cat cat cat cat be a cat



Hello! Want to create your own three legged companions? Well now you can!

Somethings to take into consideration before downloading:

  • This mod is PURELY cosmetic. The mod will not replace any animations whatsoever. Your pets will still walk and act as though they have all 4 legs present.
  • This mod is for adult & elder cats/dogs ONLY. There is currently no way to give ‘clothing’ to puppies and kittens, so until then, the option will not be available.
  • Your pet cannot wear shoes or body clothing at the same time as this mod. The “missing leg” requires you to use up both the Full Body and Shoe slot for your pet!
  • Your pet CAN wear accessories with this mod (besides shoes). Want your pet to wear a hat or collar? Go for it! You can still wear accessories that do not take up the foot slot!
  • This version of the mod only has options to remove the HIND legs. You can find the front leg version here.
  • This is NOT a default override. So do not worry about your pets all showing up with a leg missing!

With that being said, you can find the download link here! If you run into any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.