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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

“Masquerader” - By emzurl

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I’ve been wanting to make a comic for a while now to get a feel for how to make one. This is going to be a learning process for me so I welcome you on this ride! I had this idea for some time so I hope you enjoy. I’m planning on posting a page every Monday (#LadybugLundi anyone? haha) so stay tuned!


(I wrote this whole thing out on mobile, posted it, then for some reason all my writing was gone -_-)

So I’ve been getting a lot of asks about where I got my ladybug mask/if the mask is makeup and I thought I’d put this tutorial together instead of answering them all privately. 

First, I used masking tape and covered the general area of my face where I wanted the mask to be. I made sure to press it tightly to my face to make sure it took the shape of my face. I then drew the shape of the mask, removed the masking tape and cut it out. With a bit of tweaking, I had my template.

Next, I place the mask back on my face and traced it out with an eyebrow pencil. With the outline drawn on my face, I then painted the Red and Black spots with stage makeup and a bit of acrylic paint and let it dry, then followed it up with the liquid latex.

I got a bottle of liquid latex from Amazon for $8 and barely used half of it for 2 attempts. The first attempt you can see in the picture with the 3 masks on a mannequin head. It was bright in color, but thinner than paper and very flimsy. I had only done 3 very thin layers of latex. The middle mask, my final mask, I did 9 layers of extra thick latex and used a throw-away paint brush normally used for painting details on walls to paint it on. The trick is to let the layers dry in between, otherwise it’ll take days for your mask to cure enough to remove it.

This took me about 2-3 hours to do. The latex takes some time to dry between layers, so I had a small fan blowing directly at my face. This helped speed up the process, and keep the fumes from making my eyes water. 

Once the 9th layer was dry, I peeled it off my face (make sure to use a glue-stick to stick any hair down before using the liquid latex, otherwise you’ll pull the hair out) and let it dry for 3 days on top of the masking tape mask on the mannequin. This made sure it didn’t lose it’s shape while it cured. Then I cut the excess latex away from the mask and painted it by mixing some of the liquid latex with acrylic paint. Make sure to let this cure on the same masking tape+mannequin head so that it doesn’t lose shape with it’s new layer of latex.

Let it cure, and viola! You can adhere it to your face with either spirit gum/glue or double sided tape, just make sure to clean the mask with a slightly damp cloth when you’re finished! And the trick with keeping the eye holes large, but the mask looking seamless is to use the same red stage makeup around your eyes (almost like a red raccoon) before attaching the mask.