cat chalk

good night ~ !


“The Lonely Cat God”

Made with chalk pastel on Arches and I’m guessing Stonehenge paper…? I dunno I thought the two pieces I had in my locker was Arches but uh… it’s definitely NOT that.

Anyway, assignment was make a panorama.
I made a panorama and then drew cats on it. My phone camera killed the colors :’) sorry.

Now let’s pray the professor doesn’t tear it apart in critique tomorrow.

Cursed concept:  An Always Sunny High School AU where Mac ‘The criminal’ is a tough lookin boy with a very bad rep at school due to his rough persona and drug dealing business, but everybody ignores the fact that he comes from a broken home and his father verbally and physically abuses him. 

He always had this crush on Dennis 'The princess’ who hangs out with the popular crowd, is very fashionable and naive and he sincerely thinks that everybody loves him, he doesnt notice that they gave him the 'princess’ nickname to mock him. His rich parents never take him seriously and think of him as an airhead who only knows about spending daddy’s credit card in clothes and makeup.

Her sister Dee 'The athlete’  became a jock (she’s a boxer and a football kicker) only to please his father since is the only way to connect with him. He pressures her to always be the best but she hates this competitive life, so ended up taking steroids. She also dislikes her douchy friends and bully other people but does it anyway since she wants to feel accepted. One of his preferred victims is Cricket 'The brain’ who’s very quiet, shy and has good grades and the whole school mock him bc he wants to become a priest after graduation.

Dee also is the only one who notices this really weird kid, Charlie 'The basket-case’, that everybody thinks is crazy.  He’s always alone and doesn’t talk with anybody, wear the same military coat every day and eats disgunting shit for lunch like milk-steak, cat food and chalk. In reality, he’s very artsy and sensitive and not crazy at all. One day these 5 kids gather in the high scool library for an all-day detention and yeah I was rewatching The Breakfast Club and thinking “wow this really could work as a Sunny AU”