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i'm 63 yrs old and i love the stories of Firestar and the Warriors Cats. I've read all the 24 books and i am starting to reread the series again i am on the 3 set of books of "Power of Three", as a cat lover my first orange cat was going to be named Fireheart but my oldest daughter liked Addon which is roughly translated as "Bright Star or Flame" in Gaelic. Sadly he crossed to StarClan in 2014 at the age of 72 moons old check out my 5 kitties.

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Straw Hats Pirates in a nutshell
  • Luffy: Pretty much the most lovable character of all.
  • Zoro: Your left is my right.
  • Nami: You can call me hot for a hundred beri.
  • Usopp: Puberty hit me so hard I went from Liar to God.
  • Sanji: The blonde with pretty eyebrows.
  • Robin: Probably queen of the underworld on my past life.
  • Franky: Pants are for the weak.
  • Brook: Professional loner for 50 years.