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2P Pets (with Gifs)

2p america-dog

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2p canada-Kuma (who I say is a polar bear)

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2p england-cat or bird

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2p france-it would starve, no matter what animal it is, it would starve

2p china-cat or red panda (which are vicious do not be fooled)

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2p russia-a cat or fish

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2p belarus-a puppy, or mouse

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2p ukraine-snake or some other sort of reptile

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2p italy-big fat fluffy spoiled white cat

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2p romano-a ferret that he makes sweaters for

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2p spain-the smallest dog you will ever see

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2p germany-a small but mean cat

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2p prussia-ALL THE PETS

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2p austria-…do demons count?…

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2p norway-bunny, but it’s very shy and only like norway or denmark

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2p iceland-evil miss puffin

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2p denmark-no, no pets, he’s allergic

2p sweden-ALL THE PETS (the return)

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2p finland-wolf (THESE ARE NOT PETS!!!!)

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2p greece-dogs, dogs and a rat

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I had more fun doing these than I should have…

Alright these are the taken Characters


- Austria (@klaviermann)
- Prussia (@chronicles-of-prussia)
- England
- Belgium (@chocolatewaffles)
- Russia
- Germany (@germanysdogsdaily)
- Luxembourg (@richkidwithnofreetime)
- France
- Norway (@eldrebror)
- Poland
- America
- Scotland
- Iceland (@lakkrisoglundi)
- Spain (@tomatoespana)
- Canada (@sweetmaplechild)
- Sweden (@diykunglighetsverige)
- Puerto Rico (@laboriqualindo)
- North Pole (@dailtmotya)
- Macedonia
- Cuba
- Greece (@philosophy-and-cats)
- Belarus
- Carpathian Rus (@rusynskii)
- Romano
- Hungary
- Liechtenstein (@blueribbonandareddress)
- Italy (@1pveneziano)


- Norway
- China
- Romano (@ilitalianomoreno)
- Canada (@maplemooseposts)


- America

As you can see, major spots are going fast, so if ye want one please ask ASAP!

Guyyyys imagine a Coraline AU with the Baltics.

• Latvia would be Coraline
• Estonia would be the Father/other father
• Lithuania would be Mother/Other mother
• Liechtenstein (or Sealand) can be Toby.
• The micronations can the the Other Children

The other mother (or Brother) tries to lure Latvia into this perfect world where everyone is happy and that nothing will scare him but then he realizes the dangers and tries to leave.

Just this au in general is really amazing ; v ;