cat and humans

Headcanon (canonverse) where Eren adopts a stray cat and keeps it with him in secret, hiding it in his room. It’s chubby, well-groomed and excellent at catching mice, and he names it Levi. Only Armin and Mikasa know about the cat, because it’s against the rules to keep any animal - until it vanishes one day, a few months later.

The trio search everywhere but return empty-handed, much to Eren’s dejection. He was generally terrible with animals but had a soft spot for his grumpy cat (which had a tendency to wake him up by sitting on his chest and staring at him with those creepy yellow eyes - but hey, at least its fur was soft.) 

When he’s sure everyone is asleep, Eren sneaks out of his room and resumes his search. After a couple of hours, he stands in front of the last empty room in the entire castle - but its door is jammed. “Fuck..” he murmurs. “Levi! Are you in there?” hearing no response, he sighs. “I’m sorry I ever thought you were a creepy prick, okay? Please come back to me… I miss you!” he said in sleepy desperation. “Oh, and I won’t ignore you again. I’ll shower you with cuddles and attention whenever you want it, little demon. Just come back!” 

 He touches the doorknob again and it swings open. “What did you say?” Captain Levi Ackerman (who, incidentally, was also the person Eren has been madly in love with for the past 3 years) sputtered. 

Concept: a stealth shooter where the badass operative’s partner is a housecat in a tiny tactical vest.

You can switch between playing as the operative and playing as the cat at any any time.

The cat has no lethal attacks and limited carrying capacity, but can fit into tiny spaces, perform feline parkour, and easily outrun human guards. Each level has puzzles that require the operative and the cat to coordinate their efforts.

It’s not a talking cat or anything; other than its ability to understand and pursue complex mission objectives, there’s nothing exceptional about it.

The game is completely straight-faced about all of this, and no one ever acknowledges the cat as in any way unusual.


Finished the “Finn Versions” will not apologize for the big ass watermark

i still dont have a RedBubble but I am compiling up some art that i can sell in the future, expect these to be stickers, shirts… idk i’ll think bout it :)

also instrument headcanons lol

flynn and lynn sword headcanons by @soupery


By Hannah Hillam

So, humans are space orcs, but cats are weird too, and humans and cats develop weird relationships.

So say the human insists on bringing their cat (or cats) on their ship with them, and the aliens are just like, we don’t understand why you are bringing a tiny carnivore on our ship, but the Human Care Manual says humans thrive when allowed to have “pets” so we will concede.

And the cat doesn’t care that the aliens are aliens. The cat treats all the aliens as if they were humans. Which is to say, they treat all the aliens as if they were derpy giant kittens.

And the cat rubs on the aliens, and yawns in their faces and brings them toys and dead whatever Vermin live on the ship. And the aliens just don’t get it.

And the human is just like, “pet him, it lowers your blood pressure!”

Humans Like Cats

I just witnessed a group of humans sitting in a circle, and one of the humans was holding a small cat. After several minutes of conversation one of the other humans became agitated and asked “could you please pass the cat?” The rest of the conversation was held while this small cat just was passed back and forth around the circle based on which human felt the need to hold it at any given time.