cat clawing a baby


my cat is way too big to be sitting on my shoulder BUT i am far too weak to push him off

Looking to Trade! 

Items I have:

  • The Enchanted SpellBoard (retails for about $27), I’ve used it a couple times and it worked well but I’m more of a Ouija person 
  • Paris mirrored tea light holder
  • Purple lotus(?) incense burner, the kind where the incense goes upwards
  • Wooden Sun/Flower patterned cone incense burner
  • Peace Green Stone - NOT an actual stone, might be ceramic? 
  • Peacock Ore 
  • Rose Quartz
  • Two un-opened tiny geodes
  • A prism
  • Black or White Cat Fur and Claw Ends (from grooming my own fur babies)
  • Dog Claw Ends
  • A pair of pentagram swirly plugs, size 00g
  • A pair of Graveyard Leggings, can’t see them well in the picture but I can have my spouse put them on for a better picture if you like! They’re a size XL from Hot Topic, the tag is ripped off but other than that they’re like brand new
  • I also have a glass spray jar I can make either headache relief or de-stress aromatherapy spray in! I can use moon, river, stream, or tap water. Ask for pics of the container if you’re curious about the size
  • I also have access to many incense so if you’re looking feel free to ask I may be able to work something out if you have something I really want!
  • Playing cards
  • I also have various herbs and such in my kitchen, feel free to ask
  • Ask about anything! I have lots of etc. things!

What I am seeking out:

  • THE BIGGEST THING I am seeking is to trade my tarot deck for a dark, demonic, or spirit type tarot deck! I haven’t included picture because I am very particular in the deck I am wanting to receive.
  • Ouija Board
  • Snowflake Obsidian
  • Herbs 
  • A nice journal
  • Dragon related items
  • Vulture Culture things! not picky 
  • crystal points
  • pendants
  • cloak
  • Moon related things
  • Offer what you have! I’m usually not too picky, but I can’t promise I’ll be interested in everything! 

Please contact me @phoenixrayng 


Another reason cats need claws: getting their babies out of boxes. Watch this heartwarming camera trap footage of the happy reunion of three #Leopard cubs, approx. 20 days old with their mother, after they were rescued from a sugarcane field in a village near Nashik by Team @WildlifeSOS from the #ManikdohLeopardRescueCentre & the Forest Department.
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