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Animation Inspiration Week: Ralph Bakshi

I’ll start with a more recent inspiration of mine. I’ve known about Bakshi since high school and watched Fritz the Cat, which I thought was cool since it was super adult but I don’t think I was mature enough to really “get it”. About a year ago I rediscovered him and it just clicked.  I became obsessed. Instead of looking at his work as smut or X-rated, I saw it as rebellion against popular animation in general. Does it all have to be pretty? Does it all have to be “Disney” animated? Does it all have to have straight forward story? Bakshi says no it doesn’t and I agree. My favorite films of his are mostly his early ones. Cooskin and Heavy Traffic might tie for his best film…with Wizards and Fritz close behind them. Hey Good Lookin’ is odd, underrated and virtually unknown but is also a personal favorite of mine. No one seems to appreciate the design sense of these films. The characters looks like no other and have an ugly, gritty yet appealing look to them. Some are even kind of graphic looking (IE Coonskin). Bakshi’s use of live action backgrounds as well as real footage looks way cool behind these gritty characters. His choice of music is also fantastic. From classic 50’s rock n roll, to more 60’s 70’s psychedelics and funk, it all fits super well the images. I’m not a fan of his rotoscope films but I do like his adaptation of The Lord of The Rings. Take a look at these five films I mentioned and I dare you tell me there is no merit to them. Bakshi creates from his heart and his gut, and both are pretty damn big. That’s why I dig him.

I’ve seen posts about sirens for asexual people. That sirens aren’t inherently sexual beings, rather they present something an individual desires. In some cases it’s sex, but not for everything. 

My siren would be a fucking basket of kittens. Would I steer my boat into a bunch of dangerous rocks for a basket of kittens? Fuck yes I would. 

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prompts? how about Spidey calling DP "Daddy" out on patrol for the first time (revenge for all the baby boy comments) and DP loses his shit?


The first time it happens, Peter almost thought he heard wrong. “The cops will find that asshole on their front steps soon enough. We should go. C'mon, Baby Boy.” Peter scrunches up his nose, stopping and turning to Deadpool before ignoring it and leaving the scene.

The fifth time it happens, Peter grunts in annoyance and shoves Deadpool into a wall. “’M not your Baby Boy. Quit calling me that.” he argues, but that just makes Deadpool croon at him, pulling him close. “Sure you’re not, Baby Boy.” Peter webs his mouth shut and webs his hands to the nearest wall. And even though his moth is webbed shut, Peter can still faintly make out a muffled, “Ooh, kinky, Baby Boy.”

The twenty-first time it happens, Peter is in full suit, swinging from skyscrapers with his webs. He swoops down low to grab a cat from traffic, and Peter’s just about to land, himself, when he hears a loud whoo! from somewhere behind him. “That’s my Baby Boy! Savin’ kitties!” Peter is so surprised that he forgets to shoot his next web, tumbling into the sidewalk in a heap and a groan as Deadpool winces in sympathy.

The thirty-fourth time it happens, Peter does the worst possible thing. He agreed to go to Taco Ball with Wade after a long night of patrolling. It’s three in the morning and nobody was at the joint except two cashiers and the cooks, who were awe-struck at the hero and anti-hero in their presence. Peter’s mask is pulled up to his nose, over his cheekbones, and Wade is humming cheerily beside him. Deadpool grabs both their orders from the counter and gestures for Peter to follow. “I know you’re tired. Come on, Baby Boy, let’s sit.” And then, Peter blushes. Full-on. His cheeks are flushed a rosy pink, and he falters his steps momentarily. Deadpool notices, though, and Peter swears the mercenary chuckles.

The fiftieth time it happens, Wade is in Peter’s apartment when he gets home around midnight from his patrol. Honestly, it’s happened so many times that Peter isn’t even surprised that the mercenary in his home in full costume. Peter stumbles in through the window, scraped and bruised and banged up and tired. He groans, sliding down to the floor in resignation, deciding to just sleep there. “Long day, Spidey?” Wade asks, and Peter makes a meek affirmative sound. And then, Wade is right next to him, crouching down and scooping him up in his arms, as if Peter weighed absolutely nothing. “Let’s get you to bed, Baby Boy. You’ll be better in the mornin’.” Wade says quietly. “How come you call me that?” Peter mumbles, and Wade drops him onto the bed before answering. “I dunno. That’s just you. You’re Baby Boy.” Wade shrugs and lets him sleep. Peter feels a smile on his face before sleeping for fourteen hours straight.

The eighty-second time it happens, it really happens. They’re on an enclosed rooftop, waiting to hear anyone and everyone who needs their help near them, before they start actually roaming the streets. Deadpool is leaning against one of the roof’s short walls, arms crossed relaxedly. Peter is pacing several feet in front of him, walking back and forth, his hands lax at his sides as he waits impatiently.

And then, Deadpool speaks up. “I know I’ve told you this, but it needs to be said again. Spandex is god’s gift - you’ve got a pretty ass, Baby Boy.” He says, and Peter stops pacing, turns to face him suddenly. He takes one, two, three long strides toward him. “Glad you like what you see, Daddy.” Peter practically purrs it, his voice is so smooth.

Wade stills immediately, and Peter swears his eyes widen under his mask. He pushes himself off the wall and walks until he’s a foot away from Peter. “What was that, Baby Boy?”

“You keep callin’ me Baby Boy. It’s growing on me.” Peter shrugs. “So,” Peter takes another step closer, “I can call you something, too, right, Daddy?” He asks, looking up at the other man.

Deadpool squeaks out a, “Sweet and sour jesus, that’s hot,” before adjusting the pants of his suit. Peter grins.

wasn’t there like an episode of doctor who where like there were these cat people in a traffic jam and they had literal kittens in the back and the doctor invaded their car via the sunroof window or did I hallucinate that

Important Facts About LA, AKA National City

So since Supergirl takes place in National City, there are some things you need to know about LA for fic writing purposes. There are so many small, but instrumental details about LA that just kinda get glossed over, or treated like it’s New York or something. So I’ve lived on the West Side for my entire life—Santa Monica, West Wood, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, etc area. I went to school in the San Fernando Valley (yes, when people talk about “the Valley” or “Valley Girls” this is it. Shut up I am not a valley girl), and I work in the Arts District downtown. I know a fair amount—although still not all of it. So here’s some fun facts about LA for your fics because oh my god are some things not talked about or just glossed over that you need to know. 

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Well then.. scenario for Akashi, Murasakibara, Midorima, Kagami where they react to their female s/o saving a cat from traffic at the last second ("The Cat Returns" style, if you've seen the movie ^^), like it was super dangerous but impressive and all, pretty please ??

Hi anon! I haven’t seen that movie! But I think I’ll watch it soon, now I know it’s a Studio Ghibli film!

Akashi: He was startled, stunned, at how you managed to save that cat without being hit. Still, there was worry clawing in his gut despite seeing you safe and unharmed. Hugging you to his chest, he smoothed out your hair, a strained smile on his lips, “___-chan.. that was really brave what you did. But please don’t do that again. I don’t want to see you hurt.”

Kagami: Even after you’d come back to him, holding his hand, he’d yet to make a sound. You were a bit nervous at his silence, wondering if he’d explode with rage or panic like a child. But he did neither of those things.. Instead, he picked you up in his arms, casting a childish pout, something you’d never seen him do, and he flicked your forehead, “Don’t do that ____! I was really worried!!” He blushed at his outburst, avoiding your gaze as he whispered, “.. But it was cool though.”

Midorima: “_____! You shouldn’t have done that!” The green-haired man exclaimed, livid at your actions. They weren’t acceptable! He didn’t care if you’d done it to save a cat. You put yourself at risk and he hated when you did reckless things. You pouted, crossing your arms over your chest as you grumbled, “Well.. I thought it was admirable.”

Murasakibara: He had a neutral expression when he walked to you, scratching his head. He didn’t know how to react, what he should say. “___-chin, what you did was reckless. and foolish..” he saw you frown, but rubbed your head softly, “How about I get you some ice cream?” You didn’t know whether to fall over from his nonchalant words or laugh.

It’s not as bad as you think.

Finals are just around the corner for us and some of us are probably losing the motivation to finish because we can practically taste summer break. But don’t stop now, you’re almost there! I’m sure many of you are really pouring your efforts into your exams, projects, and/or essays. And I’m sure there are many of you who are overwhelmed. Trust me though, it’s not as bad as you think. 

First off… 

  • Take a deep breath. (Do it from your stomach)
  • Get a snack, perhaps something rich in antioxidants. (Almonds and fruits are good)
  • Clear your mind by: 
    • Showering
    • Going for a short walk 
    • Jogging is good too
  • Make your bed.. you’ll be less likely to crawl into it with it being all nice and tidy. 

Feeling refreshed, calm, energized? Good. Now to the actual studying. Again, it’s not as bad as you think. 

  • Try studying somewhere else? Perhaps somewhere quiet. A change of settings can help with focusing!
  • Reduce noise as much as possible, especially chatter, music, or Television sound. You study better with background noise you say? That’s cool, then maybe instrumental music on a low volume will be okay. Try to avoid anything with lyrics. 
  • Do you have a review guide? Go through that! A little overwhelming? That’s okay. Go through it bit by bit and star or highlight things you feel you need to brush up. 
  • Recall what you learned in class. Was there anything that the professor said that stood out? 
  • Teach to someone! Take what you learn and teach someone else about the topic, especially someone who is willing to learn! 
  • Take breaks! It’s never good to sit through one entire sitting and cram information into your head in hope it’ll stick. Grab a snack, take out your dog, shower, go for another walk, wash the dishes while listening to music maybe? Your brain needs to be alert so 5-10 minute breaks are good in refreshing it. 
  • Test yourself. At the end of most chapters in textbooks, you can find problems or questions in which ask you things pertaining to that specific chapter (and sometimes the textbook has answers in the back of the book so you can check!).
  • Remember to take it step by step! 

How’re you feeling? Think you got a solid grasp on it? Huh? Not so confident? You don’t get certain things? No worries, you can always ask for help. Trust me, it’s not as bad as you think

  • Ask a classmate! There is nothing wrong with asking a classmate, worse case scenario, they wouldn’t know the answer. 
  • Does your school offer tutoring? Go ask for help! Tutors are people who want to help and in most cases (especially in college) those tutors have taken the very same class you’re taking and know what is to be expected. 
  • Google! We live in an age where information is easily accessible at our finger tips. Do be careful on what is true and not true. Make sure the source of your information is valid. 
  •  CrashCourse on YouTube! CrashCourse is a channel in which goes over various subjects and explains certain things quite in depth. Though, the videos are fast-pace, you can always rewatch or rewind. There are hundreds of other channels in which are designed in educating, this is just the one I use. 
  • Ask your teacher! Guys, teachers aren’t supposed to be scary. Who knows the exams best than the person who made it? Check to see when your teacher has “office hours” (time in which they’re door is open to walk-ins), email, or even call them if you have questions. They are there to help you, you just need to step up and ask questions. It’s not as bad as you think. 

Good? What, don’t think you can do it? Even with all I’ve typed? Stop right there! First off, don’t be pessimistic! Tell yourself that you can do it or it’s not that bad. Say it! Say it out loud! In front of a mirror! Or shout it out to your cat, to traffic, or to your textbook. It’s weird, it’s strange. But you’ll feel more energized and empowered! I believe in you and I know you can do it, you just gotta put your heart out there. Like I said, it’s not as bad as you think