cat and tess

Variation pour un chat de gouttière © Morgan Lou Wolf aka Morgan Lou or Lou Tess W. :


Here is my overly-familiar getting birthdayed on Wednesday. ❤️ This decade we’ve spent together has been……. intense. She’s been with me through my worst days, she’s been dragged all over the northern hemisphere on planes, she is an international woman of mystery, and she is my happy-thought. I would do anything for her. Anything. She is my ridiculous little commie, my beauteous slinkster baby, my fierce tiny tigress, my not-so-mighty huntress, and my staunch protector. Mostly she protects me from dangerous activities such as getting a full night’s sleep or petting the other cats. 😻 I love her more than any other living being on earth. And she is so much more gorgeous than me.

My baby goat post was reblogged by a goat blog last night, so now it has almost 500 notes (RIP MY NOTIFICATIONS). And let me tell you there’s been some real interesting stuff happening around it.

Someone tagged it “cat”
Someone added to the post: “Come to your Local Cemetery to find A Friend and a Boy” and I’m not sure if they meant cemetery on purpose
Someone said “get a load of that dog”
Someone was so happy in the tags they said he was a “divine boy”
Lots of people said he’s a “creamy boy”
And just now someone reblogged it from their friend and is really upset that their friend didn’t tag them in it.