cat and humans



《 MJ // Kim Myung Jun ¬

▪ Cuddle monster
▪ Always climbing on things
▪ Thinks he’s invincible
▪ ‘You’re only part cat, dumbass.’
▪ Hiss
▪ Refuses to drink from a glass
▪ More cat than human at this point
▪ Kisses constantly
▪ ‘Mj, please-‘
▪ ‘But-’
▪ Pouts
▪ ‘flisrgjdtihb…. Fine.’

《 Jin Jin // Park Jin Woo ¬

▪ Lazy as hell
▪ Melts when you touch his tail
▪ Probably moans when you touch his ears
▪ Likes stretching across your lap
▪ Tummy rubs
▪ Scratches
▪ Bites ( affectionately )
▪ Always panics when he breaks something
▪ Responsible
▪ Just a little bit spacey

《 Cha Eun Woo // Lee Dong Min ¬

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   ▪ Sits quietly
   ▪ Plays with his own tail
   ▪ Overthinks
   ▪ ‘How is it possible for a human to be part cat?’
   ▪ ‘Dunno babe, guess you’re a freak.’
   ▪ Sensitive
   ▪ ‘Shit, I said the f word-’
   ▪ Cuddles
   ▪ Love
   ▪ F o o d

《 Moon Bin ¬

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▪ what’s the difference in hybrid binnie and normal binnie tbh
▪ Soft
▪ Just loves everything
▪ Playful but reserved
▪ Often /on/ you
▪ ‘Yes, Binnie?’
▪ ‘Just wanna be near you.’
▪ Smiles
▪ All the pretty smiles
▪ Wraps his tail around your wrist out of habit, instead of holding your hand
▪ Needs some type of contact with you
▪ At all times

《 Rocky // Park Min Hyuk ¬

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▪ Little shit
▪ ‘Why are you na- Put clothes on!’
▪ I’m a cat, I don’t need to wear clothes.’
▪ ‘I sweat to cthulhu, if you don’t put clothes on-’
▪ Hides your things
▪ Hoards your sweaters
▪ Replaces them with his because
▪ ‘Yours smell like you, so you can have mine that smell like me.’
▪ Cheesy
▪ Cheeky
▪ Lovely
▪ Playful, too playful, sometimes

《 Yoon San Ha ¬

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▪ ‘Why is your tail pink?’
▪ Just smiles nervously
▪ ‘Sanha, what did you do?’
▪ ‘Rocky dyed my tail- we tried to clean the sink, but-’
▪ Too cute
▪ Awkward
▪ Purrs when he cuddles you
▪ Mischievous
▪ Gets into trouble a lot
Generally Rocky’s fault
▪ Just wants your love tbh

Sometimes you play a character (aka pick choices and everything) but in One Shot, you actually talk to the main character… I think that’s pretty heart-warming to see, I mean talking to a lovable cat human who you can kind of talk to is awesome for me at least.

(to be honest, I really want to get the game just to talk to the main character
that feels dumb, but I just find a connection between the player and the character special, since I haven’t seen any games like that)

So here’s Mark as Niko, I know someone did it already, but after seeing the video, the game is just too amazing to me.


I was trying to design casual outfits for Human Allura and Coran and then thought what mysteries could be under the jacket, then I imagined and I laughed.

If I ever get stuck in space, I want to be wearing that shirt.


Issue 4 is OUT for the Star vs the Forces of Evil original comic book series “Deep Trouble.” This is another great issue where Star and Marco actually go to the dimension of Cats with Human faces!  Just look at that kitty litter box world!  Its beatiful! And did you know all 4 issues are going to be released as one big bind up comic book??? It’ll be out in March and you can pre-order NOW on Amazon!