cat and tess

anonymous asked:

Cat Grant (Supergirl 2015) or Tess Mercer from Smallville?

Cat Grant, alwayssssss. I am interested to see how I feel about Tess when I rewatch because I had some issues with her when I was in high school but I feel like my opinion might be way different now…

coloneldahana  asked:

Curiosity - Satisfaction

face like an open book

Curiosity killed the cat, and satisfaction brought it back. She never liked cats.

Tess doesn’t stop asking why. She can’t—the world is too big and full of answers, and it’s only getting larger every day. She knows full well that there’s a danger in earnest inquiry, but she’s about as prepared as she’ll ever be to handle the consequences. She’s never had to deal with court intrigue and the fine art of deception; she’s only ever been a soldier, after all. She only ever learned how not to telegraph her movements, but her mind is a beast she never quite mastered. Her eyes shift and go where they will. She’s drawn to some new wonder like a flower angles toward the sun.

When satisfaction does come, it rolls over her skin. The world is a little easier to grasp and a little firmer beneath her feet. Wonder is the air she breathes, but like a tree, she needs something to anchor her to the earth. Some of her more costly mishaps have come from trying to fly too long without a stable perch to land on; curiosity carried her too far. While tension and potential energy define her curiosity, a steady set to her shoulders and an easy curve down her spine mark her contentment.