cat and goldfish


Business in Hell [Mystic Messenger x Hoozuki no Reitetsu crossover]
feat Jumin Han & Elizabeth the 3rd (MM) and Hoozuki, spawn of Hakutaku & goldfish plant 666 (HnR)

Summary: Jumin visits Hell for business and stumbles upon a useful gift for Yoosung, the night owl.

I wanted to draw only one page but lookie here lololol
the drawings are rather rough because this was a rather spur of the moment idea and I just had to draw it.

I know Jumin is supposed to be purple but I started with this blue so meh

I hope y’all like this! lololol



For a show centering around the everyday life antics of a talking blue cat and his walking pet goldfish, this is one of the purest moments I’ve seen in an animation