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Red Lipstick in the Kitchen

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21. 3:28am
85. Red lipstick

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Kara awoke with a start. The sound of loud knocking echoed in her alien ears. Rolling over, she checked the clock. 3:28 am. She rushed out of bed, fumbling to get her glasses on as she came out into the living area.

The knocking continued as Kara threw open the door. Her eyes went wide at the sight before her. Cat Grant. Cat Grant in a black dress, slit up to her thigh. Cat Grant in a black dress, slit up to her thigh, wearing impeccably applied red lipstick. She was leaning against the door frame, a satisfied smirk on her face.

Kara realized she was gawking and snapped her mouth shut. “Uh, uh, Ms. Grant,” she stuttered, “I, uh, I thought you had the gala tonight.”

Cat pushed off the doorframe and stepped into Kara’s space. Kara quickly stepped back, intimidated. Once she was inside the apartment, Cat closed the door and reclined against it, holding the knob.

“I did,” Cat responded. “But the gala’s over and I don’t want to go home.”

Kara’s sensitive olfactory nerves picked up the faint scent of bourbon and she quickly asked, “Have you been drinking, Ms. Grant?”

“Of course I’ve been drinking.”

Cat stood up straight and Kara stiffened. Slowly walking an imaginary tight rope, Cat began stalking toward Kara. The young superhero swore she felt all the strength drain from her body at the seductive look in Cat’s eyes. Cat was always beautiful, but right now all Kara could think was that she looked so, so sexy.

The closer Cat came, the more Kara tried to back up. She felt the small of her back hit the kitchen counter and she knew she was out of places to run. She’d never been more captivated and more afraid in her whole life.

A second later, Cat’s body was brushing against hers and Kara’s head started swimming as Cat’s breath puffed lightly against her face. Slight arms came to Kara’s sides, slipping around to grasp the counter behind Kara, pinning her in place.

They were so close together and their gazes locked. Despite the alcohol, Cat’s eyes were bright and clear and completely focused on Kara. If either one of them moved only a few inches, their lips would surely touch.

“Ms. Grant,” Kara whispered, “what are you doing?” Kara’s eyes closed and all she could feel was Cat, all she could smell was Cat, and all she could hear was Cat.

While her eyes were still closed, the softest lips ghosted across her jaw line. Kara inhaled sharply at the gentle contact. Then Cat’s nose nuzzled the shell of her ear and Kara unconsciously leaned into the touch.

“Cat…” Kara tried to get more words out, but the tingles pulsing through her prevented her from talking.

The other woman spoke in a voice low with seduction. “Tell me you haven’t wanted this and I’ll walk back out that door.” Her lips pressed to the spot just under the hinge of Kara’s jaw and Kara adjusted to give her free access.

“You know I can’t say that,” Kara whispered, unable to open her eyes.

Then Cat’s hands left the counter top and lifted to rest on either side of Kara’s ribcage and she placed agonizingly slow kisses at Kara’s neck.

Cat’s breath was on Kara’s mouth. “No more lies.” She reached up and easily pulled Kara’s glasses from her face. At that, Kara forced her eyes open in time to watch Cat toss the glasses aside and they slid across the counter. Their eyes met and Cat said, “No more games.”

Before Kara had a chance to respond, Cat pressed a passionate and wanting kiss to her mouth. Kara had always imagined their first kiss as slow and soft, but this was better than anything she had fantasized about. She wrapped her arms around Cat’s waist and pulled her close until not even the air separated them.

They kissed with open mouths and pushing tongues, quickly getting lost. Kara’s hands moved over the skin exposed by the backless dress Cat was wearing. Cat fanned her fingers over Kara’s torso under her shirt and the closeness was intoxicating.

Kara tore her mouth from Cat’s and moved to suck lightly at her neck. Pressing her tongue to Cat’s pulse point, Kara felt how hard the woman’s heart was beating.

A soft, “Kara,” escaped Cat’s lips and she shifted her hands from under Kara’s clothes to around her strong shoulders.

Kara came to bring their mouths back together. They kissed hard and deep, months, even years of suppressed desire coming to the surface.

The roughness soon gave way to tenderness as the two women began peppering one another with sweet kisses. Foreheads touching together, Cat brought her fingers to splay over Kara’s cheeks. Kara’s hands stayed on Cat’s hips.

Kara pulled back to look at her. She was gorgeous with swollen lips and smudged lipstick. Kara reached up to run her thumb just under Cat’s bottom lip, removing part of the smudging. She smiled slowly at Cat, who smiled slowly back.

Kara quietly asked her, “Do you want me to take you home?”

“I told you, I don’t wanna go home.” Cat kissed Kara’s mouth again, lingering there. They stood in Kara’s kitchen, holding one another close.

“You’ve been drinking,” Kara reminded her. “I don’t want you to wake up here and regret it.” Even the thought of Cat wishing she could take this back was heart wrenching to Kara. She’d waited so long for this.

“I’ve been drinking,” Cat drawled. “I’m not drunk.” Another kiss on Kara’s mouth. “And I won’t regret it.” She met Kara’s eyes, her gaze boring into them. “I could never regret it.”

Kara slowly nodded. “Okay.” Holding up a finger, she playfully said, “But we’re sleeping.”

“Hmm,” Cat hummed her agreement. “I may be a little unsteady on my feet.”

“I can help with that.” Kara bent down to easily scoop Cat into her arms, cradling her close.

Cat nestled into Kara. “We can kiss some more.” It wasn’t a question and Kara smiled at the playful tone.

Kara took her time walking back to her bedroom. She loved the feeling of holding Cat like this.

As she used her foot to close the door behind her, she laughed as Cat quietly jested, “My hero.”


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Fairy Tail AU: High School Marching Band

Rating: T for some language

Pairings: Mainly Nalu; Hints of Gruvia, Jerza, Gale, Chendy, Fraxus

Word Count: 1k

Chapter 2: Trusting a Trumpet

“Mind if I join you?”

Lucy jumped at the sound of his voice, and did a terrible job at hiding it. She snapped her eyes to the smiling face above her. “O-Oh, you’re Natsu, right?”

He reached out a friendly hand to help her stand. “Yep! Surprised you know my name, since I moved here a few weeks ago. I’ve heard your name. Luigi, right?” 

“It’s Lucy…And Mr. Dreyar calls you out on the field a lot,” she laughed, taking his hand. “You seem to have the ego of your trumpet.” 

Natsu put on a show of being taken aback, even putting his hand over his heart as if he’d been fatally wounded. “Me?! You don’t even know me!” 

Lucy crossed her arms, and threw him a curious look. “Anyway. You said you wanted to join me? Like, for dinner? Don’t you have your other ‘brass buddies’ to hang out with?” She formed her fingers into air quotes when mentioning his friends.

“Guess they couldn’t wait to get to Taco Bell or some shit. You’re the last one here so, I guess your’e my backup plan for dinner.” Lucy gave him the evil eye when he decided to flair up his dull statement with finger guns.

“How flattering. But I’m afraid I usually eat alone, and that’s the way I like it.” She picked up her bag and started for the exit of the guard room. Natsu quickly stepped in front of her, an idea singing across his face.

He noticed her bag, covered in keychains, some of them being little kittens. “If you eat dinner with me just this once, I will let you meet my cat!” 

Lucy’s face brightened, but soon returned to a look of frustration. “Jeez, how desperate are you?” The words came out slightly harsher than she intended, and she silently reprimanded herself.

Surprisingly, the boy was not hurt at all by the question. “I don’t like eating alone! I do it too often, anyway. That’s why I like being in band. Gives me people to eat with.” His cafard words did not match his bright tone.

Lucy pondered for a small moment. I do like cats. And I kind of feel bad for him. There’s no reason not to, anyway. She lightly slapped his shoulder and called, “Alright, let’s go! I’m expecting kitty love after this.”

Natsu followed her, his eyes and mind still trying to size her up. “Where are we going?” He expected some kind of cafe or fast food restaurant, especially after a long day. He could have definitely gone for a spicy chicken sandwich.

“Baskin Robbins of course!” 

Natsu nearly stopped dead in his tracks. “Ice cream?! After a hot and stressful day in the sun? Are you looking forward to throwing up?”

“I don’t have a weak stomach. I eat there every day after band.” Lucy sometimes forgot that it wasn’t the brightest to eat dairy products before and after camp. But she stopped caring after last year.

“I hope I throw up all over you.” He mocked her moderately aggressive tone from before.

“Point that talkative mouth of yours away from me, or face my wrath,” she threatened him, while continuing her walk through the common area.  

“Ha! I could take you in a heartbeat!” Natsu said proudly.

“I’ve spent countless hours over the last six years of my life flinging a giant flag several feet into the air. I wouldn’t be so sure,” she replied with a smug grin, and a slight flex of her upper arm.

The realization from her words struck the fear of god into Natsu’s eyes. He held up his hands in a silent surrender. “Good thing we are walking.”

“Hey! I could have a car!” she retorted at the insinuation. 

“We are almost to the parking lot and you haven’t gotten keys out yet. Don’t take it so hard! I hate riding in cars anyway.” He sighed, and started messing with his phone as a distraction.

“If it makes you feel better, I hate cars, too.” Lucy looked down where they walked, studying the hot asphalt changing from grey to black. Natsu looked in her direction for a moment before darting his eyes away. 

Neither of them questioned each other, and they decided to walk in silence, leaving only the roar of the hated cars as they whizzed by.

Lucy found it difficult to keep from laughing at Natsu. He was obviously one of those people who couldn’t help but gulp their ice cream, with no concern about the mess it may leave. She felt the need to wipe away the ice cream in his fluffy hair, but restrained herself.

“I can’t believe they don’t have jalapeños on hand here,” he said in a grieving tone. 

“I can’t believe we didn’t have to call 911 after you ate vanilla ice cream topped with twelve squirts of fire sauce,” Lucy was surprised they even had sauce that spicy. She was sure that she would die if she ever tasted it. Her tongue tightened in her mouth at the mere thought of it. The confectioner definitely agreed with her, after their shared look of mental pain.

“Obviously the cream negates most of the sauce, Lucy. It’s basic science,” he swigged the cup of complementary water.

“Your brain is basic science,” she responded while chewing on the last part of her sweet waffle cone. The sugary taste started to turn bitter as she processed more of her surroundings. She nervously checked the time on her phone and panicked. “I gotta go! My dad has been waiting for me for ten minutes.”

“Wait! Are we friends now?” he called after the disappearing blonde, undisguised curiosity in his voice.

Lucy continued walking, but smiled warmly to herself. “I have to meet your cat first!” The door closed swiftly behind her, leaving Natsu to himself.

I’m hoping to post a new chapter every few days, and they’ll hopefully get longer as I get used to writing again~

jelly - Joji

Requested. Joji being jealous of your pet. 


“What’s so great about you?” he grimaces, displeased. You don’t hear him since you weren’t in the room—Joji was all alone. With your freaking cat.

“Meow!” the cat says rather indignant, lifting up its chin in defiance. Joji frowns, sitting on the floor and facing the menacing cat. His arch-nemesis, a thorn in his side, a threat to your affections. He never believed that a cat would be catching your attention this much. Then again, it was your favourite pet, the one you loved and kept you company until Joji came into your life. Invaded the cat’s territory and obviously, it didn’t like that. He disliked Joji from the start, but at the same time, Joji had the same feelings. You didn’t seem to notice, despite the fact that they kept ‘fighting’ when you were not looking. Sometimes Joji wanted to throw that damn cat out the window; but you were never going to forgive him for that.

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There are three rooms, in each room a person (or people) is sleeping. Two of the rooms have doors closed and one is open.

Cat is hungry. Where does cat go to beg for food?

If you said the room with the open door, you’d be wrong. So wrong.

No, they’d go to one of the closed doors and start crying very loudly and tugging on the door/sticking paws under it so it bangs against the frame until someone wakes up.

  • <p> <b>Junior:</b> Shit, do we have any more of the good chardonnay?<p/><b>Mil:</b> Yeah, I think we have a bottle or two in our back room lemme check.<p/><b>Mil:</b> *opens door to back room*<p/><b>Blake:</b> *Turns around with reddish eyes*<p/><b>Sun, covered in lipstick and catnip:</b> Huuuuh....<p/><b>Mil:</b> Um... Is everyone ok in here?<p/><b>Blake, lazily nodding head:</b> Uh huh.<p/><b>Sun:</b> Mhmm...<p/><b>Mil:</b> Ok... well... *grabs chardonnay* I'll leave you to it then...<p/><b></b> *closes door*<p/><b></b> *cat and kissing sounds*<p/><b>Mil:</b> Camera... Maybe...<p/></p>

Свет не клином сошёлся

There are other fish in the sea; there’s more than one way to skin a cat; as one door closes another opens; win some, lose some; swings and roundabouts…

my mom and I were reminding our dad why we need to make sure the shed door closed and starting talking about our old cat mittens

her: you know you have the close the shed door.

me: yeah, the animals could get in there. There are spiders in there. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a black widow in there.

her: Lucy was right next to a bag of poison

me: see? so many things that could kill them in there. And remember that time mittens got trapped in there when there was that storm? I also remember finding her in the drier once. Went in there to get something out and there was Mittens.

My mom: I knew about the shed, but I didn’t know about the drier. I’ve found her in a lot of places, but that one takes the cake. I remember finding her in a bag in your brother’s closet, thought she was a rat or something and almost killed her until your dad made me check.

Ah, the directions, our conversations go sometimes.