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Something has caught Leo’s eye..

  This is just a short little drabble I came up with over the course of a few hours. Kind of rough, but I needed to get my Leo feels out somehow. Also I’m pretty new to scenario writing so I hope this is how it goes. Ran a bit long too. Inspired by cheesy pickup lines and the fact that Taekwoon believes in love at first sight. (Also not my photo)

The unsettling feeling of being watched followed you all night as you gazed at the sculptures and the paintings that were scattered about the building. No matter how many turns you took, how many rooms you went into, you couldn’t ignore the fact that someone’s eyes were on you. Yet every time you glanced around the myriad of strangers surrounding you, no one was giving you more than a glance. The eyes that were locked on you so fiercely were nowhere to be found.

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top supercat fics?

Oh my god. You can’t ask me this. There’s so many phenomenal writers in this fandom. Off the top of my head…

How to Fall In Love With A Human by stealthvag

This was the very very first Supercat fic I read that started my downfall. I started it one night and the next thing I know, it was 8am and I had gone through the entire Kara/Cat tag on AO3. It’s about the development of Cat and Kara starting a relationship and how they handle being in a relationship together. 

Scars and Souvenirs by ofendlesswonder

This is legit so angsty and you’re gonna need like 6 boxes of tissues, but it’s such a good read. Cat and Kara were together and a traumatic event makes Kara up and leave. She comes back six months later for Lucy and James’ wedding and old feelings resurface. 

Asking Too Much by fictorium

Fake Dating AU. So fucking good. Cat knows Kara is Supergirl and gets her to go as Cat’s date as Supergirl to a party. They keep up the charade of Cat Grant dating Supergirl with them both not knowing they both harbor true feelings for each other. 

Taking Hold by kara-lesbihonest


More About You by bridgetteirish

This was just so good. In every way imaginable. From beginning to end. I was just speechless by the end of this and squealing. The epilogue was so fucking fluffy and I am still not over it. After Kara convinces Cat that she isn’t Supergirl, Cat has this brilliant plan to seduce Supergirl. 

Can’t fight this feeling by a-dot-burr-ell

I am a sucker for High School AUs. Cat is a popular kid and needs a tutor in calculus. That’s where Kara comes in as the “unpopular nerd”. 

Subpeonas and Spousal Privledge by gertiemcfuzz
[On-Going (sort of)]

Forced Marriage AU and askhdjsahfjkhjdkhfheah so beautifully written and planned out. I love love love the little snippets that are added onto this. I just love AUs so much. Kara and Cat get married in order for the spousal privlege right so Cat doesn’t have to tell the government any of Supergirl’s secrets. During the year of their fake marriage, they fall in love.

SuperCat College AU by faeyydom
[On-Going (sort of)]

Remember when I said I love AUs? If something is a college or high school AU, I immediately say SIGN ME THE FUCK UP. Kara and Cat are roommates in college and they start off rocky, but somewhere along the way romantic feelings develop.

Lunch With Sharks by violetren

I just love Carter in this. Carter’s first visit after Cat hires Siobhan and he thinks Cat replaced Kara with Siobhan and he gets very upset.

Charity Auction by Rtarara

I so wish there were more fics with Kara/Supergirl bidding on Cat for a date for charity. It’s such a great plot. Supergirl places a bid on Cat during a “date for a night” charity auction. Which makes things difficult for Kara cause she has true feelings for Cat and wants Cat to fall in love with her and not Supergirl.

Call Me By My Name by lishesque

Not gonna lie, some parts of this was angsty and I love every word of it. Cat takes Kara on a vacation at the advice of her therapist and things get crazy and complicated due to unresolved feelings and sexual tension. 

And I recommend reading literally everything else each one of these writers have written because every single one of them are amazing. Honestly here’s a master list of fics and I love each and every one of them.

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Are you still taking prompts? If so: marrying Supergirl was one way to protect her against the new Administration's bill against aliens. James, Winn, Lucy, Lena etc offer their help and hand in marriage but there's only one woman Kara wants. Will Cat help? ~ Happy holidays and thank you for writing Supercat for us! ~

This might not actually need it, and I don’t know how to word the warning, but this ficlet deals with aliens being arrested and held simply for being aliens, so if you’re at all sensitive to subjects like that, because I know some people are, this one might not be for you. It’s not in depth, there is no physical harm, but it is still there.

To say that Americans were upset to find out their president was an alien would be putting it mildly. It was the biggest scandal in the history of the country, claiming more political careers in one go than anyone would have thought possible. And then the country, fresh off the perceived betrayal, elected an entirely new government, one that was so vehemently anti-alien it gave Kara nightmares.

Thankfully Superman and Supergirl were relatively safe from public backlash, having been not only open about their alien identity but also their desire to protect the Earth. There were cries to reveal their secret identities from a few people, but for the most part the country had decided they were safe to keep around.

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69 for supercat please! :)

69. “Why the hell are you bleeding!?”

Being human sucks.

Probably not for those who are accustomed to spending their lives in a breakable body, one that has muscles that ache, bones that can snap and skin that can open or bruise, but for someone who’s spent their life safe in the knowledge that nothing, not even a speeding bullet from a gun, can do them harm, suddenly losing that invulnerability is a shock to the system.

She’s already given herself four papercuts in the two hours that she’s been at CatCo whilst hastily assembling the papers that Cat is going to ask for in their weekly editorial meeting, and she’s not entirely confident that she’s going to survive the day.

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Also on AO3
Pairing: Supercat
Rating: M

AN: Thanks to @kara-lesbihonest, @lishesque and @stealthvag for beta’ing and to SVS for first looks. 

Kara woke to a firefighter shaking her, a look of astonishment in his eyes as she rolled over he realized she wasn’t covered in burns. An oxygen mask she didn’t need was placed over her face and she was carried out of her apartment. When she went to bed the night before, she had been exhausted from a battle and it took a long while to shut her hearing down enough for her to fall asleep. She hadn’t noticed her building had gone up in smoke until she was mid-rescue. She was the last one out of the building and there was nothing that she or Supergirl could do to mitigate the damage at that point.

It was a fitting ending to a terrible week that included losing her aunt and being all but replaced at work. The thing that she least expected to see when she was being pulled from the building, however, was Cat Grant yelling frantically at the firefighters about what apartment she lived in and how ridiculous it was that she hadn’t been found yet.

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OK, prompt :) Kara has a bad habit of accidentally scanning through people when she's not wearing her glasses/ when they slip for whatever reason. She often has to duck out of sight, become supergirl, and stop people on the street to warn them of medical conditions they may not have known about otherwise. One day her glasses slip while checking out Cat and she sees something (NOT AT ALL SERIOUS BUT WORTH CHECKING) and has to let Cat know. General awkward/flustered/worried Kara ensues.

Here you go xo 

Kara paced a little after she got off the elevator, not keen to walk those extra steps into the bullpen, past her desk and into Miss Grant’s office. Not yet, anyway. She didn’t need to do this, really. It was probably nothing, right? She fumbled with the reports in her hand. Still, she knew every minute she kept her boss waiting was a minute she was sure to regret.

She bit her lip and cursed herself. There was a reason she wore glasses. It completely defeated the purpose if she let them slip down her nose. But one time became two, became three. There was that lady last week with the mole on her face that Kara knew needed attention. The teenage boy whose broken arm was causing a dangerous infection. And now, Cat. Kara shouldn’t even have been looking there. Anywhere but there. She didn’t intend to, it’s not like she went out of her way to do that. It just seemed to keep happening. She blushed. Oh, Rao this was not going to go well. She had to go talk to Cat, didn’t she? This was going to be bad. This was going to be—


Kara’s eyes bugged out a little when she saw Cat stroll towards where she was standing, paralyzed by indecision..

“Is there a reason you’re huddled there in front of the elevator?” Cat eyed her suspiciously. “Is there something particularly illuminating about it today? Has it birthed new consciousness? Does it speak French?”

“No, Miss Grant—“

“Where’s my latte?”

Kara’s eyes widened again, even though she had no idea another latte had even been demanded. She turned around to press the down button on the elevator. Cat cleared her throat and Kara saw she was reaching her hand out for the reports. Kara’s hand shook, but she did her best not to drop them everywhere. Her terrified expression still earned her an eyeroll.

“Today, Kiera,” Cat said. “And make sure it’s actually hot this time.”

Kara pulled a face the minute the doors to the elevator closed. She’d used heat vision on the last coffee. How hot was hot enough for this woman?

She returned as quickly as she could, and only remembered her earlier dilemma when she was facing Cat’s office, her eyes running down and settling on a spot they shouldn’t be settling on. This was serious. It could be cancer. She shouldn’t be blushing at the idea of her boss’s breasts. She shouldn’t have looked at them at all.

“Are you waiting for an invitation? A parade? The opening comedian to finish his last terrible joke?”

Cat was staring at her, but her frown wasn’t too pronounced. Kara walked quickly into her office and handed Cat the latte. Cat took at sip, looked up and eyed Kara suspiciously.

“I said hot.”

Kara wanted to take the damn coffee off her and heat it up right in front of her. She’d already warmed it within an inch of its life a few moments ago.

“Miss Grant?”

“Hmmmm?” Cat said, marching over to the bin behind her desk and dropping the full coffee into it. She looked up with a smirk. Kara narrowed her eyes. That’s it.

“Look, unless you want third degree burns…”

“What was that, Kiera?”

Kara huffed, and steeled herself. She could do this. So what if the earth opened up and swallowed her?

“The coffee is hot,” she said, her voice unsteady. “And ok, please don’t freak out, but I think maybe you should see a doctor…just to be sure you know? Not that there’s anything wrong, but if there was…”

“What are you blathering on about?”

Kara felt a little faint. Cat squinted at her.

“Are you going to pass out?”

Kara shook her head, and stared up at the ceiling before she started talking again.

“I saw…a lump. It’s not big…but please you have to at least get it looked at…”

“A lump?” Cat sounded amused, which didn’t make any sense. “Where?”

“Your…left…” Kara shrugged, wanting to die. “Breast.”

Kara closed her eyes and winced, preparing for the fallout, but nothing happened. Cat didn’t say anything. When she opened her eyes again it was even more confusing. Cat didn’t look furious, bewildered, or freaked out. She looked victorious. The smile on Cat’s face grew larger as she stared at Kara, taking her in like Kara had just delivered some miraculous present.

“And how, pray tell, do you happen to know this,” she paused. “Kara.”

Kara opened her mouth, closed it. Cat let out a breath.

“Is it, perhaps, the same reason you know very well that the coffee was scalding?”

“What? But…I mean…”

“I’m getting tired of this charade,” Cat said, shrugging. “I felt like poking the bear today.”

“Miss Grant.,” she said. “I’m not…”

“Save it,” Cat said. Her eyes were bright and she still hadn’t stopped smiling. “I’ve got you. I’ve totally got you, no wriggling out of it this time.”

“No you don’t,” Kara offered, feebly. And then she felt the worry all over again. “Miss Grant, I really mean it. You should make an appointment, I know this is…uncomfortable.”

But Cat let out a happy sigh again, and made her way over to her liquor tray.

“Can I offer you something, Supergirl?”

Kara crossed her arms. And Cat laughed, pouring herself a whiskey.

“Oh, don’t pout. And stop panicking. I have the best health insurance in the country. Do you really think I don’t get regular health checks?”

“Oh, so you…”

“Benign,” Cat said, holding up her drink before taking a sip. “But I appreciate the concern.”

“Well, you know, I couldn’t just—”

“And I’m curious about how you came to see it. Do you have any particular reason to be staring at my breasts?”

Kara laughed awkwardly.

“Oh, well. Um…no reason…”

The Cat’s Out of the Bag - Soul POV

So it appears that people are stressed about things today (psst l0chn3ss), so I present you a companion to that weird Dragon Age drabble I did about Soul being a cat. Same story, but through Soul’s POV. For those familiar with Dragon Age, Soul is supposed to parallel Morrigan. 

Read the original here: The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Apologies for grammar. Enjoy!

Soul wasn’t a lap cat. Really, he wasn’t. He didn’t do the whole act-cute-earn-free-food act Blair did to pass the time. What happened between him and the Grey Warden–Grey Warden recruit, he should say–was a complete fluke, a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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