cat bouquet

Some Adrienette headcanons

Post-reveal, AU, whatever you would like them to be :DD
- Sometimes Adrien becomes the stuttering mess because his Princess is just too cute and he gets overwhelmed
- Mari always brings sweets from the bakery to share with Adrien in their free time at school
- There is always time for some kisses and hugs before classes, and they enter to the classroom with their interlocked hands
- Adrien’s jealousy it’s pretty much the same as Syaoran’s from CCS (someone please draw those scenes but with Adrien and Mari instead of Sakura and Syaoran xDD it would be hilarous) he lets his Chat show in form of hisses, glares to the guys who dare to look, or flirt with his princess.
- Mari sometimes designs matching hoodies or tiny accesories for both
- Both shower eachother with details from time to time: Adrien giving her cat plushies, bouquets of flowers, jewerly and sewing materials and Marinette giving him obviously sweets, accesories, clothing pieces with cats theme, a ladybug and a chat noir plushies she made herself
- Regarding the plushies, Mari made one of herself and one of Adrien, he sleeps with his little princess and she sleeps with her little cat

Any thoughts? Add more! I always love to see new headcanons

Miraculous Ladybug Lovesquare aesthetics

Ladynoir:  Rooftop views, bungee jumping, Parisian night skyline, dark chocolate, high heels, running in a crowded place, laughing until your stomach hurts, adrenaline coursing through your body, rooftop picnic dates, rose gardens, standing on high peaks and looking down, trust falls, running in the rain

Adrinette: Cafe shops, macaroons, learning to bake, spring flowers, carnival dates, hot chocolate by the fireplace, strolls in the park, running fingers through pet fur, movie nights, floral scents, wearing each other’s clothes, cuddling on stormy nights, forehead kisses

Martichat / Marinoir : Midnight rendezvous, black stuffed cats, rose bouquets, mood lighting, flirtatious bantering, swollen lips, broken glass, hickies, staying up til 3 am, over-sized sweaters, waking up late, aromatic candles, mint chocolate, comfortable silence, listening to heartbeats

Ladrien / Adribug: marshmallows, love letters, bubble baths, red velvet cake, blushing at the slightest contact, water lilies, kissing in the rain, being alone together, small spaces, getting lost in each other’s voices, quickly looking away quickly after eye contact, doodling married names in notebooks

{ml character aesthetics: x }