cat construction


This was what I was working on all semester! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I hope that maybe it can help some other artists.

I’m by no means an expert, just a student wanting to share my work with others. :)


paperwren  asked:

Do you know what to do with a bird that doesn't want to leave it's cage? I switched my cockatiel to an appropriate size cage last year and he seems happier now, but when I open his cage he rarely comes out.

So, I find this is oddly a quite common question I get - I just can’t reference the previous posts.
Basically its a discovery process.
Is there any reason for your bird to feel insecure out of its cage?
- New furniture?
- New surroundings in other rooms?
- New pets or changes to the everyday household/people?
-Any changes outside i.e any wild birds? cats? dogs? construction?

Is there a favourite toy in there that’s discouraging adventurous behaviour? If so regular daily rotation of toys will help with new experiences and create a more curious bird.

If there are no reasons as stated above then perhaps the cage is just a secure place and you need somewhere else, outside of your cockatiels cage to make it feel secure and have activities with toys and food to make it fun as well.
This can be in the form of a hand held perch, stationary bird stand or play gym, or even a carry cage.
But first you have to encourage your bird - through little steps onto these spots through positive experiences and rewards.
-Handheld perches are a good place to start, encourage your bird onto the perch with a favourite treat, then place back into its cage.
-Repeat this at a short distance for a few days then gradually increase the length away from the cage.
- This is where a play stand or play gym comes in handy, transfer your bird from the perch to the play gym and encourage short periods of stationary positive experiences on the stands

Keep everything exciting and positive so your bird knows that it’s okay to come out of its cage, and give him lots of scratches.

Brooklyn construction workers will now be held accountable for catcalling

At one Brooklyn construction site, it just got a lot easier for victims to report incidents of street harassment. In a move to hold construction workers accountable, those working on a massive apartment complex in Prospect Heights will now have to wear specially designated hats. There will be four varieties to help pinpoint problematic workers.

Sounds that make me happy :)
  • The sound of a cracking egg
  • Cutting into construction paper
  • A cat’s purr
  • Zippers and velcro
  • Crunching soda cans
  • The whir of a yo-yo
  • Sizzling bacon
  • The screams of the innocent upon my altar as their blood summons the demonic lord Morvor-Shelak-Skilfizzle who shall burn the forests and boil the oceans as harbinger of the end of days when I shall reign at the right hand of the one true ruler of the universe Hagul-Hazulful-Wigglepimple-Kor-Denimshorts and partake of the devoured souls of the world’s children under a blood red moon and blackened day sky
  • Crunching leaves
  • Flipping through book pages
  • The click of an old camera shutter
things that people who aren't from New York City think are just in the movies

your skirt flying up when you’re over a subway grate
cat-calling construction workers
the naked cowboy
people getting proposed to in grand central terminal
homeless people screaming profanities in public
flash mobs
rich old ladies with big fur coats and tiny white dogs
amazing musicians in the subway
lone individuals rollerskating in their underwear (who might give you a knuckle-touch if you’re lucky)
constant horn-honking (i mean constant)
drag queens strutting, looking their finest
assistants dressed in black running with starbucks in one hand and a smartphone in the other