cat baguette

types of cat loaf

kitten: freshly baked loaf
black cat: wholemeal loaf
white cat: white loaf
tortoiseshell cat: wholegrain loaf
long cat: baguette 
fat cat: brioche 
small cat: hamburger bun

4 Days until the US Premiere!

Art by His Royal Highness, Prince Plagg-sama the Great, Bestower of Awesomeness, Holder of Glory and Reason, Princely Count of all Chats, Fromages Dévoreur de Basse-Normandie, Royal Knight Companion of the most Ancient and Noble Order of Miraculous, of the great Principality of California, Aide de Camp to the Great and Majestic Papapillon, and Quality Control of Team Baguette

Hawkdaddy approves.

Watch out mon petit croissants, looks like I’m going to make my first movie debut next year.