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Dear Evan Hansen X Yuri on Ice AU (see my other musical AUs)

So this has been swirling around in my head for ages (inspired in part by one of @zephyrine-gale‘s posts), and I have too many HCs to list, but featuring:

  • Yuuri as Evan Hansen
  • Victor as Connor Murphy
  • Yurio as Zoe Murphy
  • Phichit as Jared Kleinman
  • Minako as Heidi Hansen
  • Yakov and Lilia as Larry and Cynthia Murphy

See under the cut for headcanons about this AU (warning for long post)

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anonymous asked:

Kitten/ leashes/ shock collar/ "bad boy"

“Meow.” The sound came out short and emotionless from the young Earl as he stood on his bed on his knees, his hands imitating cat paws with one raised higher than the other. His face was strained as he forced a smile which ended up being distorted. His left eye’s bottom lid twitched.

Sebastian stood in front of the bed, arm over his front and the other’s hand holding his chin. His brows furrowed in thought as he watched his master. Finally, after many fruitless attempts and pleading, he succeeded in getting his master to put on the attire he got for him last year.

Ciel was dressed into a pair of panties with a frilly mini skirt that was more of an accessory than a garment. On his neck was a leather collar with metal studs and a chain leash hung from the metal ring. On his head was a headband with cat ears. Lace cuffs adorned his wrists and ankles. The most interesting part of the outfit was the cat tail because it wasn’t just a ‘tail’.

After seeing his master’s bad performance, Sebastian sighed and shook his head. One of his hands reached into a pocket.

“Hng!” Ciel moaned and fell forward, ending up on his fours as he propped himself up on his hands. His buttocks tensed as his hole tightened around the dildo that was inside him. The tip of the tail part curled. The interesting feature of the tail dildo was that it wasn’t just a vibrating dildo. It was that the higher the vibration mode was set, the more the tail part would curl.

Sebastian smiled at that reaction. “You’ve been a bad, bad kitten. You know that?” He came up to the bed and moved to sit on it. As he did, he withdrew the vibrator remote which also controlled another thing. On one side of the remote was the control for the tail vibrator, and on the other was the control for the shock collar that Ciel was wearing. The butler pushed the button that had an arrow pointing ‘up’ on the collar control side and Ciel jolted as a quick shock of electricity was sent to his neck. “Turn your butt this way, please.” Sebastian said.

Ciel slowly moved to do as his butler told him, hating what was happening even more than just wearing the ridiculous outfit.

“Now say “meow“ again.” Sebastian said.

Ciel pressed his lips together, feeling reluctant.

To that, Sebastian increased the vibration of the dildo. The tip of the tail part curled up more.

“Mmgh!“ Ciel hung his head, his hands clenching into fists.

“Say “meow”, My Lord.“ Sebastian repeated.

“M-meow.“ Ciel breathed out.

“Again.“ Sebastian ordered, administering another light shock of electricity.

“Ah! … Meow!” Ciel let out with a bit more confidence.

“Once more, My Lord!” Sebastian was definitely loving this.

“Meow!” Ciel raised his voice.

Sebastian smiled. He raised the mode of the vibrator to maximum just like that and Ciel screamed, throwing his head back. Sebastian took hold of the tail part and started to fuck his master’s hole with the toy as it vibrated.

Ciel’s thighs tensed and his hips shook. He moaned and panted. From time to time, Sebastian would shock him with the electricity from the shock collar and Ciel would let out a “meow!” As this drew on, Ciel grew closer and closer to his orgasm.

“Again, Master!“ Sebastian said. He sent another electric shock to Ciel’s neck and angled the vibrator so it would press against the boy’s front where his prostate was.

“MEOW~!“ Ciel cried out, tossing his head back as he ejaculated onto the sheets below him, his body trembling in pleasure.