cat cult

Welcome to The Calt Phannies Net! (note: calt= cat cult and this started off as a joke based off  this post so don’t judge us too harshly okay) 

about the net!

- this net is hosted by @serenephil and @danopoly!

- calt= cat cult (the peak of our creativity is at 12 am, phacts only.)

- no, you don’t have to adore cats or anything, as long as you appreciate them you’re welcome here!

- we will be accepting about 12-15 people! (and possibly more in the future)

- the deadline for applications is April 21st! (may be extended or shortened depending on how many applications we get)

- this gc  will be on imessage, so please take this into consideration before filling out the typeform!

what you must do to join!

- must be following julie, megan, and the caltphannies net blog!

- must reblog this post!

- must be 12-18 years old to apply!

- your blog doesn’t have to be solely dedicated to dan and phil, as long as you like them it’s fine!

- must fill out this typeform!

cool things about the net?

- some cool new friends/mutuals!

- some nice lil reblogs/likes on selfies and content!

- fun lil  bants!

- sharing your dankest memes!

- skype calls (but only if you’re comfortable with it when the time comes, don’t stress about it too much!)

- movie nights on!

- cards against humanity!

- sharing cute cat photos! (or any animals you want for that matter)

- discussing dan and phil with fellow dnp lovers!

if you have any more questions, please send an ask to the caltphannies net blog, and even if you aren’t going to apply, reblogging to spread the word would be appreciated!

(p.s. if this gets less than 50 notes then it didn’t happen)

someone: you’re reading warrior cats?? those books are for kids wtf

me: one cat literally got his intestines ripped out and died nine times and two young cats were mauled by dogs one got her face ripped off one cat created a racist cult clan and told a half blood cat to murder two kittens and when he refused he was murdered execution style and one cat literally was impaled in the throat by a stick

me: but you know

me: for kids


Here at the old l-blog we are trying to figure out how to celebrate the notification that we now have 500 - non pornbot - followers. I suggested voting on a way to celebrate but it turns out cats don’t care to have others know how they vote so they won’t do show of hands (paws) and can’t be bothered to fill out secret ballots. So, Beezus and I have decided on two things.
First, we are starting a cult where we will dress only in blue and yellow, eat ice cream each day, vote progressive AND worship lichen. If you wish to join you are welcome to do so by following our standards. There is already a splinter sect (cats) who won’t wear the colors due to their nakedness.
Second, to our followers, we offer the opportunity to look at the above pictured images of an amazing tree for no cost whatsoever. That it is always free should not take away from the festival atmosphere surrounding this post.
I think it may be a sumac due to the fuzz on the branch tips but I’ve never seen one that looked like this. I will check back in a few weeks when the leaves are out for slightly more certain identification.
I love my lichen community!
Lichen on!

Chase likes cats

Not just, likes them he LIKES CATS

not just the big ones the small ones too

One time, while watching a Showdown like his usual typical Chase self does, he sees a little stray cat and not only does he ignore literally everything around him, his pupils EXPLODE, HIS EYES ARE SO WIDE HE HAS GAZED AT PURITY AND NOBILITY

He drops everything he’s doing, he’s going to fucking pet that cat. In New York City? You need a fucking leash on him, he will have a hoard of fucking cat’s surrounding him like a fucking cat cult. He pets every stray, picks up every kitten.

He treats them like treasure.

His feline warriors have cubs? Fuck, he loves em. He low key spends several hours a day just laying around his palace basking with cubs. No way in hell could he ever dislike one or be mean.

He loves them, he loves cats