cat clutch bag


This is a collaboration between @superkaralovesfanfiction and myself.

@superkaralovesfanfiction saw my prompt I posted a few days ago and decided to fill it. Kara looked absolutely stunning in the wedding dress and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind, what if it wasn’t Mon-El there with Kara when Mr. Mxysptlk comes in but Cat Grant? I envisioned some Supercat fluff and fun piece and this is what happened.

Kara heard a knock on her door and stood from her chair to get it, expecting anything from delivery to the neighbour bringing by her lost mail again. The one thing she was not expecting when she pulled her door wide open was Cat Grant, standing there in full Cat Grant attire, business suit and perfect hair, looking oddly nervous and at odds with herself.

Kara stared at her for maybe a full minute before remembering to speak, and stepped back slightly to let her in, her voice stuttering as she welcomed her in, months of wishing and dreaming finally here before her. Even Kara, invulnerable alien that she was, was a little weak right now. She couldn’t quite believe all this was happening. And what it meant. “Um, Ms, Ms. Grant.” Kara stuttered shakily and took a short breath before continuing. “What are you doing here?”

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