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1) Answer the new questions given by the previous person.
2) Write 11 new questions.
3) Tag 11 people

tagged by @irimaru(you forgot one question lol I’m doing it like that)

1) Favourite character?

Yona from the manga Akatsuki no Yona(go read it it’s super good)

2) Writing or drawing?

(obvious answer) drawing!

3) Want a hug?

I’m always open for giving hugs!

5) The fact that you hate most about people?

I guess It’s when after explaining something 4 times they still don’t understand

6) Favourite laguage?

Spanish cuz it’s my first language

7) What would you do if you only had two days of life and a lot of money?

Fix my house and give the rest to my parents

8) Favourite country/ Where you would like to live?

I don’t have a favourite country but I’d like to live somewhere peaceful without much conflicts(unrealistic ikr :’D)

9) Cats or dogs?

Cats since dogs are too playfull for me

10) Do you want to learn something especially?

I guess speaking japanese…?

11) Pizza with pinneaple?

The door is there, leave.

My questions:

1) How did you meet your first friend?
2) Top 5 songs
3) Long or short hair?
4) Do you like your name(and middle name if you have)?
5) Have a celebrity crush?
6) What language would you like to learn?
7) Go to the nearest book, open page 57 and read line 21, what does it say?
8) Last book you read?
9) Favourite food?
10) Do you like your teeth?
11) Do you sing?

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