he immediately stepped in and helped you stop falling into his bad habits
  • He was godly and could handle it but he didn’t want to come home from work to find you’ve died from alcohol poisoning.
  • She had been working a lot to make the café successful
  • She appreciated that you helped a lot with the paperwork
  • She noticed that you were finishing all of the paperwork with her faster than she expected
  • She hadn’t noticed how little you slept, and how much work you were truly doing
  • She had been making breakfast one morning, and you practically fell into your chair
  • “MC? Are you okay?”
  • “Yeah… fine… just tired…” you mumbled, your face slouching into your hand as you leaned against the table
  • “MC how long have you slept?”
  • “Uh… 2 and ½ hours I think?”
  • “MC, as soon as we’re done with breakfast we’re sleeping”
  • “But Jaehee there’s so much work to still do for the café”
  • She wasn’t taking that
  • She made you sleep for the day while she made you meals in between
  • She would never let herself get so caught up again
  • He had finally figured out how to have emotions
  • And he loved how tender-hearted and empathetic you were
  • There were some days when he would be a little more clean-cut/emotionless
  • And eventually it started wearing you out
  • And you started to also make black and white decisions
  • He noticed a change in you but he wasn’t sure what it was at first
  • It got to the point where you would barely ask him anything about work before you went to sleep
  • He had no idea how to bring back your emotion
  • So he consulted the one person he trusts more than you
  • He asked RFA what to do about your recent lack of feeling
  • Yoosung told him that you were acting that way because he wasn’t around enough
  • Jaehee told him that perhaps you weren’t feeling so well and that you had a cold
  • Zen rubbed it in Jumin’s face that he was asking for his advice before telling him that he wasn’t emotional enough around you
  • Seven told him it was because you were trying to plot the best time to run away
  • So Jumin took Zen’s advice (as much as he didn’t want to) and he was more emotional than before
  • He hoped you would take change
  • And you did
  • He definitely told you how worried he was once you were back to normal
  • He was determined to make you sleep enough regularly
  • You began falling out of it, but he prevented you from losing too much sleep
  • So he didn’t notice when you weren’t eating much
  • You were always around him, making sure he ate at least 2 meals a day
  • And he was happy to have you around, helping him make meals
  • But he noticed you weren’t eating as much as usual
  • He figured “Maybe they’re not feeling well”
  • He brushed it off as you headed to bed
  • After about a week of you not eating he called you out on it
  • And you shrugged it off, trying to eat a little bit more
  • He yelled, but not because he was upset with you
  • He was upset with himself because he hadn’t caught it sooner
  • So you made a deal to eat more food together, and to not let it get that bad again

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RFA's reaction to an MC obsessed with a game like Mystic Messenger?

Sorry I took so long! Hope you enjoy <3


  • He knows full well what this is like
  • I mean, LOLOL?
  • He saw you playing a game all the time on your phone
  • He noticed how slowly you were bringing it up in conversation, losing sleep to this game, missing meals
  • He intervened a small bit
  • Encouraging you to join in at the park, partaking in nap times with him, just generally playing the game less
  • He didn’t want to stop you from playing the game because that’d be hypocritical, but he does want you to maintain your health
  • Eventually you get better about it, and if it’s a multiplayer game he’s all for playing with you


  • Okay he has a slight obsession with work and himself so he knows what obsession can look like in one form
  • He doesn’t realize at first that you’re eating less or sleeping less
  • Once he realizes it, you best believe he is encouraging you to come with him to practice, helping him on lines, basically trying to prevent you from playing the game
  • He tries to be caring but it can be frustrating for him
  • He learns how to have the patience of a god
  • Eventually you start to become less obsessed, and he does support you having something to do in your free time but he will not let you become so obsessed again


  • She knew that you were obsessed with this multiplayer game
  • You played it constantly but you were always helping around when necessary so she didn’t see any reason to intervene with you and your happiness
  • Hello, she watches Zen’s musicals in a slightly obsessive way
  • She noticed you starting to play longer hours, but you still helped around
  • She tried to get you to bed early one night an you snapped at her slightly
  • Momma Jaehee is in the room now
  • She gets you to turn it off, but you were upset
  • She talks to you about it while getting comfortable in bed
  • She just wants you to stay healthy so she helps you de-obsess and it works
  • She won’t let it slide for so long next time


  • He noticed how you were on your phone a lot, but you were planning RFA’s party so he didn’t think much of it
  • He did start to notice, however, that you were on your phone more even when he was home
  • So he has the guards check in during the day, and one day hears how you sent the chef away
  • He is intervening ASAP
  • You and him talk for quite a long time, and he has your phone to make sure you’re paying attention
  • You come to a compromise with him and you agree to be on your phone less if he stays home a few more days
  • He supports you playing sometimes, but no more obsessing too much


  • So he knows quite a bit about losing sleep and health to something he’s obsessed with
  • Um can I just say Seven’s route before he sees you
  • Anyway so he easily picks up on it when you first started RFA
  • And he sometimes fucks with you to frustrate you enough to stop playing
  • But it becomes harder to get to that point
  • He intervenes by changing the password to the game, and when you ask him to fix it over the phone he has a long conversation with you about how you need to obsess less
  • You get frustrated and hang up, but you feel bad so you try to work it out by calling again
  • He helps you be less obsessed but you make him promise to you that he’ll do something to keep his health as well

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Can you do the RFA reacting to MC accidentally farting in front of them for the first time pleaseeeeeeeeee? Also I love your writings and wonder if you're going to be doing fics on all RFA members or just Jumin?

LMAOOOOOOO THIS MADE ME LAUGH SOOOO HARD. It’s such an adorable request   \(^.^)/ Thank you!! and yes I have something in store for all the members of the RFA and Saeran too I was thinking of doing either Yoosung or Saeyoung next she shall see my lovelies \(T_T)/ Seriously though I had SO much fun writing this I hope you all enjoy it


  • Poor baby, he’s so embarrassed
  • He has NO IDEA how to act in this situation
  • It’s not a huge deal to him because it’s super natural and everyone does it
  • When he sees that you are super embarrassed because you’ve never farted in front of him before he feels GUILTY AF
  • MC I’M SO SORRY” “…yousung why are you sorry I was the one who ripped ass”
  • He hugs you super tight and peppers your face with kisses until you’re a giggling mess. He tells you that he loves you more than anything in the world and that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed of something that everyone does
  • Secretly happy because he has the green light to fart in front of you too now


  • Here you are a blushing mess, silently cursing yourself for being all gross and farty
  • She literally just looks at you and goes back to her work
  • When you talk to her about it, she’s like????
  • “uh I fart too you know, and literally every single person on this planet?”
  • “So you don’t think I’m gross?”
  • She giggles and kisses your cheek, “you are too cute MC, the furthest thing from gross.”
  • Now you guys fart in front of each other all the time


  • I feel like he would be unfazed too
  • Like its totally normal
  • He notices tho that MC is sitting face down on the couch IMMEDIATELY rushes over
  • “Princess???????” “Are you okay?????”
  • You’re a teary blushing mess. “Are you gonna break up with me because I am so gross and farted in front of you”
  • He literally is laughing so hard right now
  • “What on earth are you saying MC, why would I break up with you because you farted, silly goose”
  • You pout and say, “I bet your hot costars don’t every fart”
  • He looks at you, “Babe, rehearsals are literally fart central” his face completely deadpanned. “That’s why it didn’t even occur to me that you did it. PLUS IT’S NATURAL”
  • He pulls you into his lap and kisses you cheek and trails kisses down your neck, “Don’t be nervous, I am happy you feel comfortable around me”
  • He flashes you a devilish grin, “Plus you’re so cute when you’re flustered and embarrassed”


  • Of course he’s not juvenile enough to mind something so common, but when he sees you red and embarrasses he shuts down?
  • So what does he do, whips out his handy dandy smartphone and quickly googles it and skims articles which say to make you feel comfortable
  • He turns to you arms wide, deeply inhaling,”Why MC that was a lovely smelling one, great job.” THIS MOTHERFUCKER
  • If you were a little embarrassed before, you are completely and utterly mortified right not, “WHAT THE FUCK JUMIN” 
  • You run into the bedroom and bury yourself in pillows “Not only did I fart in front of my boyfriend, BUT HE INHALED SAID FART AND CRITIQUED IT”
  • He’s hella confused now and texts his homeboi Driver Kim, explaining the situation. Driver Kim texts him back “I am sorry Jumin, this is my fault, I have failed you for not teaching you properly”
  • Cue Driver Kim, holding his head in his hands, silently sending prayers to MC and to God that MC doesn’t murder Cat Daddy.
  • He walks into the room, and sits on the edge of the bed, stiff but rubbing MC’s back. He feels really guilty and rambles and apology about how he doesn’t know how to emotion and that he loves her so much and every part of her-
  • MC feels guilty because he looks so sad and adorable. She hugs him and kisses his cheeks saying that she may have overreacted. 
  • “Jaehee, I am sorry I cannot come to work today- there is an urgent matter I must attend to at home”
  • They cuddle for hours YES CUDDLE YOU KINKY PERVS
  • He showers her in kisses, feeling at ease when she giggles
  • “MC I love you, seriously more than anything in the world.”
  • “I love you too Juju…………………but no more smelling my farts okay”
  • buuuuuuut whyyyy, ugh ok I guess


  • will
  • make
  • SO
  • much 
  • fun 
  • of 
  • you
  • Welcome to Hell
  • When he sees you’re getting all embarrassed
  • “Babe” 
  • “Hmm?”
  • “You think your fart was bad”
  • “WHAT”
  • “You’ve already dealt with my Silent but deadlies here and there, but get ready for my Loud and Prouds”
  • Seven what are yo-”
  • He then lets out the most VILE fart known to man kind. Like the smell is so putrid that you can feel your eyes water.
  • He’s literally dying of laughter right now and you’re dying of lack of clean air
  • LIKE??? 
  • He comes over and pouts, “Do you still love me MC” “IDK PROBABLY NOT”
  • “Well I will always love you, so you can fart in front of me all the time, be as gross as you want because no one can outgross the defender of justice 707″
  • Then you guys have a hot make out session

Yaaaaay I hope you guys liked it!!! Please reblog and show this post and me some loooooooveeeeeeeee. Shoot me a message if you wanna talk or send me a request :D Seriously I am still laughing at this entire prompt