cat bouquet


I’m gonna get a little self-congratulatory for a bit cause check out the bouquets I made for bff’s wedding.

First time making bouquets of any kind and ngl I’m pretty proud of them. We bought the greenery in bulk along with the white and yellow mums but all the iris were picked from my garden.

Her entire walk down the aisle I was waiting for her cascading bouquet to fall apart but it held together.

While buying cat food a beautiful bouquet of hot pink and velvety lavender carnations caught my attention at the store. This particular market has pretty lame commercial flowers but these are super stunning in person and had a Scorpio vibe so I bought them for my altar. I put the tiniest bit of peacock green natural coloring in the water I’ll dump tomorrow but I just like setting up a presentation to create a certain energy and I associate peacock green with Taurus while violets is the primary Scorpio color for me. I’m burning cherry blossom incense from japan that’s muskier than expected but fits the theme.


I’m in sucha good mood that I'mma show you all something I’ve been doing that I meant to keep under wraps for a bit until I established more content. But you’re all just so dang good to me!!

The Concept work for Rouge’s Wedding dress and the bridesmaids outfits for the Knouge Traditional Echidna Wedding. It’s been talked before on this blog and I intended to put it off for some time but I changed my mind. The knouge-ness is too good to pass up. X)

(Designs are still subject to change. This is 8 years from current game time)