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Something has caught Leo’s eye..

  This is just a short little drabble I came up with over the course of a few hours. Kind of rough, but I needed to get my Leo feels out somehow. Also I’m pretty new to scenario writing so I hope this is how it goes. Ran a bit long too. Inspired by cheesy pickup lines and the fact that Taekwoon believes in love at first sight. (Also not my photo)

The unsettling feeling of being watched followed you all night as you gazed at the sculptures and the paintings that were scattered about the building. No matter how many turns you took, how many rooms you went into, you couldn’t ignore the fact that someone’s eyes were on you. Yet every time you glanced around the myriad of strangers surrounding you, no one was giving you more than a glance. The eyes that were locked on you so fiercely were nowhere to be found.

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Okay but consider this

Kara and Winn were so terrible as game night partners. 

Imagine how amazing Kara & Cat would be at charades/Taboo/Pictionary/whatever.

Kara knows everything there is to know about Cat, and Cat knows everything there is to know about everything.

doctorgammaradiation replied to your postThe little kitten gestured with his tail toward the front door, wondering why it wasn’t obvious. He’d walked in as himself earlier, then was transformed into a cat-but the tale he was trying to tell just came out as a long series of “Meow meow meow mew.”

Bruce tried to meow a reply, but alas, all attempts at speaking were in vain. He instead decided to try and show her charade-style. That meant he had to be let go of, though. He pushed on her to try and get her to let him go, mewling.

Morgan watched the cat for a moment then put him down as he seemed to want.