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My two babs loki and tibolt. Loki is my pretty black cat. Hes a little over a year old. The orange & white kitty is tibolt. Hes about 6 months old. Tibolt was a stray we had found and we got loki from a friend when he was 2 months old. They’re my precious little babies and i thought id share a few pictures~


| 11.04.17 |

#novemberstudychallenge // day 4: favourite stationery

this is my first flatlay and i guess it’s alright ?? these are my current favourites:

  • 15 cm ruler from muji
  • winnie the pooh washi tape from daiso
  • blue sticky notes from artbox
  • black youpin pen
  • black m&g cat pen
  • black muji retractable gel pen
  • white out pen from daiso
  • blue mildliner from the cool pack
  • blue muji gel pen
  • muji pencil
  • small black brush pen from daiso

anonymous asked:

Hello!! The anon who asked if she could draw you here. I have a few questions, if you wouldn't mind answering them?? 1. Favorite outfit 2. Favorite color/pattern for cats 3. Favorite color 4. Favorite flower(s). thanks!!


1. ripped black skinny jeans, black converse, any kind of crop top (cropped hoodies are fun), also fond of gold jewelery…flower crowns…good stuff

2. I’m rly fond of black & white / tuxedo cats tbh

3. purple & pink

4. crocus!! and roses

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name: elise faye

nicknames: toverfaye, elsie, elies

gender: female

starsign: sagittarius

height: 166cm

sexual orientation: pansexual

favourite colour: yellow, pastel pink, pastel green, bordeaux red, black, grey & white

favourite animal: cats, goats and hamsters

average hours of sleep: on school days around 6 or 7 hours and on the weekends around 10 or 11 hours

cat or dog person: definitely a cat person

bands/singers: ed sheeran, justin bieber, the vamps, nick & simon (dutch singers), acdc, guns n roses, metallica, cody simpson, xcx, fifth harmony, little mix and a lot more

dream trip: a world trip would b great, but i really love london

dream job: dietician - focused on eating disorders or psychologist - focused on eating disorders

when was this blog created: around july 2016 i guess

current number of followers: 198

time right now: 9:21 PM

song stuck in my head: honey i’m good by andy grammad

last movie i watched: fifty shades darker

last tv show i watched: lucifer & i’ll be watching riverdale tomorrow

what am i wearing right now: my unicorn onesie

what kind of stuff do i post: quotes, daily struggles, cute or artsy photos

do i have any other blogs: i do have another one with the name hidingfixtures, but i’m not using it

do i get asks regularly: not really

why did i choose my url: this blog was named hidingfixtures (just like my instagram) first but i wanted something new so le best friend @onvermengdewoorden and i decided that shiveringwildflower was a cute one

lucky number: 8

following: 952

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