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Dazai gets turned into a cat somehow and Atsushi is the only person [apart from Soseki probably] who can see what he used to look like/understand him, even though his appearance has been altered quite a bit. Dazai ended up at the agency because he learned that they were ability users and hoped they could turn him back, but they ended up keeping him as a pet.

I’m still so sleepy… though I figure it’s because it gets dark early now, though today has been fairly off. Some tea and an early bedtime might help…

disgruntledturtle  asked:

Hi i binge read your fic and after the cliffhanger in chapter 12 I read the books it was based on in 4 days and they were amazing but the ending of the 2nd one left me UNFULFILLED enjoy that on your conscience.

Quinn: “I believe she threatened to hunt me down to the ends of the earth and roast my gentleman’s carcass over perdition’s flame.” 

Chat Noir: “Words words~ My lady beat me over the head with a rock when we first met!” 

I’m so very sorry that the books left you unfulfilled @disgruntledturtle. Although that’s more Kay Hooper’s fault, than it is mine. I have every intention to supply a satisfying ending to my fanfic. Regardless, I appreciate that you took the time to read Once a Thief, (both of them) and I hope you continue to enjoy my fanfic. 

Here is a sketch of Quinn and Chat, talking about their respective love interests.  Just a couple of sentimental cat burglars bonding over their love lives while they hunt down the whereabouts of that dang Talisman Emerald. ;D 

AO3 version:

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Ladybug and Kitty <3 My adorable little muses. 
I saw this really great video awhile back and there was this quick shot of a couple sleeping while holding hands and I thought it was pretty cute so I did something inspired off of it. 

I tried to keep the Ladybug wings still ladybug-ish. 

I’m trying out a different style because I do weird things like that sometimes. While I usually do more of a semi-realism style (not my comics but coloring) I thought it would be fun to do something slightly different and focus more on a messy anime kind of theme. Plus I’ve been wanting to do something kind of like this for awhile now (the whole Japanese kind of theme I guess) which btw, I am NOT an expert on Japanese attire, so if I messed something up forgive me. ^.^