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I’m in sucha good mood that I'mma show you all something I’ve been doing that I meant to keep under wraps for a bit until I established more content. But you’re all just so dang good to me!!

The Concept work for Rouge’s Wedding dress and the bridesmaids outfits for the Knouge Traditional Echidna Wedding. It’s been talked before on this blog and I intended to put it off for some time but I changed my mind. The knouge-ness is too good to pass up. X)

(Designs are still subject to change. This is 8 years from current game time)


I’m gonna get a little self-congratulatory for a bit cause check out the bouquets I made for bff’s wedding.

First time making bouquets of any kind and ngl I’m pretty proud of them. We bought the greenery in bulk along with the white and yellow mums but all the iris were picked from my garden.

Her entire walk down the aisle I was waiting for her cascading bouquet to fall apart but it held together.

miraculous-katsukii  asked:

marichat - 046? ;D

I’m not stressed nor panicking, you’re the one panicking!! >..

Ok, so this is the first time I’m doing something like that… And my “writing english” is still reaaaally bad >…

But hey, I still hope you like it ^^

(and I’m adding @cidseriol because you need to take notes about proposal xD)

Marichat - 46 prompt

It was Nino and Alya’s wedding. 

The bride had asked for the two superheroes of Paris to come to her wedding, so Marinette had to choose.
Alya could forgive Ladybug for not coming, but she would never forgive her best friend.
So, here she was, in a corner, drinking some cocktail. All the attention was on the couple and… On Chat Noir, who did find time to come.

Well, she knew Adrien could easily found excuses with his model’s schedule. A luxury she did not have.

She was lost on her thoughts when she started to hear a lot of noise.

“Look Princess!!! I caught the bouquet!!!”
The cat was screaming out loud while running to her.
She was tempted to run away and hide at all the attention that was now on her, but didn’t move.

“Look, look Princess, I caught the bouquet!!” He repeated.
She smiled at how childish he looked like.

“Wow, that’s awesome chaton!” She laughed.

He stopped right in front of her, trying to get back his breath. It might have looked like he was trying to find his words.
She kept her smile, waiting for him to speak again.

“Would you,… would you keep that bouquet for me … Until the end of our life?” He finally whispered between his breath.
“Yeah, I will chaton.” She answered playfully.

He handed her the bouquet. His hands brushed softly against hers when she took it.
She looked at the beautiful flowers before raising her eyes.
He was still looking at her, his eyes has never been so intense.
For a moment, he just stayed like that and she swore her legs were going to give her out.

Suddenly, his smile came back.

“Thank you Princess!”
He winked at her and just leaved like that.
She let out a breath she didn’t even realize she was holding.

Her thoughts went back on the bouquet. They were really awesome flowers, Alya sure has nice taste.

She blinked several times.

Did he just…?
Did that dork just proposed to her?
Her mouth started to slowly open.

Her cheeks became red when she then realized, she just told him yes.

But, really?
This is how he was going to propose to her?
She bit her lower lips.
He will hear a lot about that.